His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 34




{They are egocentric 💗}

©By, Mha Rhy



Chris watch the two girls glaring at each other,

*This won’t end well, what should I do? And it’s all your fault Chris, why did you ask Savanna to come despite knowing how Crazy pigtail is” Chris scolded himself

“Yunno bitches like you deserve_

” Did you just call me a bîtch? Minnie asked balling her

“Yes I did” what are you if you are not a bît_

” You Moron!! Minnie shouted and in a jiff her fist collided with Savanna nose

“Ahhhhhh!!! Savanna screamed falling on the ground

” How fuckin dare you? Minnie shouted jumping on her body

“You called me a bîtch and I will show you,

Minnie grabbed her hair tightly and started punching her face mostly her mouth

“The fact that she is Chris girlfriend angered her more that she wanted to disfigure her face and she hates it when she is been called a bîtch”.

Help! Help! Chris! Savanna screamed as Minnie kept punching her face

Oh Lord what should I do” Chris said shaking

“Pigtail get off from her body” Chris shouted trying to Minnie off from the weak Savanna

“Let go of my hand! Minnie shouted

” No I won’t,so get off from her” Minnie scoffed and face him.

” You know I don’t mind testing my fist on you as well, Minnie said angrily and jerk off her hand from him, and tried to punch Savanna again but Chris was able to pull her away from Savanna

Immediately she was pulled up, Savanna stands up despite being weak she picked her race and ran out of the house without taking her bag

“Fuck! Let’s go of my hand doughnut! She has escape just like you want” Minnie said trying to free her hand

” No cos am sure you will pursue her, and what’s exactly is your problem, your Craziness is getting out of hand

“Thanks for your compliment,so please let go of my hand” Minnie said as she felt anger building up

” No,at Least not now,he replied holding her hand more tightly

That was it” Minnie jerked off her hand from him and slap his face

The loud sounds echoes the big living room,

Chris hold his face looking at Minnie angrily

“How dare you? He asked furiously trying to conceal his anger not to slap her back

*How dare me? You are asking me that? How dare you bring another woman you claimed to be your girlfriend here when your fiancee is around? Have you no shame? Minnie shouted almost crying but it was unnoticeable

. “You don’t tell me what to do woman”! And you are talking about shame, you are the shameless one here, how could you be living with a man who you haven’t married yet, only harlot do that” Chris replied angrily

” Are you calling me an harlot?”

“Yes you are nothing but a slut

Slap!!! Minnie slapped Chris again

“I hate you! I f**kin hate you Chris! You wanna know why am here?” Minnie asked cleaning the tears which had finally came out of her eyes

“Am not here because mom wants me to but am here just to make our relationship work and the fuckin truth is that I love you Chris since the first time I met you

“What!! You love me? Chris uttered in suprise

” Yes I did but not anymore, I regretted ever loving you,I hate you so much! I hate you!! Minnie screamed in tears and ran to the room given to her.

“She loves me?” Pigtails loves me?” Chris muttered in shock


Hey message it gently, do you want to destroy my feet? ” Rihanna shouted as Micheal helps her to message her feet

” But am doing it gently” Michael complained only for him to be smack on head

“Oh God!! Michael cried out leaving her feet

” What was that for” Michael cried holding his forehead

“It’s a warning that you shouldn’t complain whenever I ask you to do something!” Rihanna answered and took the apple she was eating

She was about to eat the apple when she remembers something

“Michael? She called looking at Michael whose face was grumpy

” What!! He screamed and Rihanna gave him another smack

Ouch”! Are you planning to kill me with smack?? Michael cried in pain

“Then you should not shout at me” Rihanna rolled her eyes

Anyways where is the pet I asked for? Rihanna asked

” What pet? Michael replied in confusion

” My Lion”

“Rihanna are you sure you are not sleepy?

” Why are you asking me that? Rihanna furrowed her brow

“It’s because you need to sleep”

“Am not sleeping, tell me when are you getting my Lion?

“What Lion again? You were the one that said you don’t want it so I cancelled the order”

What the hell!!! Rihanna screamed standing up and in a blink she kicked Michael at the place where sun doesn’t shine

“Fuck!! Michael cursed in pain holding his d**k

” Serves you right, and don’t come to the room without my lion or else I will cut off your d**k and feed it to Minnie’s dog.. she threatened and left..

“What the hell just happened now!” Michael said

T. B. C .


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