Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 36

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 36

By authoress Vivian 🎀

It’s a short one guys ,,am feeling tired to type ,,

Angel sat still on a couch in her room ,,,
” Are they siblings?? She asked herself for the 20th time ,, looking at nowhere in particular

Just then her phone rang

” Good evening sir ” angel greeted Mr magno

” I talked to your parents and they agreed,,you and my grandson would be going out on a date tomorrow,,,I think you two need time to know each other really well before the engagement,. I’ll inform Daniel about it too ” Mr magno said to angel who frowned

She stayed silent on the phone for a while

” Alright,,that’s gonna be a great idea ” angel said forcing those annoying words outta her mouth

She immediately dropped the call and threw her phone on the bed in anger

” He’s so gonna hate me ” angel said to herself smirking

She stood up and walked towards her bed ,,she smiled thinking about skyle together in the same school with her

She laid on her bed ,,then closed her eyes

” Can’t we call off all this ? There are other ways to make the company grow ,,why do I have to get engaged to a girl I don’t even like or know ” Daniel said as he felt angry with the thoughts of him hurting Nicole

Magno looked at Daniel in anger , though he hid it with a fake smile

” Are you perhaps seeing someone else ?? Magno asked feeling suspicious

He was acting just like the way his father did ,,

As much as Daniel wanted to say yes ,,he still said no

His grandfather would never accept someone like Nicole

” No am not ,,I just don’t feel anything for her ,,no matter how much I try “” Daniel said trying to make an excuse

” Then try ,and know her more ,you both need time together”
Cancel school for today,that isn’t important,,,you’re going out together,,,,and make sure you give her a good impression

He stood up weakly pretending to be tired

” Everything I and your father built ,,would soon be in your hands ,,trust me son ,this is the right decision to make ,,,go out with her ,,you both are still young ,,you should give yourself time ,,,you two make a great couple even the world knows that ” he tapped Daniel’s shoulder , cleared his throat then walked out

As he steeped out ,,magno immediately took his phone dialling a number

“Monitor him closely,,I think he’s seeing someone” magno said and immediately he ended the call leaving the house

Daniel stood ,,still for a moment,,then walked towards his room ,,he took his phone dialling a number

” How’s she ” he asked

” She’s asleep sir ”

” Make sure you watch over her ” Daniel said and dropped the call

~~~NEXT DAY ~~~
Nicole slowly opened her eyes ,as the strong smell of the hospital welcomed her first

Opening her eyes clearly,,she saw a man asleep besides her

As much as she wanted to scream,she covered her mouth to prevent herself from doing so

She looked around the hospital,, definitely she could not recall what happened last night

Just then ,she moved her hand a little feeling strange

Nicole kept on looking at her hand for a while within knowing why

Somehow ,,she felt like someone else had been with her too

She grabbed her bag ,shoe ,and coat and tiptoed silently away not wanting to wake up the strange man asleep

Getting out of the hospital, Nicole walked walked faster feeling scared

She too her phone ,,,
” 70 missed call ?? Nicole screamed so loud as all eyes fell on her

” Luna’s gonna kill me ” she said running so fast

Luna for to the restaurant early ,,she almost had tears in her eyes

” Where would she be ?? She asked herself pacing around

She took her phone again and dialled Nicole’s number

” Nicoleeeeeeee” Luna screamed loud on the phone

” Take it easy girl ,,you wanna burst my ear drums ?? Nicole asked

” Am so gonna kill you Nicole,,I was so worried,,where the hell have you been huh ?? I called you like a million times ” Luna screamed

” Babe turn around” Nicole said

She turned around only to see Nicole behind her a little far away

She ran immediately hugging Nicole so tight

” Am still gonna kill you ” Luna whispered

She broke the hug ,and her eyes instantly caught with the necklace on Nicole’s neck

” Hey ,,,what’s this ?? Luna asked with her hands on it

” Huh ?? What’s that ?? Nicole asked ,,she pulled it off immediately looking at it

She turned her neck again confused

” Alright,,you’re definitely gonna gist me later okay ,,,bye ” Luna asked as she walked away immediately while Nicole stood still looking at the necklace

” Let me hold until our memories”
” I love you Nicole” those words ,,,,she recalled it ,, immediately she opened her mouth in shock

” D… d,,,..daniel?? Nicole stammered and then looked back at the necklace

To be continued
I swear ,,I no fit write pass this ,,,,,am really tired already
I still have so many things so do ,,,,,sorry

Expect the masters weakness late tonight 😁😁

I wonder how angel and Daniel’s date would be like ,,,I can’t wait to laugh ?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Grandpa have not seen anything yet oo ,, Daniel will soon shock him 😠😠😠

Much love guys ,,,,,,if my likes and comments are not much this ,,I won’t blame you guys cos you still episode,,,,looks like was asleep while plotting it jawe

Cos am really tired 😴

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