Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 40

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 40.
By authoress Vivian
Mr Brandon slowly opened his eyes ,,he groaned a bit before he could get a clearer view of the hospital
” Where am I ?? He asked his P.A who stood beside him worried

” Miranda!! Mr Brandon called again
Just then he held his head in serious pain

” Doctor!! His P.A screamed immediately running out

Soon in less than 5 minutes a young doctor in his early 30’s appeared

~~30 minutes later~~
Mr Brandon could be seen on the bed laying peacefully with his eyes shut

” His condition is really becoming worse ,,,I don’t think he has much time left””

” How long ”

” Less than 5 years ,,if he doesn’t stress his heart too much ,,,,he needs a lot of rest ,,,,,soon his condition would worsen,, he’ll develop serious brain problem which would make him unable to remember most of his family,,”

He walked closer to Mr Brandon
” He needs rest now “” the doctor said checking up on him again
They both walked away closing the door behind
Mrs Erica ( skyle’s mom ) sat down with her teddy so close to her

Daniel opened the door slowly smiling with a lovely flowers

He walked closer to her and stretched it towards her

” How have you been mo……..” As much as he wanted to call her mom he couldn’t

He smiled with different thoughts running through his head

” How are you doing ?? Daniel asked smiling though it wasn’t sincere

” Son ,,,did I do something wrong ?? Mrs Erica asked
.she took Daniel’s hands and rubbed it gently
” Are you angry with mom ?? Did mom upset you again?? Mrs Erica asked

Daniel smiled as a drop of tears fell from his eyes
Deep down ,,he just felt like he had to stop all this
” No ,,,am fine ,,am really fine ” Daniel said
He leaned closer to her and placed his hand on her cheek as he smiled

His tears wouldn’t stop

” You’re crying skyle my dear ,,,what’s wrong baby?? Mrs Erica asked with a sweet voice

She lifted her towards his face ,, cleaning his tears
She let out a beautiful smile immediately
” When am okay ,, we’ll leave far away to somewhere you can be happy again my boy ” Mrs Erica said as she also had tears in her eyes

She smiled again as she pulled Daniel into a tight emotional hug making him cry on her shoulder
” I’ll call skyle immediately” Mr Brandon P.A said as he bowed his head

” No ,,,,leave skyle outta this ,,he’s still a young boy,,,, he’ll need all the strength he can get to fight back ,,,,”
” I plan to fight back ,,,,,,,the chairman,,,,,I plan to also fight back ,,,,skyle mustn’t end up the way I did ,,,like a puppet to him ,,” Mr Brandon said and surprisingly he let out a bead of tears
He closed his eyes and rested a bit with his thoughts ran to different places
Luna stayed in the restroom for a little while ,,,as she stared at the mirror looking at herself for a while
Just then she smiled
She raised her left hand looking at it
Again a chuckle escaped her lips ,,as she recalled last night with skyle
” I guess he’s sweet “” Luna thought within herself

” Here’s the bit*h ,,,,” a voice said behind her standing akimbo

Luna smiled faded immediately,,,,as she turned around

She adjusted herself for a bit,, before turning to walk out

Kira smiled cunningly as she watched Luna turn to leave

” You both were romantic at the party ,,,,watch were it’s coming Luna ,cause it’s gonna be a dangerous arrow ,which would stab you directly in the heart ,,,” Kira said with a smile

She turned around to leave walking stylishly

” Or should I rather call you rose ” Kira said letting out a dry smile

” Luna’s heart felt like it could stop at any moment”
She moved back a bit ,,with so much fear trying hard not to show it or fall

Kira walked out immediately

Luna stood still holding her chest
” Rose,,,,,,,how the hell did she find out her real name ” she kept on looking hoping Kira had just played a prank on her instead
” Hii” angel said with her usual sweet voice
” She took her meal ,, sitting close to skyle who waited for Luna ”
Skyle didn’t utter a word , pretending she wasn’t talking to him

” You recognize me right ?? Angel asked

Still skyle didn’t utter any word ,,as he didn’t even look at her

” Hey ,,,,,am talking to you ,,,would you pls reply me “” angel said as her voice changed feeling sad

” What do you want ,,,do I owe anything to you ?? Skyle finally said

” His voice even calms me more” angel said within herself

She gave skyle a cute smile which kinda irritated him

” I just asked you a question,,,,” skyle said

” Ohhh,, no no,,you don’t owe me anything,,,I just wanna be your friend,,,at least ” angel blurted out immediately

Skyle eyes changed instantly
” Wow …..how can she say that so easily,,” he thought

Both kept on looking at each other for a while

Immediately skyle stood up leaving the look for Luna

” Hey ,,,,,,,,wait up ,,can I tag along”” angel asked

” Don’t you dare ” skyle said with a cold ,,harsh voice

Angel sat down back immediately
” Must he be that cold ?? She asked herself as she munched her meal silently watching skyle till he left

” Nicole ?? Magno said as he looked at all the information which his investigator had brought him

” How can my grandson stoops so low huh ?? All because of this lady ??

He dropped the file immediately as he recalled his only son

” Daniel would never take after you ” magno said with anger

He let out a small grin

” Let’s see how a young lady would refuse all I have to offer her ,,,,
You know what to do right ?? Mr magno said as a man in his late 40′ s strong,hefty nodded walking away immediately

Luna kept on looking at Nicole who looked so horrible
” Hey Nick ,,are you alright?? Luna asked with so much worry
Nicole nodded without uttering a word

Luna knelt down to her level
” You’ve been like this for a while now Nicole,,,you can tell me what’s wrong ,,,am hurt seeing you this way “” Luna said sober

Nicole burst out into tears immediately as Luna held her tight making her shoulder available to Nicole

She kept on patting her back trying hard not to cry with Nicole

” Am so sorry Nicole,,,,,I never noticed you had so much in your mind ,,,,,,how couldn’t I know ?? Am so sorry I wasn’t there ,,,,,am sorry you had to cry all alone for a while ” Luna said as she cried with her best friend patting her back lightly
An hour later
A man in Black cloth ,,,shoes ,,,and black hat walked into the restaurant
His footsteps became louder as he got closer

He looked at the picture given to him

” Miss Nicole ?? He asked both Luna and Nicole pretending like didn’t recognize her

Luna and Nicole both stared at each other for a few seconds

” That’s….me ” Nicole said standing up

The strange man let out a grin underneath his hat

His raised his head up as she stared at Nicole

” Follow me ,,,,,I have I package for you ” he said immediately and turned around to leave

Nicole stared at Luna for a while
” I’ll come with you ” Luna said

” No ,,no ,,you watch over the restaurant,,I’ll be back in a jiffy okay,,,I’ll be fine Luna ” Nicole said with a smile and instantly turned around to follow him

Daniel didn’t take his car ,,as he walked home
He walked slowly thinking
He couldn’t even decide on what to do

He wasn’t the type to always make decisions,,,, so it was a bit hard for him”

Just then ,his phone beeped
He took it unlocking it
He tapped it to read the message which was sent to him with an unknown number

” Hurry up ,,,,, or it’ll be too late” Daniel read the message
Just then a photo of Nicole and a man in Black was sent to his phone immediately

Daniel gave a closer look at the picture,,and in a hurry ,,,,,he sped off immediately running so fast

” Nicole……..” Daniel called as he ran really fast like he was crazy

To be continued
Nicole 😢😢
I guess Luna’s secrets and past would soon be figured out
Right now ,, there’s so much going on for all of them 😢😢

To those who asked of me
Thank you ,,I appreciate 💟💟

And to those who didn’t even remember me ,,,,hmmmmm lemme leave that one

Guess you guys don’t even really care 😢😢😢

MUCH LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

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