Mohini Episode 1


[Prince cure ⚡…. She is in between 🌙]

By ✍️ Mha Rhy


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“Mohini Cook with happiness in her eyes, if there’s one thing she loves doing, it is cooking”,

Mohini get me a jar of milk” Priyanka ordered from outside

” On it aunt” she smile before walking to where the jar was

“Here is the jar of milk” Mohini passed the jar to her

“Mohini is everything ready? Has the table been set?

“Yes aunt’

” Please don’t make mistakes cos the visitors coming are very important” Priyanka said sternly

“I won’t” Priyanka nodded and left, Mohini continues with her cooking

Today they will be having some visitors but the purpose of their visit still remains Unknown to everyone except for Priyanka

A hand snaked around her tiny waist and she gasped out from her thought

“The scent of the cologne of the person filled her nose and she smiled knowing who it belongs to”

“Raj ‘ what are you doing?” Do you want people to see us” Mohini smile widely removing his hand

” I don’t care,I just missed my girlfriend so much,he pouted

“You may not care but I do cos this is the only job I do to survive”

” Mohini stop making me feel bad, it’s your choice to continue working here, I have told you to resign but you won’t listen

“I _ she was about to reply when Priyanka walked in

” The visitors are here Mohini, get ready to serve them’ Priyanka said walking in and they froze in shock,

Priyanka noticed Raj presence

“Raj what are you doing here?

” Mom I came here to drink water, and I was about to leave when you walked in Raj lied and left

“Priyanka look at Mohini with suspicious but decided to ignored it

She walked out.

Mohini breathe out in relief as she left,

“I just hope I won’t get into trouble someday”.


Arjun was just coming out of his bathroom when a maid knocked on his door”

” My prince 🤴 ” the maid called from outside

” What!!

“Am here to call you for breakfast,Everyone is awaiting for your presence at the dinning” he scoffed

” Like they care if am present or not” he muttered

” You can go, I will be there” he ordered and the maid bow before leaving

He dressed up and make sure he looks presentable,cos he doesn’t want his mother to get annoyed with him”.

“I just hope mom won’t get angry at me this morning” he muttered sadly before walking out of his room..

Getting outside the guards bow as he passed through

“Where is Rahul?

” Rahul is Arjun personal guard and the only friend he has..

” He was sent on errand by His Highness, my prince” one of the guards replied

” “”

When is that bastard going to be here? ” Is he trying to starve us?” Mira said getting annoyed

Everyone are present in the dinning, waiting for Arjun as ordered by the King

Good morning your highness’ Arjun bowed walking in

” Good morning son, how was your night”? The King asked

” It was fine Dad” Arjun replied smiling before facing his mother

” Good morning Mom”

” What is good about the morning?!” Mira snapped

” Were you planning to starve us,? And I have warned you not to call me Mom again, I can never accept you as my son”, the only son I have is Khan”_

“Am sorry Queen Mira” Arjun said almost in tears

“Mira Stop it” you are hurting him with your words” the King ordered seeing how teary Arjun has become

“No I won’t Rajesh”, let him get hurt I don’t care, he is useless and has no future”,

” Mira he is your so’_

“He is not my son Rajesh” he is nowhere related to me,he is just a bas_

” Am done here” the King banged the table and left with some guards behind him.

“Mom why did you hate me so much”? Am also your son!” Why do you always treat me like an outsider?’ Arjun said furiously in tears

Mira stood up as well moving closer to crying Arjun with a mischievous smile on her face

Slap!! The loud sound echoes the room as Mira slapped him on the face

The guards almost gasped out while Queen mahil and the rest smile in satisfaction

“Don’t you ever dare call me Mom again, only Khan is allowed to call me that,got it?” Mira shouted

Arjun watch her with jaw open before walking out with hurting heart, the tears kept coming out of his eyes

“The guards watch him with pity cos they were aware that Mira was responsible for the tears ” it has become the normal routine,..

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