Devil Incarnate

Devil Incarnate Episode 9


(His Wildcat…. 🔥)

By, Mha Rhy
Unknown location

A black car came to an halt in front of a bridge,

It waited for few minutes before the door opened and a body was thrown out of it

The car zoomed off immediately leaving the lifeless body.


Devil entered his room with furious Expression

He went to the mini bar in his room and pick his favorite liquor

He sat comfortably on the couch in his room and open the it

His decanted some into the cup and gulped it down at once

Seriously he felt like ending Vince’s life Immediately but he can’t

He wants to make his death a slow and painful one

He wants to destroy him just like the way he ruined his sister’s life,

He wants him to feel the triple pains of what his sister went through before she died, she was only 13 years old

Vince was the reason he had lost his only family

His mind drifted back to the day his sister died


Devil power bike came to halt in front of an old building

He remove his helmet and tossed it aside

He ran inside the building looking for his sister as he had just received a message from an unknown number telling him to come and save his sister

At first he thought it was just a trap but it became a reality when he received a call from Karina school that they couldn’t Find her

His eyes grew wide in shock as he saw her laying in her pool of blood, blood were rushing out of her naked body

Karina!! He shouted running to where she is

“Karina please wake up” he shook her body but she didn’t move

He checked her pulse and tears came out of his as he felt nothing,it was highly evident that she is no more

No!! He cried loudly hugging her

His eyes landed on the small DVD player with a video saved on it

He played the video and a gasp escape his mouth as he watched how his sister was brutally Raped by Vince and his men, how she begged them, how they stabbed her repeatedly on stomach till she takes her last breath

“Vince!! He seethed his teeth in anger


Devil was already tipsy and horny as he almost finished the whole bottle

” You are back, how was it?? Hina asked coming into view

His eyes were fixed on her exposed cleavages due to the revealing nighties she was putting on

Seeing this made his member hard

“Dev can you hear me?? Hina asked as noticing his quietness

” Leave’ Devil

“Why?? She frowned

” Leave before I do something you will regret” he shouted huskily trying to suppress his urge

“Stop shouting will you?! Why did you want me to leave, it’s not like we had a fight before you left

Devil’s patient was running out as she kept talking

“Wildcat, please don’t make me do something you and I will regret” he said confusing Hina the more

” Dev are you okay?” She asked in concern

“You can tell me anything, did the plan went wrong??

“Leave,he repeated and turn his back on her which made her frowned

” Am going nowhere! She snapped


“Did you put the drug in the alcohol? Jenna asked

” Yes, the girl replied

“Good job, she smiled and threw a bundle of cash at her which the girl caught

” Thanks Jenna” she winked and left

“Devil let’s see how you will be able to resist me tonight” she smirked staring at her reflection in the mirror


” Hina please leave,he begged

” Dev, you never call me by my name and now you just did, something is definitely wrong, please tell me” she said in concern holding his shoulder and he felt more hornier than before

Her little touch is enough to drive him crazy

“Hina please leave while I can still control myself” he begged

” No! Am going nowhere” she replied stubbornly

“Then you leave me with no choice” he turns and in a blink he captured her lips into a deep kiss

Hina eyes widened in shock as she felt his lips on her own

She tried to pull away but Devil wasn’t ready to let go instead he pulled her closer to his body and kissed her more deeply

Hina tried to resist but she couldn’t because of how his lips taste, their lips moves in the same rhythm as they felt different emotions building in them

In a moment the two were laying on the bed with Devil on top of her

Knock! Knock! They heard a continuous knock on the door and Devil growled as he disengage from the kiss

“Who is the mother fucker banging my door??? He growled

” Jenna, it’s… Jenna” Jenna stuttered from outside

“What did you f**kin want!! He snapped

“I was thinking you might need me tonight

” I don’t need you so leave” he replied and continue kissing

“But Devil_

” Get Lost Jenna!! He snapped and resume his ministry

T. B. C

Jenna’s plan backfire 😏🔥

” Are they really going to do it??


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