Married To The Billionaire

Married To The Billionaire Episode 5


{πŸ’His …..
By, Mha Rhy


Silver enter his room and sat on the bed with a sigh,

Seeing how pained she looks,he couldn’t help but to feel guilty

He is her husband,it is his duty to always protect his wife but no,he did no such, instead he was ignoring her like a plague.

He pick her phone and dialed his PA numbers,

πŸ“² Kelvin, prepare a conference tomorrow morning,he ordered

πŸ“²Ok sir, Kelvin replied and Silver hanged up

NOON 13:09PM

Bluey groaned as her phone kept ringing unstoppable

She picked the call without checking the caller

πŸ“² Hello, she said sleepily

πŸ“²Mrs Dante, she heard Mr Jay’s voice and sleep flew out of her eyes

πŸ“²Mr Jay, she called in suprise

πŸ“²Mrs Dante am really sorry for misunderstanding you, please can you come back to the agency, your contract has been renewed

πŸ“² Really??? She asked in shock

πŸ“²Yes, Mr Jay replied

πŸ“² Wow! She screamed happily but stop when she realized that there must be a reason for the sudden news

πŸ“²Why did you ask me to come back? I thought you said I will ruin the agency reputation”?

πŸ“²It was before but after watching Mr Silver explaining the reason for what you did,I couldn’t help but to feel guilty” he replied sadly which confuse Bluey but she decided not to ask about what Silver had said

πŸ“²Am really sorry” Mr Jay added in guilt

πŸ“² It’s okay and I’ll resume work on Monday” she said

πŸ“² Ok, I’ll be waiting” good day” Mr Jay said

πŸ“² Goodbye” she replied and hang up

Bluey logged into her account immediately she drop the call

Silver’s press conference video was the first notification she saw, she clicked on the video

She was shocked to the rigid when she watched the video

Silver had confessed that Bluey and Sky were lovers before he came into picture

He had explain that Bluey married him to save her parents company.

He even made them understand that first love can’t be forgotten so soon which was why Bluey was vulnerable to Sky’s seduction

So instead of bashing Bluey, they should blame Sky who is a betrayer

Bluey bit her lower lips trying to stop the tears that was about to fall from her eyes

She couldn’t believe that the man who she hated save her career

Now she was regretting ever blaming Silver but it’s not too late, she can still make up for it.

NIGHT πŸ’›πŸ’š

Silver’s car came to halt in front of the mansion

He came out of his car looking tired,he walked into the mansion

But his movement came to halt as he saw how the Living room was decorated with balloons

His eyes move to the huge board on the wall

“Thank you” was fully inscribed on it

Finally his eyes landed on Bluey who was standing at the middle of the stairs with a smile on her face.

“What’s up with all this decorations? He asked walking to her as climbed down the stairs

” It’s my way of saying thank you, she replied

“Here, she said giving a 🌹 Rose flower to him

“Why does it looks like you are trying to propose to me” he teased collecting the flower from her

she smacked his arms playfully and they laughed

” Silver, she called with a serious tone

“Huh” he replied staring at her

“Thank you, she muttered and he smiled knowing that it’s because of what he did

” It’s nothing,I did what a husband is expected to do for his wife” he replied shrugging his shoulder

” And am ready sorry for my behaviors to you, I haven’t been good to you and I even went to extent of slapping you” am really sorry” she begged as tears came out of her eyes

” C’mon it’s okay” he said wiping her tears
But Bluey shocked him to the edge when she hugged him

” Am really sorry” she cried silently as he hugged her back.

“Even if I can’t return your feelings,am ready to become the best wife ,a husband can ever ask for” Bluey thought hugging him more tightly

T. B. C

Silver is sweet πŸ’›πŸ’š

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

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