Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 37

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 37

By authoress Vivian 🎀🎀

Luna stood still for hours looking at her mirror
Her phone buzzed and instantly she checked the message

” Pls make it ,,,for me ”
She heaved as she read the message

” Does he really like me that much ?? Luna asked herself
How would I go to a party meant for high class ,,I don’t even know what to wear or how to walk ,or how to even act like someone with class. ”

Just then , another message popped in
” Pls ,,am here with you ,,,you’re gonna be fine ”

Skyle all dressed up ,, looking so hot and handsome
He stood still in his room ,, waiting for Luna to reply him .
Without seeing a reply for hours ,,skyle stood up

” Skyle dear ,,it’s almost time ,,your dad would soon be here” nanny said as she opened the door silently

Just 5 more minutes nanny ” skyle replied without looking back at her



Minutes later~~~
Skyle stood with a bottle of wine in a glass
He kept on looking outside countless times but still there was no sign of her

” Ohhh ,,skyle ,,, what a grown up man you’re now my boy ,,,, really taking after your father” Mr Chris ,,a friend of skyle’s father,also a billionaire said as he tapped skyle’s shoulder

” Ohhh,thanks you Mr Chris ,,,cheers ” skyle replied in the most manly and matured voice ever

He gave a fake smile instantly,,and in a few seconds he walked away

He took his phone again and instantly a message got in
” Am outside,, waiting for you “”

Skyle’s cheeks became wide with happiness
He took anonymous look at the message,,
Nor wanting to run ,,he walked as fast.as fast as his legs could Carry him

Luna stood outside,, beside the garden
She rested on a statue beside the fountain looking around

Skyle walked so close to her with happiness,,and for once he had never seen her this pretty

He stood still for a few minutes staring at her

” Hey ” he called immediately after staring to his satisfaction

Luna looked back immediately with fear
” Ohh hey ,,,,you scared me !! She said

He eyes couldn’t stop looking at him
His eyes ,,was neatly arranged
His eyes just became more beautiful
His lips became more breathtaking

Everything about him was a killer

Luna gulped hard just looking at skyle ,,,,
” Was he always as handsome as this ” she asked herself silently

” Follow me okay “” skyle repeated for the 5th time

” Are you okay ?? He asked waving his hands towards her

” Ohhh ,,am so.sorry ,,,” Luna replied a bit embarrassed as.she took her eyes off him immediately

Skyle gave a wide smile as so many thoughts ran through his head

He walked as Luna followed behind him her face buried in her palm

Skyle took a secret door ,,,while Luna only looked following him

~~minutes later ~~~
Skyle got into the room as he couldn’t wait to see Luna

Meanwhile Luna stood still ,,,
After the whole makeup ,,and trying out different outfit,,she looks tired

Skyle giving a light knock on the door ,, opened it ,,,,

And a gorgeous ,, breathtaking and killing look stood in front of him

His hand on the door knob ,,he stood still with his heart racing so fast

Then ,,he remembered his mom
His birthday,,he only gives his mom such looks,,she was always looking so beautiful

Both Luna and skyle stood still staring at each other .
And soon getting uncomfortable Luna opened up

” Emmmm,,,it’s time right ? She said trying to avoid more of skyle eyes on her

” Alright ,,shall we ? Skyle said as they both walked out

The door opened revealing skyle and Luna ,,,with her hands in his

Both walked as Luna felt a bit uncomfortable in her heels

But she tried hard to walk not wanting to make a fool of herself

All eyes were on her as skyle held her hands walking beside her

They both stood together,,,,still holding hands as skyle passed a drink to her

” Are you okay ” skyle asked and Luna nodded feeling uncomfortable with the eyes staring at her

Soon ,,,a man walked in with so many securities behind him
Dressed in black suit which looks more than expensive

While everyone walked to greet him immediately

” Give me a minute okay ” skyle said to Luna as he walked towards his father

” Dad ,,” he greeted as he bowed his head immediately

Hearing father from skyle ,,Luna looked away immediately feeling worse than uncomfortable

She held her drink so tight in her hands ,,and soon skyle came to her

” Hey ,,, don’t worry ,,try and act cool okay ,,and leave the answers to me ” skyle said

Luna looked at him and before she could ask him what he meant ,,his father walked towards them

” Welcome sir ” Luna said with fear shaking

” Ohhh ,,a fine looking young lady,,,and you’re?? Mr Brandon asked

” Lu…. ”

” Camile ” skyle replied immediately holding Luna’s hands

Then ,she understood what he meant by leave the answers to me

” Camile sir ,,,” Luna said smiling

” Wow ,,that’s nice ,,,and what do your parents do for a living”

Luna gulped hard,,,,,
” My parents?? She asked
” They …..” She said thinking so hard what to say

” Own the biggest laundry company around different countries” skyle said immediately with fear

Luna gave him a surprising look
” This is a way bigger lie ” she thought again then smiled

” Alright,” Mr Brandon said as he gave luna.a suspicious look ,then walked away

” Get all information on her ,,,and her family,,I need it by tomorrow” Mr Brandon said to his P.A.who nodded and walked away

” Thanks” Luna said to skyle whose heart was beginning to return back to normal

Soon the limo halted
With uttering any word ,, Daniel got down immediately
Angel sat expecting Daniel to come open the door for her but he didn’t

” Hey ,,,,won’t you get out already” Daniel said

” Yunno what ,,,get it into your skull that I hate you so much ” angel blurted and got down from the car

” I hate you more ” Daniel said and walked away even without waiting for her

She caught up with him and gave him a smirk

Daniel took another look at the restaurant ,,,, and anger showed on his face

He stood still ,,,,as he watched Nicole attending to customers

And before she could look at him ,,he held angels hand dragging her away immediately

” Why here,,are you insane ,,,why here of all restaurant in the country””

Angel forcefully dragged her hands away from Daniel
” What is wrong with here ,, I like it better then other restaurants with class ,,,even if it has no class ,,it’s still my favorite,,, so are you coming or not ” angel said standing akimbo

She wanted to make him angry,,,buy she didn’t know about Nicole and Daniel

She only wanted to make him angry by coming to a restaurant without class

” Should I call your grandfather instead?? Angel asked smirking

As much as he wanted to turn back ,he couldn’t

Without uttering a word ,,he walked towards the restaurant while angel followed behind, feeling so happy

” That’s what you get for messing with me ” angel whispered to herself

And together, they both walked in……..

To be continued
I don’t even know whether to blame angel or not
Nicole 😢😢😢

Now Luna is in deep trouble 😢I hope Mr Brandon won’t recognize her true identity 😢

Much love ❤️❤️
Expect Young Master’s weakness soon

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