Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 24



         🌼 Venessa🌼

  “will you like to go on a date with me” he asked and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket

  “She’s going no where” I heard Harry half yelled in an angry tone

  “Bro chill ,she haven’t answered”Max replied starring at Harry

  “She’s my maid and i decide whatever happens ,besides she has eye problem right Venessa”Harry asked and I nodded

  “yeah..yes “I replied back

  “you can leave now “Harry said and i walked away

I entered my room and starred at my self in the mirror

My baby bump is growing everyday and am getting scared I won’t be able to hide it anymore from Harry

I really need to think of what to do

This big clothes won’t hide it forever

I didn’t see Max when he left

Since no one was in the dining I sat down in the sitting room changing from channel to channel and I finally settled for a movie

  Tittled: The fault in our Stars

I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t know Harry has also come to join me

Sitting on the couch close to mine ,I rushed to the kitchen and brought popcorn for him and myself

He was reluctant to collect it at first so I just shoved it into his hands

I  kept shoving the popcorn into my mouth and so did Harry

I thought he didn’t want to eat it before

The movie was really interesting until the side where the guy with cancer died

It was so emotional that I began crying ,I could see Harry starring at me in surprise

“why did he die”I muttered  sniffing and cleaning the tears coming down from my eyes

“okay I’m changing the movie “Harry said and changed to another

  “Midnight Sun,the name sounds unique ,I’m sure it’s not an emotional movie”Harry said and I nodded

The movie started and I knew it was an emotional movie too

  “Should I remove it”Harry asked

  “No don’t ,I’m sure this one will end well”I said and he nodded

An hour passed and the movie was getting intense”

  “Omg she died”I half yelled and Harry starred at me blankly

  “I think I can do better than all this script writers”I muttered angrily

“Why will she die at the ending “

  “why didn’t she have a happily ever after “

  “I wish the contact of the script writer is there or producer is there I would have given them a piece of my mind “

  With all my ranting thinking someone was actually hearing

I turned around to see Harry sleeping peacefully

I rushed towards him and starred at him

He looks like a Demi God while sleeping and his lips.

“Awwn they look cute and kissable”I giggled at my stupid thoughts before smiling widely and leaving him to sleep

I prepared dinner for Harry and he ate without saying a word to me

This guy is really weird


I woke up ,did my usual morning routine and made breakfast

I was pretty excited about the scan I was going for

I picked my things and head out only to find Harry leaning on his car fully dressed

  “Get in”he said in a commanding tone

  “sir …I…sir …you don’t have to worry I can manage”I shuttered

  “I don’t mind ,besides I really want to k would what is wrong with my maid ,if this eye problem is communicable or not

My jaw dropped as I starred at his mouth open..

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