Melting The Icy Billionaire's Heart

Melting The Icy Billionaire’s Heart Episode 8

(His Little Stalker…. 💔)

By, Mha Rhy


Ryan barged into his parents Mansion and met them watching movies

The two stand Immediately they saw him

“Ryan what happened to your mouth?? Veronica his step mom asked

“Dad you have the number of Star news director right? Ryan asked ignoring Veronica

” Why??

“It’s time to expose Ash secret, I don’t think I can keep quiet ag_

His words were cut off with a hard slap on his face

Slap! Veronica’s hand made a contact with his face

“Mom ” he called in shock

“Mom why are you crying?? He repeated in confusion as he saw tears on her face

” You are asking me that!!

“How could you be so mean to the poor boy! Do you even realize that he was once your best friend

” You were also aware that he was in trauma for three months because of what his mother did to him, you knew he hated woman because of this and now you want to ruin him more,

“Do you know your Mom was also one of the reason he was traumatized?? You knew it wasn’t his fault but you decided to ignored that

Ryan bit his lower lips realizing that Veronica was right

He was blinded by jealous that he failed to realize the truth

“I guess I will always be a step mother to you even if I tried to filled up the space your mom left in your heart since you want to ruin someone’s life all because he slept with your mom who was also among those that drugged him

” No.. No. Mom, you are more than a step mom to me, you are my mom even though you weren’t the one who gave birth to me, you will always be my diamond” he said

“If truly am your mom like you said,then make up with Ash, that poor boy is hurting inside

” I’ll do it, Ryan replied as tears welled up in his eyes

“Really? She asked happily and he nodded

“Are you for real? Veronica asked unsure

” I am Mom,I guess I was blinded by jealous to see the truth,I have always been jealous of my best friend since childhood and I took the incident as an opportunity

“It’s not your fault son and”Thank you for realizing the truth, thank you son” Veronica hugged him and he cried on her shoulder

Ryan’s dad smile happily as he stared at them


What??? Havana shouted as Ash Dad finish explaining the reason behind his hatred for women and how Ryan was related to the incident

(Wondering how she is with Dave??
Just as she left Ash’s office in tears, she bumped into Dave who was shocked to see tears on her face,
He asked for the reason behind her tears and she explained
Dave realize that it was time for Havana to know the truth and here they are)

She is not a mother, how could she do such and that to his biological son? Havana exclaimed

” It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have gotten married to Diana despite knowing that she was a whore, I thought if I had shown her love, she will stop it but I was wrong” he sighed sadly

“It’s not your fault sir, you can’t stop the heart from falling” she console

” This is why am begging you Havana, please don’t leave my son,I believe that only you can melt his heart, you are different from other ladies I have seen,I could see the determination in your eyes that you were ready to change his perspective about women”

“Can you help me? He asked with hoping eyes

“Can I really do that?
” He hates women a lot?” Havana thought

” Will you help me?? Dave asked again seeing her silence and she smiled in return

“I will” she replied with confident

Ash eyes snapped open as he felt someone sprinkled water on his face

His eyes were blurry at first but they became clear as they landed

“Ryan” he called nervously as he started sweating already but Ryan shocked him when he pulled him into hug

“Am sorry” Ryan muttered shocking him to the core

“Ryan??? Ash called again in disbelief

” Am sorry Ash” I was blinded by jealous not to see how hurt you are” please forgive me” Ryan sniffed

” Thanks Ryan, thank you” Ash smile letting out his tears as he hugged him back tightly

T. B. C

” Veronica is indeed a good woman 💚

Sorry for the late post DEARIES 💜

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians ♥️

Sweet Dreams 😘💗💗

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