His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 39

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{They are egocentric 💗}

©By, Mha Rhy



Minnie and Chris feasted on each other lips, savouring every taste of their lips..

They kissed deeply like their lives depends on it, Blake could not watch it anymore, he boarded his car

Just as he drives out, four exotic cars arrived,

The two break their kiss to see who it was as they watched the car parked beside Chris car

The car doors open revealing, Johnny, Kai, Mark and Lucas with worries on their faces

“Buddy! You are still alive?” Johnny said

” I thought you might be dead by now since you were betrothed to the class devil” Mark added

” You must be going Crazy by now cos of that girl,Lucas followed

.. The four couldn’t recognize Minnie cos of how different she looks

“What if she is here hearing your words” Chris said and their bodies stiff

” You are joking right? Kai asked stuttering

“Hi guys! Minnie waved and they look at her in suprise gulping down their saliva

Mr Desmond eyes snapped open and he stood up immediately.

A smile crept up on his face seeing that Minnie and Chris weren’t kissing

“I knew it was a dream” Mr Desmond uttered smiling

“Minnie it’s you,” Mark stuttered with fear

“Yeah it’s me” Minnie said mischievously

“So happy to see you here” Kai lied

*Really? How can you be happy to see the class devil? Minnie asked as their bodies begins to shake with sweat coming out of their forehead

“”It was a slip of tongue, please forgive ” us,am not ready to become a patient” Johnny pleaded and Chris almost burst out laughing

” Calm down guy,I won’t do anything after all you are my husband friends, Minnie said and pecked Chris lips

The hell!!; They exclaimed

“Not accepted,I want a real kiss ” Chris pouted

“Johnny don’t you think Chris needs a psychiatrist” Kai asked with shock Expression

” Naughty guy! Minnie said before connecting their lips together

“Holy mother of Jesus! Mark exclaimed and blacked out

“I think I will second you” Kai uttered and passed out falling directly on mark

” I will third you” Lucas added before blacking out as well

“And I will go last” Johnny said and fainted as well.

Mr Desmond watch them kissing with mouth agape

“I think am still in Disney world” Mr Desmond said rubbing his eyes repeatedly, but seeing that it was still the same thing,

Now am going mad” Mr Desmond muttered and passed out….

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