Melting The Icy Billionaire's Heart

Melting The Icy Billionaire’s Heart Episode 6-7

(His Little Stalker… ♥️)

By, Mha Rhy


Just as he was about to give into darkness, the door to his room open revealing Diana and her friends nakedly

“Is he asleep? He heard a one them asking

” I think so, another replied

“Gosh look at his hardness” The voice which he could recognize as Ryan’s mother voice said and he became confuse

“Enough you all, before you can get a taste of my son, I need my pay” Diana said

” Gosh you are party pooper!! They all said at once

“Here! They said giving her a bundle of Cash each

” God! My son is a lucky charm” she said sniffing the money

“Enjoy!! She winked and walked out of the room laughing

“Let’s undress him” Julia said and they all nodded

“No please! Ash tried to say as they were undressing him but he couldn’t, his throat was blocked and no sound could escape from his lips

They begin to caress his body and he tried to resist but couldn’t

He was weak and vulnerable,he stay rigid on the bed without moving cos the weariness soon he passed out


Ash groaned lightly as his eyes snapped open, he felt a pair of legs on his chest and he frown

Pushing the legs aside,he stands up

His eyes became wide as he saw different naked bodies sleeping on the bed, but it became shock as he saw that he was also naked,then memories of Last Night rushed back to his head

“No it can’t be!! He shouted in tears holding his head

“Mom can’t do that! Mom loves me!! He cried hugging his legs hiding his face in between his thigh

“It can’t happen,mom can’t hurt me! He kept chattering till he heard someone sniffing which made him look up

He saw Ryan standing at his doorstep with his eyes lingered on a particular direction,he followed Ryan’s eyes and his eyes widened as he saw Julia

His gaze met with that of Ryan’s which held a hurtful expression

“I hate you!! Ryan shouted and ran out

” It’s wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t my fault! He kept saying that till he passed out.


Ash was already in tears as he remembered

“I hate women! I hate women! He kept shouting as he scattered everything on his table

Picking a baton he started destroying the glass wall with bitterness.

“I hate them! He muttered before blacking out


GERMANY 13:45pm


“Mrs Diana here is your result” the doctor said giving the test results to Diana who was looking pale

Diana collected the report with shaky hand and gulped down nothing

She open the result slowly and her eyes became wide as she saw what was inside

“Blood Cancer?? She said aloud and the doctor nodded

” Yes, leukemia and am sorry to say this, it untreatable cos it’s at the last stage, you have only one week to live” the doctor added and tears welled up in her eyes

“One week?? She choked on tears

“Doctor you can still do something,I can’t die now, especially when am yet to ask for my son’s forgiveness” she cried loudly

“Am really sorry Mrs Diana, there’s nothing I can do” the doctor said with pitiful Expression

” Am doomed!!! She cried.

T. B. C

What is Karma again?

NB: this story is a short one,so don’t be surprised when it comes to end Soon

Good morning Mha Rhians ♥️

Have a wonderful day 💗

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