Melting The Icy Billionaire's Heart

Melting The Icy Billionaire’s Heart Episode 9

(His Little Stalker…. πŸ’”)

By, Mha Rhy


“Thanks Ryan for forgiving me” Ash said as they walked to the car basement

“I should be the one to say that Ash, thanks for

” And Ash? He called which made Ash look at him

“You should stop this hatred for women, not all are like our mother”

“I know, I don’t only hate women because of the past, I was scared of heartbreak”, but I guess I will stop now” he replied sincerely

” Really? Ryan asked happily and he nodded

“Thanks buddy,

” So is there any girl you have on mind? Ryan teased and his mind drifted back to Havana

“Probably,he replied unsure

” So there is! Ryan teased him more

“I don’t know”

“I should leave now, I’ll come tommorow after my appointment with the dentist” Ryan said

” Am really sorry about my secretary, she is really a hot tempered” he said feeling guilty

“I know,I guess she was only trying to defend her boss” Ryan replied

“Am sorry once again, Ash muttered

” It’s okay Ash,”My driver is here, I’ll see you tomorrow” he said and hugged Ash before entering his car

“Good night

” Good night” Ash replied as the car drives out

Now I can sleep peacefully” Ash muttered happily before boarding his car.


” Good morning Boss”
“Good morning sir”

Ash workers bowed as he walked in to the company

“Good morning everyone” he responded loudly with a smile on his face shocking his workers

πŸ‘€Did boss sleep at the wrong side of the bed Last night”
πŸ‘€He responded to our greetings and that with a smile
πŸ‘€ I pray he continue this way”

His staff commented as he left

Ace came out of the elevator as it stopped at his office floor

He was suprise to Havana at the secretary stand

“Good morning sir” Havana said professionally

” Hey little stalker” he winked and Havana eyes widened in shock and suprise

She slapped herself to check if it’s a dream

“Ouch! It’s hurt” she winced rubbing her cheek but she stopped

“You… just… responded to my greetings?” She asked stuttering and Ash nodded with a smile shocking her to the core

“You just smiled? She shouted and he smiled more

” Did they return your brain overnight?? She asked and he frown

“Did you mean to say

” No I don’t mean that” she said and cleared her throat making him laugh

” Whatever might be the reason you are smiling,it surely a good thing, please never stop smiling” Havana said seriously

” I won’t” he replied

” That means I don’t need my plans again” she said with a smile

“Plans? What plans? He asked in confusion

” Plans to Melt Your Heart”she replied truthfully

“Is that why you decided to come back to work for me? He asked with a smile and she nodded

“But it seems it’s no more needed” she said with a smile

“Yeah it’s no more needed” he said

“Then am resigning, Havana said picking up her bag

” Why?? He asked hurriedly

“Seriously I don’t know anything about being a secretary,I just came here so I could change your perspective about women” she replied

“Oh! He muttered disappointedly

” Anyways it was nice working with you” Ash said stretching his hand for an handshake

“Same here” she replied with a smile shaking his hand

Ash suprise Havana by pulling her into hug

“Thanks little stalker” he muttered

“You are welcome cute devil” she replied with a giggle

” I should get going now” Havana said disengaging from the hug

“Ok, take care

” And don’t forget to make me your first choice when you are ready to get married” she begged

“I won’t” he laughed

“Bye” she pecked his cheek and ran out Immediately

“Bye” he muttered rubbing his cheek in shock

Today is such a long day”‘he muttered and enter his office




Ash was having his breakfast when his guard walked in

“Sir,he bowed

” Any problem? Ash wiped his mouth as he finished eating

“Sir there’s a woman shouting outside to see you” he replied

” A woman? Who is she? Ash asked

” She refused to tell us her name” he replied

Ok, let’s go” Ash said picking his briefcase and follow the guard outside

Getting outside truly there was a woman causing commotion

Ash couldn’t see the woman’s face since she was backing him

“Let’s go of my hand! I need to see Ash” the woman snapped as the guards were trying to drag her outside

Ash tried to remember where he had heard the voice before but couldn’t

“Are you looking for me? Ash asked clearing his throat which made her look back

Ash staggered back in shock as he saw her face, the memories he was trying to buried finally resurface

The woman who he hated the most, the reason why he is cold to everyone, the reason why he decided not to interact with women, his worst nightmare

His biological mother,”Diana”

“Ash my son” Diana called slowly in tears and the guards eyes widened in shock

“Son? They all thought in mind

Without replying Diana, Ash boarded his car and drives out of the compound

“Ash! ” Ash! Diana called loudly running after his car

She waved at a taxi and she enter immediately it stopped

“Follow that car” she said to the taxi driver and the driver trailed behind Ash car

Ash on the other hand,was crying as he drives fastly on the road

“How dare she come back?!

” How dare her?! He shouted in tears punching the steering

He stopped his car in front of his company,he came out looking much cold as ever

“Ash! He heard Diana voice from the other side of the road

Diana was about to cross over to where he was, when Ash voice stopped her

“Don’t come near me! Ash shouted attracting some people’s attention

” Ash please forgive me” Diana begged in tears

” I should Forgive you? Ash snorted

“Never… Never Diana! He shouted wiping the tears from his eyes

The two were busy staring at each other with tears in their eyes that they couldn’t hear the coming truck horning

The people tried to tell Diana to leave the road but she paid deaf to them, Ash couldn’t hear them because he was reminiscing on the past

“You have cause more than enough pain for me Diana! Just leave me alone” Ash shouted almost like begging


Diana words became scream of pains as the trunk ran her over

“Ashhhhhh!!!! Diana screamed as the trunk hit her and throw her to end

Ash eyes widened in shock as the truck hit Diana

“No. No.. He muttered slowly as he walked to where the truck had thrown Diana

He staggered back in shock as he saw Diana laying in her pool of blood but still breathing

“Ash..! Diana called breathing heavily

Ash fell to his knees and move closer to her

“Diana! He called slowly putting her head on his lap

By now people were gathered around them

“Someone should please call the 911″ he begged almost in tears

” Ash… Ash” she called slowly which made him look at her

” Diana please don’t say anything, the ambulance will soon be here” he said sniffing back his tears

“Ash.. am.. really… sorry”” I.. know…am.. not a.. good mother.. but please….find it in your heart to…. Forgive me”

” I guess this my punishment for what I did to you… I. Can’t… survive… this”. I…will… surely…die” she stuttered closing her eyes slowly

” Mom please!” He sniffed back his tears

“It’s feel… so good.. to hear you.. calling me Mom.. after a long.. time” she smiled out tears

” Am sorry Ash.. please forgive me…”

“I forgive you Mom! Please stop talking about death”

” You.. forgive.. me? She asked happily with her eyes which had turn to red due to the pains

“Yes I forgive you” Ash reply crying more loudly

Though he hated his mother for what she did to him but it seems that the love he had for his mom is more than the hatred

” I can now die peacefully.. I love you Ash..” she said with her last breath and gave up the ghost closing her eyes

“Mom! Open your eyes! Mom please! Ash cried out

” Mom!!!! Ash screamed out in tears hugging her body tightly

T. B. C

Watch out for the finale 😍

Thanks to those that ask of me,am fine and healthy

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