Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 32

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 32 **
Solely written by authoress Vivian 🎀
~~next morning~~

~~saturday ~~

Angel slowly opened her eyes ,,, looked around and then remembered what happened last night

” Stupid jerk ” angel spat opening the door
” What a big loser ,,am so gonna pay him back for this ”

She walked a bit
She looked at her phone again and the sighned

Just then her stomach growled
” Oh God ,,I really need food ” angel said as she walked towards a restaurant

After taking two bowls of noodles,,chicken ,,fries ,,angel walked out of the restaurant

” Ice- cream” she shouted as she walked to get one

” Oh God ,,it tastes just like I remember”” angel said as she cheerfully walked towards her home , forgetting about Daniel

Just then ,, without realizing,,she tripped on something and was about falling when someone immediately caught hold of her

Angel opened her eyes slowly expecting to be on the floor ,, maybe hurt or maybe unconscious

Her eyes opened widely in shock as she looked at the figure standing in front of her

He stood with angel in his arms

” Oh goodness,,,is he even human ?? Angel asked herself silently as she kept on staring at skyle

” Are you alright?? Skyle asked after a long moment of silence

” Oh ,,oh yes ,,am fine ,,am so sorry” angel immediately said as she came back to her senses

But still ,she couldn’t stop looking at skyle

” Thank you so much ,,you saved me ” angel said softly giving skyle a warm smile
She tucked her hair behind her ears ,, making her looking extremely beautiful

” Gosh ,,who the hell is this guy ?? And where has he been all my life ” angel asked herself as she kept on looking at him

” And now dad wants me to get engaged with a stupid,, mannerless,, arrogant jerk ,,why not this guy instead” angel said glaring so much at skyle

” Okay ,,be careful next time ” skyle said as he turned around to leave

Just then angel looked at his cloth ,,where her ice cream had stained him

” Oh my goodness,,,your cloth ,,am sorry ,,” she said while skyle looked at her

” No it’s fine ,,,I’ll just get a new one instead,,it’s no big deal ” skyle said wanting so bad to just leave

” It’s my fault,,so please just follow me instead pls ” angel pleaded

Skyle only looked at her again

He was about saying something when she stopped him

” Pls ,I just wanna repay you back ,,I’ll only feel terrible if I don’t do this ,,huh?? Angel pleaded hoping he would accept

Skyle heaved deeply

” Alright thanks” he replied
Angel smiled again,, celebrating deep inside her

Outside the restaurant where Nicole and Luna works
Daniel sat down on an old bench close to the restaurant

Nicole sat down still with tears in her eyes
Luna was on a day off
But all the more ,she needed her best friend beside her

She placed her palm on her face crying with swollen eyes

Yesterday she couldn’t get any sleep,, nor eat any food

“”Rich guys are jerks ,, joking with your feelings,, playing with your heart ,,they are only good at hurting you ” these words came back into her memory

The same word she had told Luna when they were both in high school

” Then why ,,why did I ever like him ,,,I can’t stop my heart ,,or control it either ” Nicole said bursting into more tears

Daniel still didn’t move an inch ,,more than anything in the world he wanted to hug her ,,sit beside her ,,calm her down,hold her ,,kiss her gently and do so much more

But his family dignity and pride stood in the way of his heart

He stood up ,,turned around and headed towards his car

” Watch over her ,,and make sure you follow her till she gets home safely” Daniel said handling over a bundle of cash of a man whom he had assigned to watch over Nicole

He entered his car ,,,as he drove away , heading towards the hospital to see Mrs Erica

To be continued……..


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