Married To The Billionaire

Married To The Billionaire Episode 3


{πŸ’His …..


Bluey’s car came to halt in front of the mansion.

She came out of the car with a sour Expression

Sincerely she couldn’t stop thinking about the hurt Expression on Silver’s face

Entering the living room, she met Silver about to climb the stairs

“Am home! She announced

” Welcome” Silver replied simply and without looking back he climbed the stairs to his room

Bluey bit her lower lips feeling dejected

“i guess he is still angry, she muttered with a sad sigh before leaving for her room


Bluey came out of her room same time with Silver

“Good morning” she greeted with a smile, but Silver ignored her and walked away

“Is he still angry? She thought

She was about to walk away when her phone ring, she checked the caller

It was her manager calling

πŸ“² Hey Vivan” Bluey said cheerfully

πŸ“² Bluey how could you do such a thing? Vivan asked

πŸ“² What are you talking about? Bluey asked in confusion

πŸ“² Didn’t you see what Sky posted? Vivan said

πŸ“²No I didn’t, she replied

πŸ“² Then check it, Vivan said

πŸ“² Sincerely Am really disappointed in you Bluey, this isn’t you”Vivan added and hanged up

” What is wrong?” Bluey muttered bringing out her phone

She went straight to Sky’s account and truly he posted a video

A gasp escape her mouth as she saw what Sky had posted

It was a video of what had happened between them yesterday, how he kissed her and sucked her n*pples

“No Sky can’t do this” she thought shaking her head

Tears welled up in her eyes as she read the comments on the post

πŸ‘₯ How could she be so shameless like this, kissing your ex when you are married

πŸ‘₯ She is a wh*re

πŸ‘₯I can’t believe I took someone like her as my role model

πŸ‘₯ She doesn’t deserve Silver

She couldn’t hold her tears anymore as they rushed out willingly

“What have you done Bluey” she cried falling to the ground

Her phone rings again, she checked the caller

It was her boss calling” wiping her tears, she picked the call

πŸ“² Mr Jay_

πŸ“²Miss Bluey am really sorry to say this,am cancelling our contract with you as the agency model, you are fired!

πŸ“²Mr Jay you can’t do this to me, Bluey cried

πŸ“²Am sorry,

“Am ruined!! Bluey cried out loudly

She was now regretting ever committing such atrocities, truly she is really shameless like the people had said

How could Sky do such to her?

Is this truly who Sky is? Her head was filled with different questions

She heard some heavy footsteps from the stairs,

She stands up thinking it was sky but it was her Mom rather looking angry

“Mom, she called slowly as her Mom walked to her angrily

” Slap! The loud sound echoes round the room as Mrs Orton slap

“I know we were selfish for getting you married to Silver just to save our company but we never expected this from you

“How could you! How could you!! Her mom cried

” Am sorry Mom, Bluey muttered slowly in tears

” Am ashamed to call you my daughter right now and thank you for putting the company at risk again Mrs Orton said with a sad smile before walking away

“Mom!! Bluey cried


Bluey car came to halt in front of Sky Mansion.

She still couldn’t believe that Sky could do such to her,so she needs

She came out of her car wearing a face cap and nose mask

She couldn’t take the risk of been seen by anyone especially not now that everyone hates her

She was about to knock when she noticed that the door was open

She opens the door and enter the house,

She was surprised to see clothes scattered everywhere

But that wasn’t her problem for now, she walked deeply


Bluey words got stucked in her mouth as she saw the sight in front of her

Sky was banging Lily from behind


T. B. C

So sad

Lily is truly a bad friend.

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

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