His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 29



$€CR£TAR¥ 🥀

{They are egocentric 💗}

Written ✍️ by Mha Rhy


Suzy gulped down nothing as she saw how deadly Rihanna looks but she decided not to show how scared she was”

” You can’t do anything to me cos am already Pregnant for Mich_

Shut up lady or else you want me to shut it up for you”

Michael eyes widened in shock and Rihanna almost staggered

“You are pregnant? Michael shouted

” Yes I am love” am pregnant for you”,

Michael glance at Rihanna who in return stared at him with hurt in her eyes

“Baby ain’t you happy? We can be together now just like how you wanted” Suzy smile holding Micheal’s hand

Mrs Rosa stared at her daughter who remain still

“What proof did you have that you are pregnant? Mr Daniel asked

“Of course I have proof”

She opened her bag and brought out her pregnancy test results

“Here it is’ Suzy reply stretching out the result papers

Rihanna snatched the result and go through it

Rihanna laugh out seeing the results”

“why are you laughing? Suzy snapped

Do you know that I can send you to hell in a blink of eye” Rihanna said

” Sister is she really Pregnant?” Minnie asked

“Yes she is” but she lied about the owner” check this Michael” Rihanna gave the result to him

“Michael collected the result and glance through it

He breathe out in relief seeing the results

“In her result she is Two month Pregnant and it is almost four months we seen each other last”Michael stated and Suzy froze in shock”

What!! They screamed in shock staring at Suzy

“Seriously brainless should be your second name, a liar should have a prove to back up his lies but sweetheart you are too dumb” Minnie said shaking her head.

“Suzy who is the father of your child?” Michael asked

“Michael what are you saying” it’s you”, you are the father of my unborn child” Suzy smile and tried to touch him

” Touch him and I will make sure that it’s your last touch on Earth” Rihanna said and Suzy move back in fear

“I think hubby just ask you a question now” who owns the baby inside you?”

“The baby is for Michael and no one else, Suzy replied nervously

“Suzy you are really dumb” how could you be so forgettable” she scolded herself in thought

” Since you are afraid to say the truth, how about I help you?” Minnie asked smiling mischievously

” Hey you don’t_

” Oh my!” Suzy mumbled falling to the ground on her knees as Minnie pointed a gun at her

“Yunno I can just decided to shoot you and no one will try to stop me”Minnie said and Suzy started shaking in fear

“Please don’t shoot, Suzy begged almost in tears

“You don’t want me to shoot you but it’s impossible since you won’t confess” Minnie cocked her gun

” Ok ok I will say the truth” Suzy said with her mouth shivering as tears found way out of her eyes

” Talk now or get ready to know how beautiful your ancestors look like

” Suzy gulped down,
the baby inside me is not for Michael, she said and Rihanna smiled

“I have said the truth please let me go” Suzy said crying

” You know I have always known you to be a slut but I never thought you could be so shameless to force another man’s baby on Micheal”

“Desperate People like her can never know what shameless means,after all they are men’s money, shameless woman” Mrs Rosa added

Rihanna walked to her

Slap! That’s for kissing my husband, Rihanna slapped her hard and she felt dizzy at once

Slap!! For trying to hit me with your infected hand, Minnie slapped her

Slap!! For forcing a pregnancy on my husband, Rihanna slapped her again

Slap!! And for trying to destroy my sister home, Minnie added s

“Goodbye whore” in a blink Minnie kicked her on face and she fell flatly on the ground, and fainted

“Minnie breathe in satisfaction

Security!! She called and Two guards came in at once

Yes ma’am” they said

Take this luggage out of this mansion” you can drop her anywhere as long as it’s not in this street”. Minnie ordered

The security pick Suzy up, one was holding her two hands and the other holds her leg before walking out.

Thank God everything is okay” Rosa said breathing out in relief

” Michael and Mr Chris watch the two sisters with jaw open”

” Seems like Craziness runs in their family” Michael thought

Rihanna felt a splitting headache, she holds her head

“Mrs Rosa notice the way she was doing

. ” Rihanna are you okay? She asked drawing the attention of the rest

“Wifey what’s wrong?” Do you have headache?” Michael asked seeing how she was holding her head

Am okay Mich, am_ she couldn’t finish her statement before blacking out.

Thankfully Micheal was about to catch her on time before she could reach the ground.




Chris watch his dad who kept sighing every minute”

Dad are you okay? He asked but it seems Mr Desmond was lost in thought

“Dad” he called tapping his hand and he flinch

“Son were you saying something before?” Mr Desmond asked

“Dad are you okay? He look at him with concern

“Am okay son, just bothered about something” Mr Desmond replied picking his spoon

” Are you sure you are okay dad?

“I am fine son”

“Ok then,I will be in my room” Chris said standing up and left,

Mr Desmond watch his son and sigh

“Am sorry Chris, it’s for your own good, I can’t let you get married to that psychopath” and I have no choice than to accept Mrs Gunner’s condition”

.” But something seems suspicious” Mrs Gunner wasn’t in support of the marriage, what could have changed her mind or could it be what am thinking? Desmond mumbled

But first I should book my flight to Germany cos I don’t think am ready for more craziness, he thought.

T. B. C

Imagine “brainless should be your second name 😂”

” What should we be expecting Rihanna?

To be sincere Suzy is really dumb,

“What is Mr Desmond thinking?


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