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His Crazy Secretary Episode 27




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Rihanna and Michael walked out of the airport with their luggage in their hands.

Sam was already waiting for them at the entrance”.

“Welcome back home Sir” Sam said with an heartwarming smile collecting their luggage

“Thanks” Michael replied simply

” Thanks Sam” Nice to see you again” Rihanna smile

“I have told you to limit how you smile to men”

” Hubby not again” don’t tell me you are jealous of Sam? Rihanna grumbled

“No am not” and you stop smiling at my wife and let’s go home, Michael said rolling his eyes

Rihanna laugh staring at her jealous husband

“Ok sir” Sam open the car door for them

“Rihanna stared at him in disbelief”

“What?! Michael asked innocently entering the car and Rihanna shake her head before getting in

Sam dropped their luggage at the booth before entering the car.


Suzy”! Her manager called running inside

Why are you screaming my name? Suzy rolled her eyes

” Good news Suzy

” Am listening” She replied simply

” Michael is back” her manager announced and Suzy

“Really?” Suzy asked smiling


“Geez it’s really a good news” Time to get my man back”

” Yes you are right” now get ready to meet your baby’s father”

” On it” Suzy smile running to her room..


“Minnie was walking to where she parked her car when someone bumped into her

“It was Suzy

“Hey watch where you are going?” Suzy said Arrogantly and Minnie scoffed

“Listen woman I should be the one to tell you that” cos you bumped into me not other way around”

” Hey are you saying am blind?”

” Anyhow you call it” I don’t care” Minnie replied rolling her eyes

“How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know who I am? Suzy shouted

“No I don’t” I only know people who are still alive not half alive and half dead like you”

” To be sincere”Trouser rope like you aren’t meant to be know,cos everywhere you go you will always misbehave.

What!!! Are you_

” Lady save your breath” you might need it later” and one advise for you”

“Don’t consider yourself a beauty cos to me, you look like a foot mat used in prison” Indian bean” goat cheese” Minnie said and entered into her car leaving Suzy with her mouth open

” Try to close your mouth” you look like a fool with your mouth open. Minnie added and drive away..

“What the heck!!
Sam drive into the Micheal’s mansion and parked the car.

Michael’s father Daniel and Rosa were already waiting outside for them

Rihanna and Michael came out of the car with smile on their faces.

It was obvious that they were happy to be back home

“Mom” Rihanna called running to Rosa

“My daughter” Rosa smile pulling her into hug

“I missed you so so so much” Rihanna

“Mum missed you as well”

They disengage from the hug

” Welcome home” Mr Daniel smile

Thanks Dad” they said at once

Let’s go inside” the maids have prepared your dinner

” Ok Mom” they walked in while Sam stayed to carry their luggage

” Mum where is Minnie? Rihanna asked as they walked in

“She will be here soon”

“Mom I need to freshen up”

“Same here” Michael added

“No problem you two can go,we will wait for you here”

“Let’s go” Michael said holding her hand

“No am tired could you please carry me,? Rihanna said

Rosa and Daniel look at them in puzzle” not believing their ears

” Am also tired wifey, am sorry I can’t carry you” Michael said trying to tease her

” Really? ” You can’t carry me?” Rihanna asked getting teary already

” Yes I can’t” he replied, and in a blink of eyes Rihanna burst into tears

“Hey wifey” why are you crying?” Michael asked

“You refused to carry me”Rihanna cried

“Is that why you are crying?”she nodded

“Strange” He thought staring at Rihanna

“Can you please stop the tears?

” No I won’t until you accept to carry me” Rihanna replied wailing loudly

” Ok Ok” I will carry you”

“Really? You promised”

” Yes I promise” He replied and she cleaned her tears

“Now get to job” Rihanna smile and Michael pick her up in bridal style

“Too troublesome” Michael said walking away..

Rosa and Daniel watch them with suprise on their faces

“Mrs Gunner am I hallucinating about rihanna and Michael getting along

“It’s really shocking” and do you notice the changes in rihanna?

” What changes?

She _

Mom am back” Minnie shouted walking inside cutting off her words

” You are late Minnie”Rihanna has arrived and she asked of you

“Am sorry Mom, where’s sister?” She asked smiling

” In their room ” bu_

. She couldn’t complete her words when Suzy walked in

Daniel eyes grew wide in shock and suprise

Rosa look at her

“What is this goat doing here?. Minnie thought glaring at her

“What are you doing here Suzy?” Mr Daniel asked angrily

” Oh it’s you” long time Mr Daniel and about your question,am here for my heart beat Michael, could you please tell him am here

“Mr Daniel who is she? Rosa asked

“She is the slut I told you Michael was dating” Mr Daniel replied and Suzy boiled in anger

“Old Man don’t you dare call me a slut* am Michael’s girlfriend and the mother of his unborn child, Rosa and Minnie eyes grew wide in shock

“What the heck are you sputtering?


what!! Have you eaten your brain along with your breakfast” Minnie shouted..

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