Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 33

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 33
By authoress Vivian
~~~2 days later ~~~

Angel took her phone as she immediately dialled her dad’s number

” Good morning Dad , pls dad do I really need to do this ??angel asked

” Yes you do,countless times I keep on telling you yes,,I told you before dear this will go a long way in improving our company’s wealth” Mr Smith replied his daughter

Angel heaved deeply as she stayed silent on the phone taking a deep breath

” Dad ,we aren’t even meant for each other ,,I don’t like him ,,not one bit ,,he’s so rude and annoying dad ,,I can’t even bear to even imagine my life with him ,,pls I……” She couldn’t complete her statement when Mr Smith shouted

” Shut up ,,,I told you before,your feelings doesn’t matter,,okay fine it’s does,buy sweetheart with time ,I promise you’ll like him ,,just give him a chance in your heart ,,,,”” Mr Smith said

” But dad ….I just don’t think it’s gonna work ,,I actually like someone else ,he’s cool ,calm ,and way better,,pls check him out dad ,,you’ll love him ” angel said but to her suprise her dad had ended the call before she said those words

” Oh dad ,,,” angel grumbled and continue with her makeup

He took her bag ,,and then wore her suit

” At least Kira’s gonna be there to cheer me up !! I hope I don’t ever get to see that jerk ” angel said ,,she stood up , taking her car keys ,,and drove towards Diamond high

Nicole woke up with heavy and swollen eyes
Her stomach grumbled repeatedly but still she refused to give it attention

She stood up from the bed , dressing up for work

” This ,,,,us ,,, everything,,my feelings,,,it’s all a joke ” those words triggered more pain into her heart as she recalled it

” But why do I keep on liking you ,,I just wanna see your face ,,just one last time ,,I miss you badly,,even if you reject me over and over again,,,I still badly wanna see you ” Nicole said as she burst into more tears falling back on her bed hitting her chest

As Nicole walked ,,she could feel the presence of someone stalking her which made her uncomfortable

Luckily,,she got to work as he hurriedly entered the restaurant feeling a bit scared

Luna walked slowly with her bad ,, heading towards class ,,,her mind occupied with skyle

Just then ,,as she kept on walking,,she could hear the whispering and murmuring of other students outside the hall ,,but she chose to ignore

🗣️There she is ,,,what a liar
🗣️Can’t believe she actually poor
🗣️🗣️How did she even get here ,,did she perhaps steal money ??
,🗣️Who’s she anyway??

Different student whispered slowly to each other

Luna walked as all eyes were on her
Their glares made her almost suffocate

She could hear her name from the lips of other students while some gave her evil glares

Before she could ,,take another step ,,she felt something splash oh her uniform

” Raw eggs on her uniform

Luna looked back glaring at the fool who threw them

” Go back to where you belong you fool “” Maddy a female student shouted so loud holding more ..

” Yeah ,,we don’t accept,, classless poor , students here ” another student shouted back

Luna looked speechless
” How on Earth did they find out about her secret”

She bent her head , facing the floor as more students kept on throwing more junks at her ,, including leftovers

Meanwhile,,,Kira ,Cindy ,and Betty stood at a corner watching

” That should teach her a lesson not to mess with the wrong people” Kira said with an evil smirk

” Girl ,,you really planned this well ,,,it’s perfect” Cindy said praising Kira

” I told ,you ,I gat my ways yunno ” Kira replied as all three laughed so hard in unison

Outside the school,angel parked her car as she walked into the school

Her presence could kill ,,, students stared at her ,,most of them opening their jaws

” Who’s the new hottie in school” most female student asked each other looking at angel

She kept on walking swaying her hips ,, looking like a model

” Stop ” angel shouted so loud
” What all this about,,why the hell is she been treated this way ??.angel asked as she walked towards Luna holding her

She stared down at Luna whose eyes were closed with tears

” Are you alright?? Angel asked with the sweetest voice ever

🗣️Who’s she ??
🗣️Oh God,,she’s a hottie !! Students whispered Al staring at angel

” Who did this ,,,tell.me.,,who the hell started this ?? Angel asked with anger

” Who the hell does she think she is to ruin out show “” Cincy said as she was about walking towards angel but instead Kira stopped her

” Don’t you dare Cindy ,,,shes gonna break you “” Kira said holding Cindy back

” You know her ?? Cindy asked shocked

” Com’ mom ,let’s get the hell outta here” Kira said grabbing as they all walked away
That question should be directed to her ,,not us ,,she’s such a liar ,,am hypocrite” Maddy the girl who had been paid by Kira to ruin Luna said sharply

” Are you out of your mind you bi*ch ?? Why would you treat a student this way ? Angel asked as she took steps towards Maddy

” Maddy shook with fear as she replied
” What ,,,I ….I just ” she stammmared as she walked backwards in fear

” Apologize right now ” angel shouted at the top of her voice in anger which shook Maddy

” Am sorry ” Maddy said immediately running away so fast

She took Luna’s hand ,and walked towards an empty room ,,, locking the door behind immediately

To be continued
Sorry I didn’t post ,,,busy preparing for school

Hmmm ,, guess angel is actually so nice ,,,,but I wonder what she’s gonna do when she finds out skyle likes Luna

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