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His Crazy Secretary Episode 30

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Written ✍️ by:- Mha Rhy


💧 CHAPTER 30 💧

ST. Louis Private Hospital*

Michael pace around as the doctor were attending to Rihanna inside’

Rosa, Daniel and Minnie kept smiling like they are aware why she fainted

“What is the doctor not coming out, it’s been one hour already” i hope Rihanna is okay? he said with concern

” Calm down Michael,am sure Rihanna is okay” Daniel said

” I hope so” he mumbled sadly

The door open revealing the doctor with a smile on his face

Michael rushed to him

“Doctor how is my wife?” Michael asked

“Mr Micheal, your wife is okay” Michael breath out in relief

” Then why did she fainted if she was okay?” Michael asked in confusion

” Actually the result of her blacking out is a good news” the doctor replied smiling

” Good news? Michael asked smiling

” Yes good news” your wife is Two weeks pregnant” Michael gasped in shock covering his mouth as a tear drop from his eye

“Wow! I knew it already” Minnie shouted as she hugged Rosa and Daniel at once

“My wife is pregnant?” He asked smiling out tears

” Yes she is” the doctor replied

“Doctor can I see her?” Michael asked in rush with his face full of happiness

“Yes you can, she is awake and aware of her condition”

Without waiting for anyone,he ran to her Ward”

. There was his wife rubbing her tummy with smile on her face

Rihanna look up noticing a presence in the room, a smile crept up on her face seeing that it was Michael

Rihanna smile widely seeing his expression, it was very obvious how happy he was”

.. He walked to her bed slowly

” Hubby” am_ she could not complete her words when Michael pulled her into hug”

” Thanks wifey’ thanks a lot”

” Thanks for this precious gift” Michael said emotionally with tears in his eyes

” Rihanna smile and wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning her head on his shoulder”

..” Thanks for making our marriage blissful” Rihanna said almost in tears as they hugged releasing their emotions into the hug”

” I think that is enough now,let me also congratulate my daughter in law” Mr Daniel said from behind causing them to disengage

“And I also need to congratulate my daughter” Rosa added

” Same here” Minnie ended and the couples laugh

” Why do I feel like you people are jealous of my husband?” Rihanna teased

” Really? You think we are jealous of your husband?” Do you want me to smack you”? Minnie said playfully and they all laughed

“Congratulations Daughter, Rosa hugged her and pecked her forehead

Thanks Mom” Rihanna smile as they disengage

” Now it’s my turn” Mr Daniel said and Michael rolled his eyes at his father silliness

“Congratulations Rihanna” Mr Daniel said hugging her

Thanks Dad” Rihanna said breaking the hug

” Congratulations big sis” Minnie hug her sister

” I can’t wait to become your baby’s godmother” Minnie pouted

” Babies? Why babies? What if it is one?” Rihanna asked disengaging

“I just have a feeling that it is more than one” Minnie replied

” Oh really? That will be nice” Michael replied nervously

” Is brother in law scared? Minnie asked smiling mischievously

“No why would I be scared of having two babies or more?” As long it is from my sweetheart” Michael replied smiling and Rihanna blushed

” Wow” Brother in law is just too sweet that he even made my Crazy sister blush” Minnie teased Rihanna

” Shut up Minnie” Rihanna snapped smiling

“The rest of the night was filled with happiness..😍😍😍😍

Minnie and Rosa left for home the next morning together with Daniel as Rihanna got discharged..

Michael’s driver drove into the mansion and parked the car.

Michael came out of the car first and rushed to the other side to open the door for Rihanna

“You are too sweet hubby” Rihanna poked his cheek as she came out of the car

“And you are too cute wifey” he said and pick her up in bridal style and she gasped in suprise

“Hubby Put me down,I can walk by myself” Rihanna whined

“No, the doctor said you should not stress yourself”

” Walking is part of exercise for Pregnant woman,so it is stress-free” Rihanna pouted

“You are just too stubborn” Michael smile

“I know and that’s why am Rihanna Smith, the only wife of Micheal Smith,” she said and kissed Micheal’s Cheek

” Yes the only Michael Smith wife” Michael said laughing and pecked her on lips” before walking to their room

He got inside their room and drop her on the bed gently”

“I will be back wifey” Michael said

” Where are you going?

“To cook something for you” Michael replied

“You can cook?” Rihanna asked in suprise

” Of course wifey, seriously psychopath there are a lot of things you don’t know about your husband”

” Like what mannerless mosquito?

“A lot of things including my hobbies” Michael replied

” Don’t worry,I will know within few days without asking you” Rihanna smile

” How will you know without asking me?

“I have my way” Rihanna smirked

“Ok then” let’s see how you will know without my help” Michael challenge

“Is that a challenge hubby?

” Anyhow you call it wifey” Michael replied

“” If I was able to win the challenge hubby, you will have to buy me a puppet


” Yes a puppet”

“Which type of puppet? Cat or dog? Michael asked

” No, not that one” Rihanna replied shaking her head

” Which one?

“A lion 🦁” Rihanna replied

. what!!! A lion??!!!

T. B. C

Lion as puppet 🙄🤣🤣

I swear this chapter made me blush A
lot 🙈🙈
Rihanna is getting more Crazier 😁😂

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