Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 39

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 39
By authoress Vivian

~~next morning~~
Bright sunlight penetrated from the window into Daniel’s room ,,, making him turn a little though angel still slept beside him

In a few seconds,,she pushed her eyes opened as she stared at Daniel immediately

She stayed that way for a few seconds trying to recall what happened yesterday night

Angel covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming loud

” Oh God,,am so dead when he wakes up ” she said

Daniel’s grip on her was still strong,,,,,,
She tried moving his hands a bit ,, but he always ends up almost awake
Angel calmed down a bit ,,, thinking of what to do ,,just then ,, Daniel made another move again which made his grip on her weaker

Angel smiled a bit ,,, though their lips were closer this time

She gently took his hands away ,,,as slow as ever dropping it gently on the bed ,,,,
He made different movement but still ,he didn’t wake
Finally she succeeded in freeing herself,,she stood up gently from the bed ,,took her bag ,and tiptoed slowly towards the door
Holding the door knob angel took a deep breathe as she smiled happily

Just then as she was about opening the door she heard his voice

” Hold on ,,,,what the hell do you think you’re doing in my room
Who let you in ” Daniel screamed out loud as he woke up seeing angel

” Arrrggh did we ……? Daniel couldn’t complete his statement as he felt irritated all of a sudden

He held his head in pain as he tried to recall what happened last night

Angel froze still holding the door knob

” Don’t you dare leave till you tell me how the hell you got in here ” Daniel said as he tried getting up from the bed

” Wait ,,,,” angel screamed which made him stop immediately

” Don’t you remember anything?? She asked

” Remember what?? Daniel said

” Am sorry ……” Angel screamed as she quickly opened the door running outside

” What,,,you crazy ………ahhhhh” he screamed as he stood up immediately to go after her

” You’re so dead ”

Angel got to the living room ,,and the first thing she saw was Daniel car keys

She picked it up again in a hurry

” Am sorry ,,, again” she muttered running away

She got into the car immediately

” What the hell………” Daniel said with his eyes burning with fury

” Don’t you dare ……that’s my favorite car ….don’t you just Dare”” Daniel said as he ran towards the car

” Am so sorry for this ” angel shouted out loud knowing he would so kill her for this

” I’ll repay you ,,I promise” she said as she sped out of the house even without Knowing how to drive

She got to the gate,and immediately she stopped hitting the wheels so hard

” Shit ,,,,shit ,,oh God ” she screamed remembering she couldn’t drive a car

Daniel smiled as the car halted he gently walked towards the car,,,but before he could reach it ,,angel got down ,
She took her bag immediately,,,,,and her eyes met with Daniel

” Oh no ,, you’re so gonna explain ” Daniel said walking towards her

Angel shivered a bit looking at his furious eyes

She took her bag and without thinking she ran out of the house taking off her heels

” Daniel stood still as he watched her run ,,,,
” Crazy bi*ch ” he shouted as he went back inside the house

Angel stopped a little farther away
” Who’s the crazy one ,,,,,,oh goodness what an annoying human being ,,,,,” she blurted stopping a taxi and heading home
Luna walked into class with a happy face ,,,she kept on smiling all the way
She stood beside her locker ,,,, taking some things ,
Just then , someone held her hand ,,,

She smiled immediately feeling his hands,,,
She could recognize the warmth of skyle’s hands

Skyle immediately took his hands off hers when she looked at him

” Hey ” he greeted with a smile

” Hey ” Luna greeted back without a smile

She left her locked and walked away heading towards class

” Wait up ” skyle said and quickly ran to catch up with her

Luna gave a small smile ,,which faded immediately skyle got to her

Daniel slept on his bed feeling a bit weak ,,, definitely he was gonna skip school again

He walked towards his table as he took skyle’s necklace
He stared at it for a while this time with mixed feelings

He sighed deeply,,,,,,,

No matter how much he tries to let skyle’s mom go
He just couldn’t,,,and he didn’t know why ,,,,,
He took his bath , dressed up and headed towards the hospital to see her

B& M company
Mr Brandon sat down with a cup of coffee in his office
He kept on turning with his chair ,, thinking about skyle
He took a sip of his coffee as he gently dropped it again
.just then he heard a knock on his door

” Come in” he replied not bothering to sit up properly

His P.A walked in immediately with his head slightly lowered down as he walked in

” Here’s everything sir” he said bringing out all information on Luna

” Alright drop it ” mr Brandon replied

He took the file and looked at it ,,,,
Mr Brandon gave a little smile as he realized skyle had lied to him

” Really?? Is this Everything?? He said as his P.A nodded

” It is sir ”

He took another piece and opened it
It was a picture of Luna
Then another her dad
And another her mom

He took the picture of her mom as he looked at it

” Miranda??? Mr Brandon said surprisingly as he looked at the picture

He held his chest in pain,,,,,as he weakly fell down immediately

To be continued……….

MUCH LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

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