Married To The Billionaire

Married To The Billionaire Episode 8


{πŸ’His …..
By, Mha Rhy


πŸ“² “No that can’t f**kin happen!? Why will you remove me as Vuitton ambassador? Sky said to the manager of Louis Vuitton

πŸ“²” Am sorry Mr Sky we need someone who is controversy free, and you are not” the manager replied

πŸ“²” You can’t do that Mr Peter,I have been your ambassador for three years,you can’t just remove me just because of a petty thing!! Sky shouted

πŸ“²” Am sorry, Mr Peter said and hang up

” Damn* it! He cursed banging his fist on the table

“Bluey! It’s all because of you”! “I should have gotten rid of you when I have the chance” he growled

“But it’s not too late” he added with a smirk

He pick his phone and dialed a number, the person pick at first Ring

πŸ“²Sky,a cold voice answered from the other end

πŸ“²I need you to get rid of someone” sky Said

πŸ“²Who? The voice asked

πŸ“² I’ll send her picture to you” Sky replied and hang up.

In just a minute,he send the picture and tossed his phone aside.


” Damn am tired! Bluey groaned slumping down on the couch

“Of course you should be, you used all day shopping for bags and shoes,” he scoffed and she pouted

Silver knelt down in front of her and remove the heels she was wearing

” What are you doing? She asked in suprise

” What did you think am doing? He replied and begins to massage her feet

“Wow that feels good” she moaned in realization which made Silver chuckle

” Am glad,he smiled handsomely

Bluey stared at his face and bit her lower lips

” He is really handsome” she thought and finally her gaze landed on his lips

She gulped down nothing, memories of the kiss they shared resurface and she shake her head dismissing it

“I think it’s okay for now” she said clearing her throat nervously which made him stop

“Are you sure? He asked and she nodded with a smile

“I’ll leave for my room, she said picking up her heels

” Should I help you with your bags? Silver asked pointing to the shopping bags on the ground

“I’ll be grateful” she said and left

” Ok then,I’ll bring them after am done drinking water”

BLUEY’S ROOM β™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ’œ

Bluey was just coming out of the bathroom in only a towel when the door opened revealing

Silver saw her and the bags he was carrying fell from his hand

He stared at her silky smooth legs to her revealing thigh and he gulped down his saliva

Bluey became shy as she felt his piercing gaze on her thigh

She cleared her throat so he could know her inconvenience

“Am sorry! Silver said hurriedly and Ran out of the room

Bluey fell on the bed in embarrassment burying her head deep into the pillow.


Silver rushed into his room and shot the door with a bang

His mind drifted back to her smooth thigh and he felt hotness in his body

“You are driving me Crazy Bluey” he muttered and lay on his bed


Bluey growled as her phone kept ringing continually

πŸ“² Hello, she answered sleepily

πŸ“² Bluey, Alexa called in tears which made her eyes open immediately

πŸ“² Alexa what’s wrong? She asked in panic

πŸ“² Bluey, Alexa called again in tears

πŸ“² Huh” Alexa please tell me what is wrong”

πŸ“²Lily is dead” Alexa dropped the bomb

πŸ“² What???

T. B. C

E Don red

Lily Don die πŸ˜ͺ

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

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