Heart String

Heart String Episode 9


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By, Mha Rhy



Garam eyes widened in shock as Mark kissed her, her body became numb

Mark kissed her but she wasn’t responding,he tried to bit her lower lips for more entrance when she came back to her senses and pushed Mark away from her body landing a hot slap on his face, Mark stared at her in shock

“How dare you kiss me??? Do you take me as a toy you can do anything you want with??? You have always hated me and now you are kissing me! Do I look like a slut to you??? She shouted as tears found it way out of her eyes

” Garam” Mark said trying to touch her

“Don’t touch me! Stay away from me! She snapped and walked away wiping her tears.

“Damn*! Mark cursed kicking the wall.



The Lee’s were outside with the maids as they all await for the arrival of Yeji

“Why did we all have to stay outside just to welcome that stubborn head, it’s not like she is the first lady” Mark said only to be smacked on head by v

” Ouch! Dad” he whined

” Shut up! How can you call your sister a psychopath?? V snapped

“We all know that she is a psychopath,a big one” Mark replied rolling his eyes

Two cars drove into the compound and came to halt in their front.

The door opened revealing Yeji who was smiling widely seeing her family

” Mom!! Yeji run to Yerin as she engulfed her into hug

“Welcome back home daughter” I miss you so much” Yerin kissed her forehead

“Much more mom” Yeji replied with a smile and face V

“Daddy” she hugged him

” Welcome home princess”V kissed her cheek

“Thanks Daddy”.

” Welcome home baby of the house” the diamonds teased

“You are still senseless just the way I left you”she snapped and they frowned

“Welcome back psychopath” Mark smirked

“Have your brain finally been replaced with a plastic! How dare you call me a psychopath!! Yeji shouted

“Geez! Calm down don’t bring the whole house down with your crooked loud voice”

” Crooked voice! My voice is thousand times better than yours” has anyone told you this??? Yeji asked smiling mischievously

” What? Mark frowned

“That you sound like how goat moans” she replied and everyone burst into laughter



The Lee Mansion was filled with a lot of guest,

Some were teen model from the Yeji agency which she was under before she left.

Her friends were also present,her parents business partners were also present.

Yeji is already present as she was moving around to greet her friends.

The diamonds made their appearance with Sakura and scream erupted the house

📣 It’s the diamonds”
📣 They rock!
📣 Mark looks hot
📣 Sakura is lucky

Yeji saw Sakura and gasped.

“The wh*re is here?? She thought glaring at Sakura maliciously.

“Ugly chickens” Yeji teased staring

“Shut up! Lucas snapped

” Hi Yeji, welcome back” Sakura said with a smile

” And who are you??? Yeji asked staring at Sakura disgustingly

“Am Sak_

” Unni!!! Yeji shouted running to Garam who was just coming in with Mina

“My baby sis” Garam smile pulling her into hug

” I miss you” Yeji pouted as they disengage from the hug

” Same here baby sis”

“Hi Mina unni” Yeji greeted

“Hi Yeji welcome back home! Mina smile

“Thank you.

” Where is uncle and Aunt?? Yeji asked looking around for them

” Sadly They haven’t returned yet from their trip

” Oh! Ok, let’s go and meet the rest” Yeji said pulling her to where the diamonds are

“Hi everyone” Garam greeted avoiding Mark

Ever since their last encounter, she has been avoiding him thankfully their rehearsal will start in two weeks.

“Hi Garam, they all responded except Sakura

” Hi Mina” you look hot and sexy” Kai said licking his Lower lips and Mina scoffed

“I see why you are the youngest” you have really proven that you are the dumbest among them” Mina said shaking her head

” What???

“Did I say that? Mina asked mockingly and they all glared at her

Yeji and Garam laugh at their drama

” Your eyes will remove soon” Mina

” I really really like you, you are my second role model after Garam unni ” Yeji said in between laughter

” Am flattered” Mina smiled

Sakura was burning furiously in anger as she watched Yeji cm

Jim noticed this and smirk

“Yeji it seems you are forgetting your brother’s girlfriend is here” Jim teased

” Huh? Who? Is it Garam unni?? Yeji asked beaming with happiness


Garam tried to say but Sakura cut in

“No am his girlfriend” Sakura snapped and Yeji eyes widened

” Really??? Yeji asked in disbelief and Mina nodded

“She is your brother bîtchy girlfriend” Mina replied

“Gosh it is highly confirmed that my brother is blind, he couldn’t date someone like Garam unni but a shapeless slut like her!

“Watch your mouth Yeji!! Mark snapped drawing the attention of everyone

” Don’t snapped at me!! Am saying the truth! Have you tried fuckin her for once? If not, you will have notice how wide her p***y is” I even found her sleeping with_

Slap!! Yeji words got stucked as Sakura landed a hot slap on her face”

Everyone gasped in shock.

T. B. C

Any words for Sakura?? 😥😍

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians ♥️

Sweet Dreams 😘💗💗

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