His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 35




[They are egocentric 🥀]

©By, Mha Rhy



Minnie sighed out as she stroll at the quiet street,

She is trying to avoid seeing Chris face, she can’t believe she confess her feelings for him but it all ended up with her being hurt…

“He is such a jerk!” She muttered sadly

As she was walking she saw a guy trying to kiss a girl forcefully,

“Let go of me” the girl said trying to free herself from his hold

“Stay still bîtch or I will slap the daylight out of you” The guy warned

That scoundrel” she said and pick a stone

Giving the stone a kiss and in a blink the stone made a contact with guy’s forehead

Arrghh!!! The guy screamed out in pain holding his forehead

“Oops !!Sorry that wasn’t a mistake” Minnie said smiling

The girl ran to Minnie side

” Who the hell are you?” The guy shouted rubbing his already swollen forehead

“Your forefathers ancestor” you are such a moron for asking me that question,

“Watch your mouth little girl! The guy warned

“No you should be the one to wash your mouth” Minnie said and the girl burst out laughing

” Guy sincerely, the odour coming out from ya mouth is more than decayed dead animal, and it’s enough to resurrect a dead

“You!! He seethed his teeth in anger

” Is this a teeth or an abandoned WC, Yuck guy! Your decayed brown teeth doesn’t compliment your skin color so one advise for you don’t show your teeth to anybody cos they will surely run away” Minnie mocked

“,You bitc_

He couldn’t complete his words when Minnie gave him a kick which sent him flying to the other side of the road..

“Goodbye to bad riddance” Minnie said dusting her clothes

“Thanks for saving me, it really meant a lot” The girl said smiling

” Stop smiling like a fool and learn how to defend yourself from scoundrels like him, you might be lucky today but not next time, and once again you are welcome” Minnie patted her back and left..

The girl watch Minnie going with fascinating Expression

“She is really amazing” the girl

T. B. C

Minnie ooo 💜😂


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