Heart String

Heart String Episode 10


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Emotions 🎶)

By, Mha Rhy



Murmurs could be heard from guest while some brought out their phones to record everything.

” Did you just slapped me??? Yeji asked angrily, she didn’t wait for Sakura’s reply when she slapped her own back shocking everyone

“Yeji!!! Mark shouted angrily

” What??? You were there when she slapped me and now I did mine, you are trying to interfere! Yeji replied aloud

“She is my girlfriend and you don’t have the right to slap her” Mark said sternly

“But she has the right to slap me? Yeji asked almost in tears but Mark ignored her

“Am your sister!!! She shouted in tears

” I don’t care! She is the woman I love and you are to respect her!!! Mark shouted

“I hate you” Yeji shouted in tears before running to her room

Sakura smile in victory but the smile disappeared as Mina remove her heels and threw it on her face

“Mina!!! Sakura said angrily glaring at Mina

” Don’t use your bîtchy mouth to call my Billion dollars name again!!! Mina said with a warning tone

“You know Yeji is right by calling you a bîtch,cos you ain’t different from one

“Dating a guy who is not yours make you one, you knew Mark promise to date Garam if she could change her career from a model to a popular soloist and you went ahead to date him despite knowing how much Garam loves him??? Mina asked in disbelief while Sakura remain quiet

“Mina stay out of this!!! Mark snapped

” Shut up! You are no different from her!

“You even had the gut to mock for changing her career just for you! Is it a crime to fall in love with a donkey like you,??? Mina shouted breathing heavily in anger

“You disgust me! You are a shame to manhood” she muttered with a glare

She walked to Garam who was in tears already

“Shhhh!! You should stop crying” he doesn’t worth it” she soothe her

“Let’s get going” Mina said as he helped Garam out of the mansion

In few minutes all guest were gone, it’s highly evident that this will be the news for tommorow.

The living room became quiet as Everyone was not ready to

Yerin couldn’t take it anymore, she walked towards Sakura and landed another slap on her face

“Mrs Lee! She gasped in shock

“That’s for slapping my daughter” she said to Sakura who was holding her face in pains.

Yerin faced Mark with a look of disgust,

“You know am really doubting if you are truly my son, despite knowing that Garam had always loved you since you were kids, you went ahead and dated her best friend, you don’t deserved to be loved by her,if she choose to be with another guy,I won’t be Suprised because you don’t deserve her” Yerin snapped and walked away leaving Mark who was trying not to get angry.

“She wouldn’t dare to date another guy, she is mine and mine alone” Mark thought balling his fist in anger

He was about to walk out when Sakura grabbed his hand

” Mark am_

“Get lost!!! Mark snapped and walked out leaving her in shock

” Am I hallucinating?” Sakura muttered in disbelief

T. B. C

Mark doesn’t deserve Garam 😥

Good afternoon Mha Rhians ♥️

Enjoy your day

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