Mohini Episode 4


[Prince cure ⚡….. She is in between 🌙] [Indian Romance Story]

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Mohini woke up immediately her alarm rings,

She prayed before going to the bathroom to take her bath”…

Few minutes later she was done and she tied a towel around her body going out of the bathroom..

She was about to remove her towel when she heard a knock on her door

Who is there? She asked tying her towel more tightly

“Raj.. Raj replied from outside

” What did you want raj? Mohini asked silently

She had been avoiding him since yesterday, she wouldn’t want to get into trouble because of him and now she is even reconsidering about their relationship

“Mohini please let me in,

” Raj please just go” everyone will soon be awake

” Mohini just this once,

” No Raj, just leave. Mohini replied

Raj sighed seeing that she is not opening the door,he decided to leave

*Mohini you can get angry at me but don’t ignore me cos it’s hurt a lot” Raj said from the door and left”..

“Am also hurt Raj” Mohini muttered as a tear drop from her eye..


Queen Mira pace around her room as she thought about the king’s words on making Arjun the crown prince.

She could not sleep last night cos of it and what is on her mind right now is how to get rid of Arjun”

” I can’t let that bastard take Khan rightful position”

” I will have to get rid of him” if only I can kill him but I can’t do that cos he is also my blood”

” Arrghh!! I just hate him” she seethed her teeth in anger

” What should I do? She thought

As if luck was on her side, a plan came to her mind and she smiled mischievously

“Thank you mother goddess” she smiles sitting down

Maids!! She called and five maids walked in at once

*We are here

“One of you should go and call Arjun, tell him I need to see him” Mira ordered and a maid ran out imediately

” Get me my favorite wine” and the rest of you can leave leave, she said..


“Arjun I think you should see the seer” Rahul said as he watched Arjun dressing up

” See seer? For what? Arjun asked in confusion

” Of course about your cure which you saw yesterday”

“My cure? I saw my cure? When was that!

“Oh Rahul! How could you be so forgettable about his illness! Rahul scolded himself in thought…

“I just ask a question Rahul?”

My prin_ he was about to say something when they heard a knock on the door

“Who is there?

” My prince, queen Mira asked to see you in her chamber

“Mom asked to see me?” He uttered looking at Rahul who shrugged his shoulder

“Ok I will be there, you can leave” he ordered and the maid bowed walking away from there..

” Do you think it is safe to go there? Rahul said with concern

“Stop getting paranoid, am sure she won’t do anything harmful after all am still her son”

” I hope so, let’s go

The two walked out of the room walking to Mira’s chamber…


Mira sipped her wine as she await for the arrival of Arjun,

My Queen, Prince Arjun is here…. A maid said from outside

Let him in” she ordered and the door opened revealing only Arjun”
He had ordered Rahul to stay outside

“Good morning Queen Mira” Arjun bowed and Mira smile

” Seems you are learning now”

“You called for me” Arjun said ignoring her words

” Yes I did”

“If I may ask,why?

” Leave the palace, not only the palace leave India,

“Why? Why should I leave the palace?

” You staying here is an hindrance to Khan becoming the king

“How does my staying here affect your son? It’s not like I have any importance here”

” You are right, you are not important to us but still you are

“I don’t care if I am affecting your son success,I won’t leave the palace!! Arjun shouted

“How dare you bastard!! Mira screamed out without thinking she threw the empty glass of wine at him, Arjun wasn’t fast enough as the glass hit him on the head and shattered

Ahhhhhh!! Arjun cried out in pains as blood rushed out of his head

His eyes becomes blurry and he felt like leaving him slowly

Hearing his cries from outside, Rahul barged in

His eyes grew wide as he saw the bleeding Arjun

My prince_ he shouted running to him but it was too late Arjun had fell unconscious…

My prince,,, Rahul shouted..

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Arjun 😥😥

I just despise Mira ✊


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