Heart String

Heart String Episode 14


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By, Mha Rhy



“LET’S BREAK UP!!! He repeated and Mha Rhy came out of her imagination 😁😂 😂😂😂

‼️ Not edited expect some errors ❌


As usual the eight guys were sitted round a table, this time they weren’t using a mask and they all turns out to be the diamonds and treasure

Treasure is a Chinese group who were also signed under sunshine

They consist of three members, Haruto, Jackson and Lin yi.

“Kai let’s end the dare,I can’t watch my girlfriend reputation going down” Haruto begged

His words were cut off as someone barged in and the lady turns out to be Sakura

“You are here! Haruto asked beaming and she nodded before facing kai

“Kai am not interested in the dare anymore” Sakura snapped


The guys were sitted on a couch pressing their phones

“Gosh everything is boring” Haruto whined

“Let’s play a game” Kai suggested

“Too childish but am interested” Lucas said

“Since we are bored,ion mind” Mark replied

“Am in, Haruto,Lin Yi, and Jackson

” Am also in,

“So what type of game are we playing? Haruto asked

” Truth or Dare” and no penalty, it’s a must for you to say the truth and it’s a must for you to do the dare” Kai said and walked to the kitchen

” That look like creepy” Haruto muttered

” Let’s start” Kai said bringing out a bottle.

They all sat around the table, just as they were about to start, Sakura barged in

“Hey Jewel” Haruto smile

“Baby, Sakura smile and kissed him

” Yuck! The rest said but they ignored them as they continue feeding on each other lips

” Enough!!! Mark snapped and the couple laugh breaking the kiss

“Don’t oppress the singles” Lucas whined

” Get yourself a girlfriend” Sakura mocked

“I already have one” Mark grinned

“Like you have asked her out yet” Jim scoffed

“I’ll do that when I get to Korea” Mark replied smiling

“She is my bestie and am sure she will be happy to see you ask her out,it has always been her Dream and I can’t believe she became a soloist just for you” Sakura said with smile

“I know, she is the best and that is why I love her”

A mischievous plan came to Kai’s mind and he smiled

“Sakura we were about to play truth or dare, you don’t mind joining us

” I don’t mind

“Let’s start” Kai said and turn the bottle

It landed on Mark ” Kai smile in victory

” Truth or Dare”

” Dare” Mark said simply

” mark,You know we are all returning to Korea in two days”I want you and Sakura to act like a couple’ Kai grinned

” What!!!

” Are you okay??? I love Garam, how can I date Sakura” Mark said angrily

“Sakura is my girlfriend, Haruto snapped

” I don’t care it’s a dare, and Sakura you must act like the vilian in the story” Kai grinned

“That’s too hard Kai, Garam is my best friend and she will be hurt

” I know, since you guys are trying to oppress me,I should do something fun as well and if a kiss is needed Haruto will impersonate Mark, I’ll find someone to do a mask for him

“I regret ever joining” Mark sighed

” You have no choice baby” Jim mocked

“Kai you are a badass” Lucas laugh

“I know

“One lesson, never agreed to Kai’s dare games again” Jackson said and they laughed


” I can’t believe I had to receive two slap and a kick on my face for this stupid game, my reputation is at stake all because of this, Sakura snapped

“Am also tired of hurting Garam all in the name of game” Mark said sadly

” Ok, let’s cancel it” Kai said

” Really??? They all asked at once


” So it was all a game??? They heard a voice from behind and they all turn back and behold it was Yeji holding a camera,it highly evident that she had recorded everything

” Yeji??? They called in shock.

T. B. C

E shock u 😁😁😁

Good morning Mha Rhians ♥️
Have a wonderful day 💗

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