His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 38




{They are egocentric 🥀}

©By, Mha Rhy



Minnie’s eyes widened in shock as Chris connected their lips together,

“Is this a dream? She thought and pinched her hand to confirm but it wasn’t

“Seriously Chris her only crush is kissing ”

He bit her lower lips and she gasped which gave him more entrance to thrust his tongue in ,

She moaned and having no choice, she responded to the kiss but it was only for a short while

“Why did you kiss me? Minnie asked as she broke that hug

” I don’t know” Chris replied slowly

“Do .. you.. probably.. love me? Minnie stuttered hoping that will be the reason

“To be sincere Minnie, I don’t know if I love you but I hate seeing you with you another guy

Minnie smile understanding what his answer meant, cos that was also how she felt with him before she realized that she was in love with him

Where did we stop? Minnie asked smiling licking her lips,

Here, Chris pulled her closer to his body and recapture her lips which she responded to quickly

Mr Desmond came out of the mansion and he choked on nothing as he saw them kissing,

He rubbed his eyes repeatedly to check if he wasn’t dreaming

Haha.. hahahaha.. Hahahaha… That’s not possible right? He asked himself with disbelief

But seeing that it was the reality, the brief case he was holding fell off his hand

“I think I need to go back to sleep” he shouted and in a blink he passed out….

T. B. C
😂😂😂😂 Mr Desmond oooo 😂😂😂😂😂


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