Devil Incarnate

Devil Incarnate Episode 8


(His Wildcat…. πŸ”₯)

By, Mha Rhy


Vince got out of the restroom with a wide smile on his face,

“I can’t believe she hugged me” he thought smiling happily

But the smile was replaced with a frown when he saw the way the people are glaring at him

Yunno those hateful glares”

πŸ‘€So wicked!
πŸ‘€ How can he be so callous?
πŸ‘€He doesn’t deserve to live”
πŸ‘€So mean

Vince kept looking at Everyone in confusion

” What the hell is wrong? He cursed silently walking into the hall

His eyes grew wide in shock as he saw the condition Hanna is

She has been revive back and now she is crying profusely

“Hannah!! He called running to her

” Baby,are you okay? He asked with fake concern

πŸ‘€ What? He is even trying to pretend that he cares about her
πŸ‘€ Green snake


Slap! Vince’s words were cut off when Hannah’s hand made a contact with his face

He stared at her in shock

“Hannah” he stuttered in surprise

“You! How dare you think of getting me Raped? After all the love I shown to you”! She screamed out in tears shocking him

” Hannah what the hell are you saying?? He stuttered nervously hoping it’s not what he Is thinking

“The hell that we all heard your conversation in the restroom!!! She snapped and he almost gasped

“And let me make this clear, you are mine and I dare you to see another woman behind me,it won’t end well” she threatened and ran out

” Hannah it’s not what you think” he tried to say but Hannah was already gone

“Sh*t! How the heck did they know??? He cursed

He heard a beep on his phone signifying a message
He checked it,

It was a message from his dad

βœ‰οΈ Let’s meet” he read and sigh

With those two words, Vince knew that he was in for it.


“Damn! Am f**kin tired” Dan growled as he finished attending to the wounded

He walked out of his office and mistakenly bumped into someone

“Are you blind? The lady snapped and brought brought out a gun to shoot him but he was more faster

He kicked the gun away from her hand

“Calm down Liv,it was a mistake” he said with a smile

” When next you bump into me, I swore with my life, that day will be your last day on Earth” she threatened and pick her gun before leaving

“Cold hearted but cute” he giggled

(Little introduction about Liv:- Liv is the strongest and the best fighter in the clan though she is not compared to Devil, rumor said she has crush on Devil but I don’t know if it is true)

Dan was about to continue walking when he saw Adena coming towards him with a big smile on her face

“Gosh! That clingy girl” he muttered and turn back fastening his pace

“Dan wait up! Adena shouted but he didn’t answer as he continue walking fast

Adena caught up with him

“Hey Adena! He laughed trying to hide the fact that he was ignoring her

” You are ignoring me? She asked with hurt tone

“No, why did you think so?? He laughed nervously

” Dan why are you doing this to me, it’s ain’t my fault am in love with you” she shouted trying hard not to cry and he sighed

” Adena_

” What can I do to make you fall in love with me? Should I give you my body? She cried

“Don’t do anything Adena, because it won’t change the fact that I don’t love you and I can’t love you” he replied and turn to leave

” Why can’t you love me back? Is it because of Liv? She asked and he halted on his movement but said nothing

“So I was right” she finally let her tears out

“Am sorry, am really sorry” he said without looking back and walk away

Tears kept coming out of Adena eyes as she Stared at Dan’s back

“It hurts! Love hurts” she cried crouching down.

Vince barged into his room and pulled off the suit jacket, his phone started ringing

He brought out his phone and a smile escape his lips as he saw who was calling him

πŸ“ž Winter,he said happily but it turns to a frown as he heard her crying

πŸ“žAre you okay, why are you crying?? He asked in panic

πŸ“ž Vince, she sniffed

πŸ“žYes baby, what’s wrong?

πŸ“žWhy did you do that, why did you record our conversation in the restroom and now it is trending? She cried

πŸ“žI didn’t do such

πŸ“ž Then who did?! She shouted crying loudly

πŸ“ž What if my face was shown then my reputation would have been ruined, is this how you want to show your love?? She snapped

πŸ“ž Calm down baby,i didn’t do any of what you are accusing me for, I promise you baby, I will find out the person responsible for it just to prove my love for you”

πŸ“žOk, i believe you then,she sniffed

πŸ“ž Thanks baby,he smiled
πŸ“ž Where are you? Do you wanna come over to my house? She asked

πŸ“ž Really? You want me to come over? He asked in suprise

πŸ“ž You can’t come?? She asked

πŸ“ž am coming right away,he said happily

πŸ“ž Yeah I’ll send my address to you in few minutes

πŸ“žOk baby” I love you” he said

πŸ“žI love you more” she replied and hanged up

” Yes! He exclaimed excitedly

” I can finally get to f**k her” he smiled rubbing his d**k


Hina laugh out loudly as she ended her call with Vince

“Devil Wildcat you are truly an actress” Dan clapped and Hina grinned

” Thank you

“Dan, you know what to do right? Devil asked and Dan nodded

” I think I should go to my room, since my work has ended today” she yawned lightly

“Yeah, you should And Hina, you look beautiful today” Dan winked and Hina blushed

” What a compliment for Lazarus πŸ‘» ghost” Devil teased and she frowned

” At least am better than a frowny sperm like you” she stuck out her tongue

But Devil did the unexpected

He sucked her tongue

“What the hell!!; Dan cursed and passed out

” Taste like wildcat” he licked his lips and winked at the Hina stand frozen blinking her eyes repeatedly

“You….. You…. You” she stuttered and in a blink she picked up a baton on Dan’s table

” I’ll definitely kill you today!!

Devil giggled as he ran out of Dan’s office while she chased after him

His men stared at them in shock especially Devil

They were shock to the core to see Devil laughing

πŸ‘€ What the hell!!
πŸ‘€Is that truly the Devil we know
πŸ‘€ Who is that lady?

Liv who was just coming back from the training ground saw this scenario and frowned

She shrugged her shoulder and walked away

Jenna fumed in anger as she watch them

“First it was that mannerless girl and now?” She thought balling her fist

” And who the f**k is she???? She thought as she kept watching them.

NIGHT πŸ’›πŸ’š
Vince’s car came to halt in front of a big Mansion

He came out of his car with a flower in his hands

He checked the house number again on his phone and he smiled seeing that he is in the right place

Just as he was about to knock the gate,a plank was hit on his head and he blacked out immediately.


Vince’s eyes snapped open as he felt pains surged through his body

“Gosh! Why do I smell like a fuckin barbeque” he muttered as he smelt

” Your d**k is the f**kin barbeque! He heard a deep familiar voice in his front

His eyes grew wide in shock as he saw Devil with a mischievous smile on his face

He move his gaze to his d**k, and a gasp escape his mouth

His d**k was placed directly on a burning fire,it has burnt beyond recognition

“Arrghhhhhh!! My d**k!! Vince screamed and passed out

T. B. C

Vince d**k is on fire πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚

Hannah no go f**k again?


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