Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 31

( academy for billionaires)

Episode 31**
By authoress Vivian 🎀
Daniel stood beside his window in his room thinking so much
” Do I really need to get engaged to her ?? He asked him repeatedly

He sighed heavily,,
Just then a smile crept on his face as he remembered Nicole

He took up his keys ,,, walked towards his car and drove away

At least if he’s gonna meet her his betrothed today ,,,he needs some space with the girl he really likes

” Hii”” Daniel said immediately he got in sighting Nicole
She looked up only to see Daniel,,,her heartbeat increased so fast as she looked around

” What the hell are you doing here ,,and what do you want ?? Nicole asked silently looking at him

” I came to see you ,,are you perhaps hiding something?? Daniel asked

” No you fool ,,,,arrrggh ,,,I just don’t want my bestie seeing you here ,,at least not yet ,,,she’s gonna tease the hell outta me “” Nicole replied still silently,,as Luna had gone into the storage room to get some more food stuffs

” Come with me ,, I need to tell you something”” Daniel said

” Just leave me alone,,,am not interested in whatever you have to say ,,I told you already I have no business with you
You rich guys just act arrogant,,, immature,, annoying and disrespectful,,you really have no regards for people like us ,,so go away “” Nicole replied even if she felt hurt saying it

As bad as anything she wanted to come with him ,,but she has no reason why

” Pls ,,I won’t leave till you come with me ,,I promise, it won’t take long ,,pls “” Daniel said looking at Nicole

Nicole looked at him one more time before replying

” Fine ,,,let’s make it quick ”

Daniel smiled as she walked behind him outside the restaurant

Behind a corner ,,both sat down without uttering a word to each other

” So ,,what is it ?? What is so important that you wanna tell me ” Nicole said as she turned her head to look at Daniel,,but to her suprise he quickly brought his lips close to hers ,, kissing it gently,,and steady

While Nicole froze , her eyes was wide opened as she stared at Daniel with her lips still in his

Daniel finally unlock from the kiss ,,,as Nicole felt hot at first ,then cold

” Whh–aa- tt ,,what waaass that f–or ” Nicole stammered staring at him without blinking

” This will be the last day we’re gonna see each other ” Daniel said as he looked away

” Let’s act like we never know each other,,,act like you never knew me ,,live on with your life ,,,I think I really like you ,,but am only gonna hurt you ,,,

Nicole heart froze hearing those words from him

” I really like you ?? Nicole kept on asking herself

Just then ,, Daniel stood up to leave

” Wait ,,,don’t go “” Nicole screamed

” You wanna leave me after this ?? Is this how all rich guys behave ,,,,,you just said you like me ,,so why do you wanna leave me ?? Does it make sense to you ” Nicole asked

Daniel stood still without moving,,just then he turned back and walked towards her

He grabbed her waist gently,,as he claimed her lips immediately in a rush

Both kissed to up to five minutes

” All this ,,,,,,it’s just a joke ,,,,, you ,,,,this ,,what I have for you ,,it’s just a joke “” Daniel finally said in a harsh tone to Nicole who looked at him shocked

” What did you just say “” Nicole who felt Happy before said in anger

Without replying ,,,, Daniel turned to leave ,,,,but instead,she ran towards him hugging him from behind

” What is all this about,,,,you just said you like me ,,and now you wanna take it back ?? Nicole asked in tears

” Fine ,,I’ll admit it too ,,,I like you ,,,I like you so much ,, that it’s been making me crazy this past few weeks ,,so pls stay “” Nicole said in tears as she hugged him from behind

Just then ,,a tear fell from him eyes
” As much as I like you ,,,I can’t be with you “” Daniel said silently to himself

” As much as I wanna hug you so tight ,,,I can’t “” he repeated crying silently

Just then ,,,,he forcefully released himself from her grip as he walked away without looking back

Nicole stood still crying as she stared at Daniel walking away
Dropping ,,the stuffs she had gotten,,Luna kept on searching for Nicole

” Where the hell is she ??
” Nicole ,,,where are you “” Luna kept on calling
Just then, Nicole walked in looking like someone who just got drained of life

” Hey ,,where did you go ” Luna asked worried

” Just went to get something outside”” Nicole replied trying not to make Luna suspicious

” Are you okay ,,,you don’t look so good ” Luna asked
” No am fine ,, let’s get back to work ,,,,,” Nicole said as she walked away ,,while Luna also followed


Daniel got home ,,,,,,,only to meet his grandfather and a lady sitted together

He looked at her without any emotions as he walked past them

” Grandson ,,,where are you off to ,,,,,come sit with us okay ” magno said to Daniel who stopped immediately

He walked towards his grandfather as he took a seat

Angel stared at him so much
” How come ,,he’s the one am getting engaged to ,,,this is so not fair “” angel said silently to herself as she looked at Daniel

” So not my style ” Daniel also said to himself silently

Both stared at each other for a while ,,,with bad looks in their faces

” I’ll be on my way now grandpa,,it’s getting late ” angel said getting tired of staring at Daniel

” Oh dear ,,,, he’ll take you home okay “” magno said looking at Daniel

” What me ???
” Him?? Angel said
” Am fine ,,I can go home all by myself”” angel replied trying to avoid going with him

” Trust me and go with him ,,,my grandson is a gentleman okay ” magno said

” Fine ,,,,for you grandpa” angel replied as she faked a smile

Just then without uttering a word ,, Daniel walked outside heading towards his car

” Gentleman my foot ” angel spat as she angrily walked behind him

Entering into the car ,,,, Daniel immediately drove off

” You can get out now “” Daniel said to angel who looked at him shocked

” What ,,,,are you joking?? She replied him

” Do I look like am joking,,,,get the hell out “” Daniel shouted immediately

” How can you leave me here all alone ,,you aren’t even half way to my house ,,do you expect me to walk home”” angel also shouted back at him folding her arms

” If you won’t leave then I’ll leave “” Daniel said as he immediately got down from the car leaving his keys behind

” You must be joking right ,,,,I can’t drive ,,,,I let my bodyguards go home ,,,, also my phone is dead “” angel said looking at Daniel

” So ,,why would I care , about that ,,,sleep here if you wish ,,that’s none of my business”” Daniel said as he walked away

” You jerk ,,,you’re so stupid,,, I hate you so much ,,”” angel screamed her lungs out but Daniel ignored her as he kept on walking

” I hate you ,,,,,jerk ,,,you’re so mean “” angel said silently to herself as she stayed inside the car feeling so scared

She locked the door crying,,,,,,as soon ,,she slept off unknowingly

To be continued

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