Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 35

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 35

By authoress Vivian πŸŽ€
” What the hell did you just say ?? Daniel shouted so loud on the phone

He turned his car roughly immediately as beads of sweats could be seen on his forehead

Just then ,his phone rang again for the third time

” Sir ,,we really need to get her to an hospital,,she’s burning up so bad”

He didn’t stop driving,as he kept on hitting the staring wheels so hard

” Get her to an hospital immediately,,make sure she’s safe ,,I’ll be there with you in a few minutes” Daniel said ending the call immediately

With that ,he sped off to the hospital so fast

Daniel rushed into the hospital running so so fast ,,he forcefully pushed the door open ,,only for him to see her with a life supporting machine

Without realizing tears dropping from his eyes ,he walked towards her , holding her hands so tight

” What the hell happened to her ,,I left her fine ,she was alright few hours ago ” Daniel asked a nurse who stood beside him

” Her memories,,they are finally coming back slowly,,but it’s costing her life ,,it’s putting her brain in so much pain ” the nurse replied staying far away from Daniel

Daniel’s heartbeat paused for a while
” Her memories?? Does this mean she’ll remember everything?? Daniel asked with more tears
Everything?? Every single details about herself”” Daniel asked

” Yes sir ,,but it’s gonna become a slow process ,, maybe few months to be precise,,it’s so great ,, finally she’s going to be fine again” the nurse said in a happy tone which annoyed Daniel

“Get out!!! Daniel yelled as he didn’t take his eyes off Mrs Erica

” This means you’re gonna forget me ,, you’re gonna forget everything about me ,,,the pain I felt ,those memories,,that painful day ,,your love and presence supressed it all ,,I don’t wanna be in such pain anymore,,you’re all I’ve got now ” Daniel said holding her hands so tight

” My baby !! My baby !! My baby !! Mrs Erica kept on calling as she laid on the bed ,,she turned her head continuously feeling so much pain,, Daniel tried calming her down ,but she wouldn’t stop saying the same words

Just then ,, as he was about leaving to get a nurse ,,she held him back

” Skyle “” Mrs Erica called finally recognising her son’s name

” Don’t leave me again skyle ,,,am sorry I left you “” she said holding unto Daniel so tight ,,just then she stayed calm again

Daniel sat still , trying to process what he just heard

Luna paced around the restaurant endlessly
” Nicole ,oh God Nicole” Luna kept on calling with fear
She dialled her number again,but still no one picked up the call

Luna heaved as she sat down shaking seriously
” Nicole,,,what’s wrong nic ” she said again,laid her head on the table ,closed her eyes and let her thoughts travel far

Nicole slept soundly,,her eyes tightly closed as she slept peacefully

While a man stood beside her like a soldier
He kept on looking at her every little turns she makes
Just then ,the door opened revealing Daniel

He stood as he looked at Nicole calmly

” She kinda cute ” Daniel thought to himself,,just looking at her ,he felt like Al his problems were gone

He walked closer towards her as he gently rubbed her hair

Just then,a smile crept on his lips as he watched her sleep soundly

He watched over her for more than 30 minutes,that moment he felt like running away with her

Nicole moved a little bit adjusting herself properly for better comfort,,,,,

Daniel held her hands as he placed it gently on the bed
He took the duvet ,,laid her gently and covered her properly with the duvet

He sat close to her holding her hands so tight

” Stop stressing yourself Nicole,,I don’t want you hurt ,, everyone I love keeps on getting hurt ,, please not you too ,,it’s way too much for me ,, forget about me Nicole,,I wanna be the one holding unto our memories,,you deserve better so please let go of me ” Daniel said as he bent down and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead

He tucked his hands into his pocket bringing out a star shaped silver necklace,,he unlocked it and placed it gently on her neck with waking her up

He turned around to walk away ,but then ,he came back again and took another look at her
A tear immediately fell from his eyes

He bent over and kissed her lips warmly while a drop of his tears fell on her face

” I love you Nicole” Daniel said gently almost in a whisper

He remembered the last people he said those same words to ,,were his parents,,but since then ,he never had the courage to utter the same words again

He moved away from Nicole as he turned to leave ,but instead Nicole held his hands still asleep

He took her hand ,placed it back gently on the bed and walked away immediately

To be continued

Daniel 😭😭😭😭are you really that hurt 😭😭
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