Heart String

Heart String Episode 13


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By, Mha Rhy




“WTF!!! Sakura

” How could Mr Choi gave me an hiatus break till next year??? Sakura shouted

It’s been a week after the incident and her reputation has been on stake

Her fans has been talking bad about her for being a bad friend and now Mr Choi is giving her break!! If only everyone know the truth” she thought furiously

“Sakura calm down” her manager Maya said only for her to slapped on face by Sakura

Maya hold her cheek in shock

“Are you mad?? How dare you tell me to calm down??? Sakura asked angrily

“Am sorry Sakura, she bowed trying hard not to cry

” It’s ma’am not Sakura, she said sternly

“Am sorry ma’am

” Get lost! She snapped and Maya ran out immediately.

I can’t believe my reputation is at stake all because of Mina” I think I’ll have to get rid of her” she thought angrily


“Wow this look good” Mina said checking the heels

“Yeah it’s one of the best brand here” the attendant replied with smile and Mina nodded in satisfaction.

“I’ll take it then” she said and the attendant collected it from her

Her eyes caught Win Win who was just arriving at the mall with his best friend.

“Hey! Red Noddles” she called loudly drawing his attention

“Mina you are here? Win Win asked with smile

“Yeah, stop smiling like a fool,it look creepy, she said and he frowned

“Lies! People said I look more handsome when I smile,he protested

“It’s because they are blind” she replied

” Hey sexy,a farmiliar voice said behind her and she look back

Behold it was Kai

“Plastic brain you are here as well” Mina asked in suprise

“What type of name is that? Can’t you give me more romantic name better than that” Kai pouted and she smiled

” Romantic name like mosquito spray, brainless chipmunk, Lion toothbrush” donkey poop” Mina replied with a smile

“You are really crazier than I thought, he sighed

” More than you can imagine” she replied and they both laugh

” Seriously, you look hot and sexy today, Kai said checking her out licking his lips

“Trying to be flirty??? Sorry you failed” she said and they both laugh

Win Win couldn’t take it anymore,he walked away while Yuta ran after him

“Huh! Where is red noodles?? Mina asked noticing his absence

” Ion know maybe he left” Kai replied and grabbed her hand

“Come let’s check some outfit together” he dragged her before she could protest.

Sakura car came to halt in front of the diamonds Mansion.

She came out with a smile and locked the car door.

She had just received Mark’s call asking her to see him and here she is.

Walking inside the big living room, she met everywhere decorated with balloons and her pictures.

“Is he asking me out officially??? She thought aloud and smile

Mark made his appearance and she smile

“Hey Mark” she grinned

“Hey Sakura” he hugged her and her heart thump loudly

“Do you love the decorations??? He asked

” Yes I love it” it’s nice, she replied happily

“Nice to hear, cos I want our last day to be memorable” Mark said with a smile and her heart skipped a beat

” What… did… you… mean??? Sakura stuttered hoping it’s not what she had on mind

“Sakura am very happy to announce that our contract has come to an end, let’s break up.

T.. b.. c

E choke 😁

Good evening Mha Rhians ♥️

Enjoy your day

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