His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 37



{They are ego¢entri¢}

©By, Mha Rhy



Chris whistle happily as he got dressed for school”,

Today the school will be resuming after the two weeks break, and today he will be seeing his friends,

He has been ignoring their calls since the news of his marriage with Minnie,..

He wear his canvas and brush his hair,

He stared at his reflection in the mirror and smile

“Am looking handsome and am sure pigtail won’t be able to take her eyes off me, maybe she will know that am more handsome any guy she had ever seen including that Blake” he thought …

He was wearing a ripped Jean pant and white hoodie on it, he was using a small silver earring on his left ear and a Gucci wristwatch which is the latest brand…

He picked his phone and backpack before walking out of his room and just then Minnie walked out of her room as well,

They both stared at each other”

Chris stared at Minnie with mouth agape

Minnie was looking more hotter than before,

She was wearing a ripped jean skirt and white turtle neck top which tucked inside her skirt, she was also wearing a white canvas and was using white backpack, knowing that they were wearing the same outfit made him more Happy..

“Stop staring like a Moron” Minnie snapped walking away

“F**k she looks more beautiful today” Chris smiled before following her..

They met Mr Desmond having his breakfast

Good morning children” join me for breakfast” Mr Desmond said

“Good morning father in-law, thanks for the invite but I will pass, Minnie said and walked out,

Mr Desmond stared at her in shock, did she just talk to him without causing trouble like a devil she is? He thought before staring at Chris with suspicious Expression

“Why are you staring at me? Am leaving as well,

What about your breakfast?

“Not interested,I will grab something to eat in school” Chris answered and ran out without waiting for Desmond reply..

Chris met Minnie waiting outside

“Do you need a ride? My driver will soon be he_

” No thanks, someone will soon be here to pick me” Minnie said cutting off his words

And here is he” Minnie smile as a sport car drove into their compound

Blake came out of the car, and Chris balled his fist in anger

“So he is the one she is waiting for?” Chris thought angrily

Blake!! Minnie called running to Blake

Baby girl you are looking more beautiful today” Blake said smiling

Thanks and Good morning” Minnie replied hugging him

Good morning sweetheart, how was your night?

“Splendid, and yours?

” Much more sweeter than before since I saw you last night” Blake replied and Minnie smile widely

Chris bit his lips as he kept staring at them with furiousness but it was clear on his face that he is jealous

Thankfully his driver was just driving in,

Chris walked to them and hold Minnie’s hand as she was about to board Blake’s car

“What the hell” Minnie cursed trying to remove her hand from his hold

“The hell that you won’t drive with him” Chris replied and start to drag her away

Just as he was about to reach his car, Blake blocked him

“Move aside”

“No I won’t” you should let go of her hand, guy don’t you get it,? she is not interested in following you, and who are you to force her? Blake said and hold Minnie’s other hand

“You don’t tell me what to do Man and in case she didn’t tell you, she is already betrothed to me and we will soon get married, “Chris shouted

” Get married? Blake muttered

*Stop saying something which is not possible anymore” Minnie snorted

” Oh really? How about we make it possible?” Chris smirked

” What are you talking about? Minnie asked in confusion

” This! Chris replied and in a blink he captured her lips into a deep kiss..

Minnie eyes grew wide in shock…

T. B. C

Doughnut and pigtail finally kiss 😘💋💋


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