His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 33




{They are egocentric 💗}

©By, Mha Rhy



[[[😥😂]]] ******
After Rosa made sure Minnie was fully settled in Mr Desmond Mansion, she left for work…

I think I will leave as well” I have some urgent work at the company,so take care of yourself” Mr Desmond said picking his car keys and turn to leave

“Drive safely father in-law,I will be here waiting for you” Minnie shouted and Desmond smile nervously

“Since you will be waiting for me,I don’t think I should come home tonight,her words is very similar to that of devil😈, Desmond thought walking to his car.

After Desmond left, Chris turn back to leave imediately trying to escape from Minnie,

Almost getting to his room,he picked his race…

Chris got to his room and locked the door immediately

He breathe out heavily in relief

“Thank God, I didn’t mess up or else I don’t know where I will be right now”

It’s a lie, if he says he wasn’t scared of her presence, he

“Can I really survive this house alone with her?

” What if she decided to kill me and hid my body” Chris thought and shake his head

” She can’t right?

“Don’t underestimate her cos you could still remember that the workouts almost made you a patient” a voice in him replied

“I don’t think I can stay with her alone,I know what to do” he said bringing out his phone and dialed a number

📲Hi Chris,the Lady said from the other end

📲 Hey Savanna, how are you doing?

📲Am great, and you

📲 Same but I have a favor to ask of you?

📲Yes why not! I will gladly help, Savanna replied happily

📲I feel lonely at home so if you don’t mind can you come over?

📲 Really?

📲 Yeah

📲I will be there soon Chris,await for my arrival”

📲Ok thanks,he hung up..

Thank God, now problem solved..

“But wait what if pigtails throw tantrums cos of Savanna presence”?. Chris thought

Minnie was busy watching cartoons on her phone when she heard the doorbell

“Chris!! Doughnut!!! She called but got no response

She stand up from the couch and walked to the door,

Hey stop pressing the doorbell like you are playing with toys, or didn’t you use toy when you are a baby, Minnie shouted opening the door”

It was Savanna

“Chris.. Savanna look at Minnie
Oh” who are you? Savanna asked eyeing Minnie who kept glaring at her

“I should be the one to ask that question, who are you and what are you looking for? Minnie asked folding her arms

“Anyways am here for Chris”

“Chris?! Why are you looking for him?

“It’s none of your business pigtails, she is my visitor” Chris said from behind

Chris!” Savanna called running to him

” Hey savanna! ” He smiled and pulled her into hug which suprise

“What The Hell!!! Minnie cursed before walking to them and broke them apart

Fuck!!! Chris cursed and look at Minnie angrily

What!!! Stop staring at me like I did something wrong! Minnie snapped

“Of course you did, Savanna interfere

” Hey lady, I never ask you to interfere” so shut your mouth or I shut it up for you and I promise you, you won’t use that mouth again till you die

“Pigtails stop this nonsense” she is my girlfriend for God sake , Chris lied and Savanna smile happily

“Wow he just called me his girlfriend” Savanna jubilate in thought..

“Girlfriend?! Have you brain finally been replaced with phone battery, how dare you bring plastic you called girlfriend here when am around! Do you have a death wish? Minnie shouted

“Hey watch your mouth!! Savanna shouted pointing fingers at Minnie

” Drop that finger or I will cut it off! ” Minnie warned

“You won’t dare! ”

” Oh! Do you wanna try me? Minnie smirk

“Enough Minnie! Have had enough of you”, whether I bring my girlfriend here or not is my problem not yours, so mind your business” Chris snapped at her angrily

” You don’t tell me what to do Chris”, it’s best you tell the plastic you brought to leave or else I will make sure she spells her name backward, Minnie warned and Savanna scoffed

” You must like bluffing too much” Savanna said rolling her eyes

” Do you wanna know if am bluffing or not but first has your death certificate been signed cos when am done with you, am not so sure you will still be alive” Minnie said smiling dangerously

” Then bring it on” Savanna dared

T. B. C

One word for Chris and Savanna😂

Minnie is jealous ☺️☺️


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