Heart String

Heart String Episode 16-17


(? Undecided
Emotions ?)

By, Mha Rhy



“Hi Alexa” Mark said with a smile

“Mark? You are here??? Alexa stuttered and he smiled

” Where is Garam?? He asked

“She is_

” Alexa who is at the door???” Garam asked coming into view, Alexa left immediately

Garam heart skipped as she saw him

” Hi Garam” Mark was

“I got this for you” he said giving her the flower to her

Garam stared at him with anger balled her fist in a, she felt the urge to punch his face but instead she did something unexpected

She slapped him

Mark hold his face in shock and suprise, but seeing her teary eyes

“You made me a fool??? You played with my feelings just for a game?? She asked in tears

” Garam I …I…” He tried to say

“I don’t need your explanation!!! She snapped

“Just.. just”Stay away from me, you have done enough damages to my heart’ she said in tears and threw the bouquet at him, closing the door immediately.

He was about to knock when a call came into his phone, bringing out his phone from the pocket

He checked the caller and his heart skipped a beat in fear, it’s Yerin Calling

He picked the call and cleared his throat

?Hi Mom,

? Come home imediately,” Yerin said simply and hanged up

Mark knew soothsayer to tell him that he is in trouble.

Mark stared at Garam’s door and sighed,

“I’ll come by later” he shouted before leaving.



Slap!!!! The loud sound echoes round the big living room as Yerin right hand made a contact with Mark’s face.

V is also present

“Mom? Mark called in shock holding his cheek

” Don’t Mom me!!! Yerin snapped and he almost flinched in fear

” I never expected this from Mark, how could you played with Garam’s feelings just for a stupid game” she said angrily

” Am sorry” he muttered in guilty

” I don’t need your apology, Find a way to ask for Garam’s forgiveness till then

V sighed and walked to his son who was staring into space

” Mark you shouldn’t have done that, V said softly

“I had no choice dad,he replied and V nodded

” Just find a way to ask for Garam’s forgiveness because you really hurt that girl” V said

” I will” he replied

” even if it means kneeling down for her forgiveness in public” Mark thought.




Finally the day for the rehearsal came, Sakura, Mark, Garam and Mina were already in the big studio rehearsing

?Why can’t I hold you in the street
? Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor

?I wish that we could be like that
? Wish we could be like that cos am yours

?We keep behind closed doors,
? Everytime I see you I die a little more

?Stolen moment that we steal as the curtain falls,
?it will never be enou…. Ough

They all stopped singing as the beat was paused.

They faced Mr Choi who was staring at them intensively

“You all try but you need to work harder on your vocals, cos there will be no lip sync on that day” Mr Choi said

“Ok sir, they replied

” Let wrap it up, we will continue with it tomorrow” enjoy your day” Mr Choi said

” You too”!! the girls said at once and he nodded with a smile before leaving with his assistant.

“Gosh am tired! Sakura pouted slumping down

” Lazy bone, Mina muttered to her hearing and Sakura frowned

“Sometimes I feel like strangling you, you are too bad mouthed for my liking, she snapped

“Same here,cos you are too stupid for my liking” Mina replied

“You!!! Sakura shouted as she stands up

” Catch me if you can” Mina stucked out her tongue as she ran outside while Sakura chased after her leaving Mark and Garam in the studio.

Wondering how Mina and Sakura became close,it turns out that Mina was Haruto cousin, having no choice they had to made up and now they are friends though Sakura is still finding it hard to speak with Garam cos she is scared but they do talk occasionally when needed.

Everywhere became silent as Mark was looking to start up a conversation with her, since their last encounter at her house, she made sure to ignored him

Garam pick her bag ready to leave the studio when Mark talk

“Will you continue to ignore me?? He asked trying to hide the pains in his voice but Garam ignored him and turn to leave

“Am sorry Garam,I know I hurt your feelings but I promise to make up for it,he begged, Garam finally turn to him

” You don’t need to say sorry cos I don’t love you anymore, she replied

“It’s a lie,I know you still love me” Mark said confidently

” In your dreams,I have stopped loving you since you made me a joke of my love for you”

“Then I’ll make you love me back,he said determinedly

Garam stared at the man in front of her who was determined to make her fall for him,if only he knew that she is still in love with him but it’s not a bad thing to play with him as well, she thought

“Good luck with it then, I’ll see how you will do that, she said and turn to leave when Mark did something unexpected

He smacked her ass making a loud sound

Garam eyes grew wide in horror and in shock, she face Mark angrily and raised her hand to slap him but before her hand could on his face,he caught it using it to pull her more closer to his body

“I love how your ass sound,it turns me on greatly

” Yo..
Her words became muffled as he kissed her grabbing her ass along.

T. B. C

Mark is corrupt ? ?

Mina and Sakura???






(? Undecided
Emotions ?)

By, Mha Rhy



Mark feasted on her lip like a vampire feed on blood

Garam was still in daze so she couldn’t respond to the kiss,he was about to dip his hand into her blouse when someone threw a sneakers on his hand causing them to break away

“TF!!! He cursed loudly and face Mina who was grinning widely with Sakura beside her

” Gosh my Billion dollars shoe is the best, just a perfect shot! Mina said proudly as she picked her sneaker

“You know you are an hindrance to someone’s promise Land”? Mark asked trying hard not to be angry

” I know, you can’t oppress me here knowing am still single” she snapped

“Then go and meet Kai!! He snapped and Mina cheek turns crimson red but she cleared her throat trying not to make it obvious

The door opened revealing the diamonds, treasure and Apink

Apink is a girl group signed under cube entertainment,a friend to sunshine label

Mina is a member and also the leader of the group, it’s consist of four members”Yuna, Onda and Lia

“My babies” Mina squealed happily and hug her group

” Seems like someone missed us” Yuna teased

“Buddy! Kai shake Mark’s hand why the rest waved at him

” Where is Haruto?? Mark asked looking around until his eyes caught him at the wall kissing Sakura

” Insane couple” he laughed

” Why are you all here??? Mark asked

“We planned on going out,if the girls are interested they can join us as well

” We are interested” they all replied except Garam

” I should get going now,” she said

” Where did you think you are going?? Kai said holding her hand

“Home, she replied simply

“Join us” Kai pouted

“Am not interested” she replied freeing her hand from his hold and turn to leave when Mark grabbed her back

“She is interested” he said winking at her

“Let’s go then, Kai

“Why do I have a feeling that this will be the worst outing” she thought

“You know seeing your ass shaking is driving me Crazy and I feel like going down with you” he said huskily only to be smacked on head by Mina

“You are fool! Mina snapped

” I’ll kill someone’s woman today” he shouted angrily and run after Mina

Mina jumped on Kai’s body suprising Everyone

“My plastic brain superhero is here to save me” so do what you want” she said laughing

Kai smile and hold her tightly by her waist,

“Yes am her superhero” Kai teased

” I hate you!!! Mark whined frowning playfully

“I love you” he blew him kisses

” Yuck! He scrunched his nose playfully in disgust making them Laugh

” Let’s go” Kai said

“Hey put me down” Mina said

“Nope, Kai replied smiling

” Plastic brain am warning you, drop me” she said with a warning tone

” Billion dollars No” he teased her more

“You want me to_

Her words became muffled as Kai did something suprising Everyone

“He dipped his head in between her two oranges

He sucked her sensitive spot and she moaned out

“Gosh why??? The guys shouted

” Come here sweetheart” Haruto said as he pulled Sakura closer and kissed her

” I have my baby as well” Mark said pulling Garam closer

” Are you sick??? Garam asked frowning

He smacked her ass and she gasp

“Your gasps turns me on more” he said and kissed her

“Kill me already!!! The boys shouted and passed out playfully while Apink laugh at their drama

T. B. C

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