His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 32




{They are egocentric 💗}

©By, Mha Rhy


[[[[🤣]]]] Desmond and Chris ran into the guest bolting it immediately

They breathe out heavily leaning on the door with their back”

” What is that little devil doing here again? ” I never called Mrs Rosa about my decision” Desmond thought

” Dad am sure her coming is not for good, and I don’t think am ready for another workout”

” Neither am I_ Mr Desmond words was cut off as his phone ring

He remove his pocket from the pocket and check who the caller is”

It was Rosa calling

📲Mrs Rosa

📲 Mr Desmond am outside your house with Minnie, can you please unlock the door

📲 You are here ?

📲Yes I am, with Minnie just like how you have decided

📲Ok I will be there soon” he replied and hung up

Dad can you tell me what she meant by it was your decision to allow that devil to come,I thought you said you want to cancel the marriage proposal?” Chris shouted looking at his dad

“Son I tried to cancel the proposal but Mrs Rosa said it can only be cancelled on one condition” which is she will have to stay with us for a month, maybe you two can get along_

“We can never get along, have you ever seen lion and dog getting along? ”

” I know Chris but it’s just for a month and if there is no changes, the marriage proposal will be cancel, I

“I can never get along with someone like her and I will make sure to make this house a living hell for her, I think it’s time to act like a man”


Mr Desmond open the door with shaking hand”

He came in contact with Minnie but this time Mrs Rosa was beside her

“Good morning Father in law, Minnie smile walking in fully

Go…..Go… Good morning Minnie” Mr Desmond stuttered as sweat came out of his forehead”

Ouch! Father in law you are stuttering or are you probably scared of me? Minnie pouted

No..No am not scared” he replied immediately

Oh really?” That is nice to hear and don’t worry,my one month stay with you guys will be memorable” Minnie smile mischievously and Mr Desmond look at her with fear in his eyes..

“He wouldn’t denied the fact that he is scared of this little girl” she can destroy with her mouth and her presence alone can make someone like him shivered in fear”

Where is my lovely husband to be?”

Yeah that’s true where is Chris? Mrs Rosa added

Chris is upstairs in his room dressing,he will be_

“Am here Dad” Chris smiled climbing the stairs

“There he is”

“Good morning Mrs Rosa” Chris greeted ignoring Minnie’s presence

“My dear son” how are you? Mrs Rosa smile

“Am fine ma

” Good morning husband to be” Minnie greeted loudly holding his hand

Chris remove her hand looking at her fearlessly,he glared at her hatefully and walk away

” What!!! Did he just ignored me” Minnie said aloud but deep inside she was sad..

“Hubby when are you going to finish cooking?” Are you planning to kill me with hunger?” Rihanna shouted banging on the table

” Almost done wifey” Michael replied from the kitchen

” Shut up and bring the food”

Michael walked out with a dish in his hand

Rihanna look at the food strangely”

” What this?”

” It is

He couldn’t complete his words when Rihanna smacked his neck loudly

“Mom!” Michael cried out standing up

“You are so useless, is this what you call food? How did you expect a Pregnant woman to eat lasg whatever you called it”, she snapped picking her spoon, scooping the food into the spoon before eating it,

Her eyes widened in shock as she ate the food

Wow hubby! This dish taste delicious, she shouted and started eating the food with rush

Michael look at his wife with jaw apart,

I don’t think I can bear her pregnancy hormones for nine months”

” Wifey the lion you want me to get for you as pet _

What!! Lion??!! When did I say I want Lion as pet?

But you said it last night”

” Stop those lies Mich!” Wait a second are you trying to kill me?

No no no,why will I do such a thing ?

“Then why did you want to give me a lion as a pet”

“It’s just a joke,am sorry wifey” Michael smile nervously

Better” she said and continue eating

He stared at his wife with jaw apart

“One lesson learnt today, never trust a Pregnant woman’s words” He thought…

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