Just One Night

Just One Night episode 28

JUST ONE NIGHT(the devil)


🌼 Harry🌼

I saw a car pulled up at my apartment from far

I know the car belongs to Max

But why is he here .

I walked into my apartment only to see Max kissing Venessa

Never in my entire life have I felt this much wave of anger and jealousy hit me

I feel like punching the hell out of him

“Venessa”i called angrily and she starred at me with a puppy face

“what the hell are you doing here Max”I

“chill dude,I only came here to have a word with Venessa”he replied

“think about it okay”he added starring at Venessa before walking out of my apartment

This guy has so much nerves


I walked out on Venessa before she could even say a complete her statement

I was really pissed

Max Pov

Her beauty
Her smile
Her cooking
Everything about her make me happy

she everything a man wants and desire

I so much hate the fact that she’s working as a maid for Harry

Don’t get me wrong Harry is my friend but I really really like Venessa

Not for s*x or anything but for who she is

I can’t get over the fact that he gets to see her everyday of his life

I saw the way his been protective of her anytime I mention her name so I decided to act fast

I knew Harry went out and I knew when the meeting will end

I did my calculations and went over because I wanted him to know that I’m very serious about her

As Good may have it Harry came in right on time

When we kissed

it was a short kiss but the best I ever had ,and Harry has to ruined it all with his presence

I still don’t get why his mad at me …I mean he doesn’t like her

He said so himself .

Today I’ve made up my mind to make Venessa fall for me

Venessa Pov ❤️

Pacing about in the room with my heart beating so fast

I kept biting my nails till there was nothing there to chew on again
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I made a huge mistake by letting Max Walk through that door

Why on Earth did he kiss me

I wasn’t even expecting it and Harry just walked in

Gosh I’m freaking out right now

I heard a loud noise from Harry’s room and my body flinched immediately

I heard another loud sound and I knew all is not well

Harry is really angry

I made my way to the room nervously and placed my ear on the door

the breaking didn’t stop and sincerely I didn’t want to call Isabella

because this is all my fault and I will be totally embarrassed to tell her that Harry saw me kissing his friend

I opened the door gently and saw Harry

The whole place is a total mess

“Get out”was the only thing I heard without him looking at me

“I’m not going anywhere”I replied sternly

“leave Venessa I don’t want to hurt you “he said still not looking at me

“I’m not going anywhere Harry”I added walking close to him

“Don’t come close to me Venessa ,stop being stubborn”he half yelled but somehow I didn’t flinch

“I’m sorry Harry ,he just kissed me”I said

“You owe me no explanation”he replied but I know he didn’t mean it

I didn’t know how but I felt a sting under my foot

“Venessa are you okay”he asked

I raised my feet up and blood dripped from it

“shit”Harry cursed walking close to me

“I told you to leave Venessa ,see what you caused “he said angrily

“Sit”he said and I sat down

He rushed and brought out the first aid kit ,and began treating the wound

All through I kept starring at him and blushed foolishly

I can’t believe his being this nice and careful with me

He gave me some pain relife and i lay on his bed

Seriously not that I was feeling that sleeply but I had to put on some act

He won’t be able to do anything while am laying on his bed
Somehow I dozed off


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