Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 22

JUST ONE NIGHT (the devil)


         🌼 Venessa🌼

She brought out her make up kit and did all the magic on my face

In two hours we were done

  “OMG”I half yelled as I stare at me reflection in the mirror

“Thanks Bella”I said hugging her

  “ya welcome,let’s go before Harry comes here and drag you out”she said laughing

   “your right”I replied and we made our way out

  “she’s ready”Isabella half yelled drawing Harry’s attention towards us

Harry turned at starred at me blankly before turning to Isabella

  “Let’s go”he said heading out

  Is this guy serious right now

Okay what was even going through my mind when I thought of impressing him

His like a jerk

I waved at Isabella and entered the car with Harry

The silence was awkward as none of us starred at each other ,but I was also dying out of nervousness

I haven’t been to an event before

About thirty minutes later the car pulled up at a big building and the door opened for us to step out

He held my hands and squeezed it gently , maybe he finally noticed that am nervous

We made our way into the Hall after taking a few pictures ,we sat down and although this while Harry kept a straight face

Nobody dared come to him or even get close to him

Even the whole couldn’t speak well

I had no idea this is how they fear him

Hours passed and the event went on

Gosh this is so boring ,I kept playing with my finger out of boredom and Harry kept a straight face focusing on the speaker

They drop a drink for me and for Harry too ,Harry starred at me before starting back at the waiter

  “She will have a cup of water”he said and the waiter took the drink away immediately


Did I tell him I want water

He brought back the water and dropped it for me

I quickly switched it and glumped down the wine

  “Venessa”Harry called angrily

  He took my hands and dragged me to the restroom

“Vomit it “he said starring at me


   “sir you know that’s impossible”I replied back

  “why did you drink it when I asked you not to Isabella now vomit all the content in your stomach”Harry added in a demanding tone

  As if he knew what was going on in my system ,,my stomach tightened and I felt like throwing up

I guess the drink isn’t really good

I threw up and washed my mouth while Harry starred at me in awe

I guess he wasn’t actually expecting me to throw up

  “Are …you.. okay”he shuttered

This is the first time his actually acting nice

“Yeah”I replied and my stomach grumble making me look away shyly

  “Let’s go”Harry said and I followed behind him

We went outside and he said some words to his driver

In less than thirty minutes we arrived at an eatry and came down

  “stop thinking that I care,I’m actually hungry too”he said and walked into the eatry leaving me behind

I hurried behind him and we sat down ,the waiter came with the menu and I kept flipping from page to page

“Have you decide yet “Harry asked getting pissed off and I nodded

“I will have the first three dishes on your menu”I replied and they both starred at me in awe

  “First three dishes on the menu”the waiter said and I nodded

my face lit up at the sight of three different dishes on my table

I moaned when I took a spoonful of the first dish and Harry cleared his throat

I felt embarrassed

I was done with two dishes while Harry was still not close to finishing up

Maybe because he kept starring at me while i eat and if I look to his direction he will look away Immediately

In no time we were done eating and he paid and left

I sat down trying so hard not to sleep because I really eat more than enough

                    Harry POV

I kept staring at her as she finds it hard to open her eyes widely

In no time she was sleeping

She Kept falling and I shifted to the edge so she won’t  on me

Finally her head landed on my laps

she kept turning her head as if she was finding the perfect way to relax when her hands landed on my dick

my body tensed up immediately and I stared at her

She moved her hands up and down and i was already hard

Dose she thinks am her pillow

I groaned lightly as I removed her hands

Gosh I can’t believe she turned me on by just touching my dick

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