Heart String

Heart String Episode 8


(🎶 Undecided
Emotions 🎶)

By, Mha Rhy




AHHHHHH!!! Sakura screamed out in shock as she saw the shocking news of her life.

The video of how Mina disgraced her has went viral, and she became a subject of mockery”

“How could this happen to me???
“That psychopath! I’ll make her regret this!!! Sakura screamed ruffling her hair in anger



Garam’s car came to halt in front of the company.

She came out with her manager beside her,

Everyone stared at her as she entered, some were muttering about the incident but she cared less.

Entering the studio, she met Mina smiling as she admired the heels she was wearing

“Hi! She smiled at Mina

” Hey weakling” Mina smiled back

” It’s unfair, are you trying to mock me?? She pouted

“Am not mocking you,am telling you the truth,

” Girl you are too dull just like my billion dollars heels” Mina sighed shaking her head

” Try to stand up for yourself, cos I might not be there to help you Everytime”

“You are right, I’ll try to act like you said and thanks for the advice” Garam smile

“You are welcome by the way you are lucky” Mina said

“Why??? Garam asked

“You get to taste two lips at once” am sure you must have felt heavenly” Mina replied and Garam cheek turn crimson red

” She is even blushing!!! Mina teased

“So friends” Garam asked

“Friends as long as you don’t mess with my Billion dollars heels” Mina replied and they laughed

The door opened revealing Sakura and Mark holding hands

Garam’s heart skipped a beat as she saw Mark,a small reminisce of the kiss incident came to her head and she licked her lower lips.

“Oops, the bîtch is here with dumbass Boyfriend”! Mina mocked

” I don’t have your time, so f**k off! Sakura snapped

“None did I but do you check your brain when you are coming cos it seems you left it in your farm house

“You! Sakura pointed fingers at Mina angrily

” Yes me! She replied with a daring tone as they both glared at each other while Mark was busy staring at Garam who avoided his eyes.

“Good morning everyone” Mr Choi greeted walking in with his secretary

“Whatever” Sakura muttered before sitting down while the rest responded to his greetings.

” Let’s start! Taemin play the beat for them


“I hope you will be able to produce a song before the MAMA awards

“No problem Mr Choi as long as someone doesn’t act like a bîtch we will be able to” Mina replied eyeing Sakura

” Are you referring to me??? Sakura asked angrily

“Did I mention name? And if you think you are the one then you are right” Mina smirked

“Are you Crazy!! Sakura snapped angrily

” Yes more crazier than you think, ion mind breaking my Billion dollars heels on your bîtchy head! Mina replied angrily.

A call came to Garam’s phone and she went to answer the call leaving them with their argument

Mark seeing that Sakura was engrossed in the argument followed Garam while Mr Choi watch them with interest.


Garam smile as she ended the phone call, her parents had just called to inform her that they will be returning to Korea next week.

She couldn’t help but to be happy.

She turn to go back to the studio when someone pulled her into a corner


She was able to call for help when she saw the person who pulled her,

It was none other than the guy whom her heart beat for, the one she had tried to stop her feelings for but couldn’t, Mark.

The two stared at each other intensively as their heart kept beating in rhythm to make it worse his body was pressing on her body

Garam finally came out of the dazed and tried to push him away from her body but Mark grabbed her hand and pulled it over head

“Let go of my hand!! She snapped struggling

“I miss you” he said softly and she frowned in disbelief

Her words got stucked as Mark captured her lips into his resulting into a deep kiss, and her eyes widened in shock.

T. B. C

What is wrong with Mark bayi ooo???

Good evening Mha Rhians ♥️

Enjoy your day 💜.

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