Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 34

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 34

By authoress Vivian πŸŽ€
Do not copy or repost my story

Angel took Luna’s hand and walked towards an empty room locking the door behind immediately

” Are you alright?? Angle asked with a worried time ,she took another look at Luna

” You can talk to me okay ,,am not one of them ,I promise” she repeated

Luna had her head faces towards the floor with beads of teads falling from her eyes
She raised her head a little to look at angel
Her heart almost malted immediately

” Gosh ,,she’d way pretty” Luna thought to herself.
She immediately took her gaze away shyly while angel smiled

Skyle walked into the school ,,he was late but still he didn’t care

πŸ—£οΈShe really got lucky someone saved her
πŸ—£οΈ She’s such a lying bit*h

Students whispered to each other as they roamed about

Skyle slowed down his footsteps, immediately he heard Luna’s name from a student

He walked a little bit more ,, seeing the mess the students had caused while bullying Luna

His eyes became red ,asbhe ran towards class

” Luna “” skyle yelled as he got to the entrance of class ,,while most students looked at him surprised

Kira ,,Betty and Cindy smiled to each other

Skyle heaved as he rough his hair with his hands ,,he tightened his fist hard in anger

He walked away ,,,just then he kept on hearing more students whispering her name which almost made him crazy

Skyle stood still for a moment, trying so hard to think where she might be

He walked away after a while ,,as he kept on yelling her name

” Yes am fine ,,thanks for your help., I should get going now ,,I don’t wanna miss class ” Luna said slowly without taking one look at angel

” Like this ?? Can you face them ,,?? Do you think you’re ready to face them ?? Angel asked
” Look,,I think you really need some boldness yunno ,,you can’t just let people treat you that way ” angel said which halted luna .

” Am not even supposed to be here ,,this isn’t a place meant for me ,,you know what ?? I give up ,,all this pains and suffering,,I can’t take it anymore,,now they all know my secret,,I don’t think I wanna continue here anymore” Luna said letting out more tears

Angel walked up to her .
” I really don’t like people who give up way too easily,,walk bodly to class ,,and show them that being a low class isn’t a sin at all ,,it isn’t ,,” angel said as she gave Luna a warm hug gently

Luna smiled a bit ,,,
” I don’t think ,,,I have met you before,, you’re new here right “” she asked

” Yeah ,,,from France ,, about to be engaged to an annoying devil ,,whom I dislike so much ” angel said while Luna giggled

” Am l…..” Luna couldn’t complete her statement when someone hit the door so loud

” Luna ” skyle kept on shouting
” Are you alright’ he said again hitting the door

Angel walked towards the door opening it ,,as she did ,skyle rushed in immediately

Like she was invisible to him ,,he ran towards Luna as he pulled her into a tight hug

” Are you hurt ?? He asked with a caring voice whicj almost took Luna away

He kept on hugging her ,while angel stood still watching them both still unable to recognize skyle

” Am fine ,,,you ….a.. are….oh ,,,too tight “” Luna managed to say which made skyle let her go

He looked at her
” What the hell happened” skyle asked but instead she refused to say anything

He smiled as he rubbed her hair trying to calm down a bit.

” Follow me ” skyle said as he took her hand leading her outside

” Hii” angel called looking at skyle who stopped to look at her

She opened her eyes in shock as she finally recognize him

” Ohh,,its you !!! Angel said as she let out a wide smile from her lips feeling so happy
She walked over to him

Skyle also recognize her ,,but looked at Luna who stared at both of them

” I don’t think I know you ” skyle denied instantly not wanting to make Luna uncomfortable

He took Luna’s hand again as he walked away trying to avoid angel

” Wait up “” angel screamed but instead Skyle ignored and kept on walking with Luna who only kept on looking back at angel

Angel signed and walked towards class

Daniel sat beside Mrs Erica as he watched her sleep soundly
He had skipped school today just to stay with her

He rubbed her hair while she slept soundly
This woman even if she isn’t his mom ,,,meant Everything to him

He smiled as he looked over her

Luna heaved as she stayed in the tub ,,she had so many maids waiting for her outside which made her so uncomfortable

About 10 minutes later ,,she stood up ,,took a deep breath and tied a towel round her body

She stepped out of the bathroom and yes as she thought ,,so many maids awaited her

” Pls ,,you all can go ,,I can dress myself up ,,what do I have hands for ” she asked feeling really uncomfortable

But instead they all refused to leave

” Young sir gave us a strict warning not to leave you alone,,we might get fired if we disobey his order ” the youngest maid said

” Wait ,,what ?? Fired ?? For something this little?? Luna asked surprised

She had to leave school because skyle had insisted,, beside she was a mess with her uniform

Luna looked around the house ,,she never expected it to be this big ,,just the bathroom looked bigger than her house itself

She stood still as the maids dressed her up professionally

He eyes immediately caught with the price tag of the dress

” What ?? A million?? Who the hell buys just one single cloth for a million dollars
Luna shouted with her mouth wide open as all the maid looked at her


Luna took her bag ,, heading towards work ,,she walked slowly,, thinking about skyle ,,then angel
She just couldn’t wait to gist Nicole

” Hey ” Luna greeted Nicole who looked pale and sick

” Nicole are you alright” Luna asked in a worried tone
She lifted her hand towards Nicole to check her temperature

” You’re burning up Nicole,,I think you need to go home ” Luna said

” Am fine Luna ,,it’s just a slight headache,,I’ll be fine in no time ” Nicole lied closing her eyes

” Nicole go home ,,I’ll cover up for you okay ?? I promise” Luna said as she helped Nicole up

” I’ll walk you home ”

” Luna ,,you know you can’t ,,, promise I’ll be fine ,,I’ll call you okay ” Nicole said as she walked away alone

Soon ,,she began slowing down ,,she felt weaker and her vision were becoming blur

Immediately,, Nicole fell with her eyes slowly closing,,,but the last thing she saw ,was a man running towards her before she finally lost conciousness

*. Daniel laid on his bed with so ,,so many thoughts

He thought of going to see Nicole ,,but then he discarded the thoughts immediately as he might feel the urge to grab her

Just then his phone rang and he picked it up immediately

” Sir ,,she lost conciousness,,I really don’t know what happened,,she just fainted”

Hearing this ,, Daniel stood up immediately running out of the house with his car keys

” Stay right there with her ,,if anything happens to I,,you’re dead ” he screamed in the phone while the man gulped hard

Daniel threw his phone instead his car as he drove with massive speed

Just then ,,his phone rang again,,which he picked up immediately

” Sir ,,we need you here immediately,,I don’t know ,,what’s wrong ,,but she’s not waking up ,,I think she’s de…..” The nurse couldn’t complete her statement as she felt so scared

Daniel halted his car immediately with so much fault which almost caused an accident

” What the hell did you just say ?? He yelled so loud on the phone

To be continued
Nicole 😒😒😒Mrs Erica 😭😭😭
Guys whom do you think Daniel would go to first ??
Looks like kbc girls haven’t learned their lesson,,,,,,they will soon enough 😏😏😏
The way skyle denied angel is a bit too much oooπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

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