His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 28




{They are egocentric 😂}

©By, Mha Rhy


What!! Have you eaten your brain along your breakfast? ” Minnie shouted

You!” Suzy called in shock

“Yes me” got any problem” Minnie glared at her

” What are you doing here? ” Suzy asked

“What am doing here is none of your business foot mat” instead I should be the one to ask you that?” What are you doing here ugly duck,Trying to destroy Micheal’s marriage?

“Suzy rolled her eyes and hissed”

” I don’t have your time” Mr Daniel can you do me a favor by calling Michael out for me”

” Woman are you deaf or is it that your earbuds has been blocked? ” He said you are not needed here, and for your information Michael is busy with his wife the only love of his life and the mother of his unborn baby, Minnie lied

“What?! That bîtch is Pregnant?”

“Do you have death wish? How dare you call my sister a bîtch? ” Minnie shouted angrily and walked to where Suzy is

” Isn’t she a bîtch? ” She stole Michael from me, only a bitc_

” Call her that one more time,I promise you won’t use your mouth again”

“Watch your mouth kiddo’ you don’t talk to pregnant woman like that” Suzy said flipping her hair

” Pregnant woman? Who?! You? Minnie laughed

“I am pregnant for Michael_

” Are you nuts woman? It is best you say the truth now cos I won’t hesitate to remove that baby inside you with just a punch”

” You Arrogant girl” do you want me to get you arrested?

Really?”you wanna Get me arrested?” Minnie laugh in mockery making Suzy more angry

” Stop laughing” Suzy warned

“What will you do? Beat me? Minnie asked shaking her head
“You won’t wanna try that” cos I will make sure you ended up in coma”

“Now I see why Mr Daniel doesn’t like you” you are too Arrogant and proud,” on a serious note seeing your face can make someone blind, attractive is not in your dictionary” if men are telling you that you are beautiful, don’t believe them cos it’s a lie, you are totally the opposite, your resemblance is that of King Kong” Minnie said and Rosa, Daniel could not hold their laughter

“You!!! Suzy screamed

“What is happening here?” Michael asked coming out with Rihanna

” Michael” Suzy ran to Michael and pulled him into a hug,

“Suzy” Michael mumbled in suprise

“My love” Suzy disengage from the hug

Rihanna watch her with her arm fold showing no expression on her face

“Suzy you are here?” Michael stared at her in suprise

“Yes I am , I came back for you” I miss you so much Michael” Suzy and in a blink she kissed Micheal on lips” the elders eyes widened in shock

“What!” Minnie shouted in shock and look at Rihanna who wasn’t moved but was staring at them

” That whore” Minnie muttered before walking to them and pulled them apart

“You slut!” Minnie slapped her again and everyone gasped except for Rihanna

“How dare you?” Suzy shouted and raised her hand to slap Minnie back but someone caught it

” Touch my sister and become armless” Rihanna said dangerously and release Suzy hand roughly

“Minnie smile seeing that it was her sister”

You know coming here is an offence which can still be forgiven but kissing my husband in front of me is something that can never forgiven”

” So tell me the name of the hospital you want me to admit you cos when am done with you, you will regret coming here” Rihanna said not smiling.

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