Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 46

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 46 ( FINAL EPISODE)
By mhiz Vivian O.

” Silence” the judge muttered

” You may speak Mr Charles

” Mr magno ,,nine years ago you murdered the mother of miss Luna ,,,also killed your son and his wife leaving your grandson an orphan,,,you also threatened Mr Brandon and his family,,you forced him into doing all your evil deeds ,,,,you also attempted to kill his wife ,Mrs Erica by using her husband,,,she escaped but suffered a great memory loss due to an accident nine years ago ” Mr Charles lawyer of Mr Brandon said

” Your honor ,I would like to bring the witness”

” You may ”

And with that a young man walked in with Mrs Erica close to him

A Bible was brought forward to him and after taking the oath he stood in the witness box with Mrs Erica

” That night ,,that horrible night ,nine years ago ,,I saw it all,I saw everything,,,I had recorded it in my phone
That faithful night was my son’s birthday,,,I stayed late at work ,,,and was heading back home with some meat for my son’s birthday,,when suddenly i saw a woman being chased ,, quickly I hid beside a bush out a fear and there I watch some thugs almost kill her ,,and i also heard two names before she fell,,mr magno and Mr Brandon,,those were the names i heard that night ,,,I got so scared to report to the police,,I heard her mention her son’s name then ,,and since then I searched to inform him
Here is a record of what I heard ” the witness said handing over a drive to the lawyer who installed it in a laptop

Three days later

” Mr magno ,,,,going through all evidence laid before me ,,,after checking it all repeatedly ,,,

According to section ……….of the Constitution,,

You’re hereby striped of all your wealth and your position for wrongfully using them

According to section……..of the Constitution I hereby charge you to life imprisonment with hard labour ,,for the murder of so many lives

This is my judgement…….

Court arise……………….

With that everyone stood up as the judge walked out with securities behind him

Mr magno eyes widened as he stood in shock

They all watched as he was being dragged out

” This isn’t over ,,,I’ll deal with you all ,,I promise you that ” he screamed

” I guess it’s all over now right ?? We all should we happy now ,,” Luna said

Daniel stood alone while skyle didn’t utter a word

At the moment his dad is still in the hospital and would soon be charged to courts also for his wrongdoing even though he was forced to do so

Daniel walked alone

Yet again the only family he has

His life was only becoming worse and worse

And still Nicole wouldn’t come back for him

” Daniel,,,are you alright?? Luna asked while walking with him

” Son ,,wait up ,,,” someone shouted from behind

They all looked back and behold Mrs Erica stood there

” Daniel,,,,” she called in tears

” Son ”

She ran over to him and gave him a hug

” I understand you feel so much pain ,,but it’s all right ,, we’re all here for you ,,” Mrs Erica said

She took skyle’s hands

” You’re both my sons ,,,and I love you two so much ”

Come over tonight,,,, I’ll prepare something nice for you okay ,,, I can imagine the pain you feel ”

” You all should come over too okay ,,,don’t worry Luna,,I’ll inform your dad ”

” Am happy you were able to get justice for your mom Luna” skyle said while Luna nodded

And with that that all got into their cars heading to Mrs Erica’s home

After having a wonderful dinner,,Daniel ,,angel ,,skyle ,,and Luna all came outside

” Huh ,,it’s snowing,,,so suddenly?? Luna said using her hands to touch it

They all stood

” It’s really snowing”” angel replied excitedly

” I really wanna watch the snow fall in the highest mountain,,,do you wanna come with me ?? Nicole said

These memories,,, Nicole’s words triggered into Daniel’s mind and immediately his eyes widened

” Hey guys ,, I’ll be back ,,tell Mom I might be late okay ” Daniel said as he ran away immediately

” Taxi ,,,taxi ” he stopped one

” Mount mavon ,,,hurry ” Daniel said

Nicole stood watching the snow ,,,her eyes watery

Finally she’s back but not for good

” Trying to forget you all these years ,,,,,it’s hard ,,it’s hard for me ,,,”

” I hope you don’t remember me anymore,,,I hope you’re healthy,,I hoped you’re living fine ,,,,do you eat well ,,feed well ,,,,,I miss you so much ” Nicole muttered hitting her chest

” You did the right thing and am proud of it ,,,,don’t have any regrets and keep on living well Daniel”

Aftrr standing there for about 1 hour

She took her necklace which Daniel had gotten for her back then dropping it on an old stool

And with that ,,,she turned around to leave

Besides many couples were also there

Daniel ran as fast as his legs could carry him ,,,,and finally he got there

Looking around he didn’t find any trace of Nicole,,and with that he sighed in disappointment

He looked around,,for the last time still not sighting her

” Guess she didn’t really mean it ,,,,maybe she had come last year ,,or the year before,,,yes ,, that’s right ” Daniel said

Just as he was about to go his eyes caught hold of the necklace and in a rush he picked it up

Taking one look at it ,,,he could tell she had come

After all the necklace was one of a kind he had gotten for her

And with that he rushed looking for her

” She couldn’t have gone so far ,,,,not yet ” Daniel said while still running

Nicole walked with her bag close to her ,,,
She took her handkerchief again rubbing away the tears in her eyes

” Taxi ,,,taxi ” Nicole called

And as she opened the door to get in ,,,she heard a familiar voice call her name

” Nicole !!!!!

She turned around to meet Daniel behind her ……….

To be continued…….

Finally 💃💃💃
But Nicole sef have small problem oo ,,,after how many years 😠😠

As you all can see when reading I didn’t quota the section of the Constitution because the story is not a Nigerian stories as a law students here in Nigeria
I only know the sections of the Nigerian Constitution not another country at least I haven’t learn that of other countries,,,,,so bear with me

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