Devil Incarnate

Devil Incarnate Episode 7


(His Wildcat…. 🔥)

By, Mha Rhy




Hina enter the ward silently to avoid being caught, she had to sneak in through the back exit

Tears welled up in her eyes as she saw the condition her dad is in”

It was obvious that he wasn’t take care of properly, his face was pale and his skin looks faded

“Dad” she muttered in tears

She couldn’t touch him so he wouldn’t wake up

“Please get well soon and be healthy”,I promise to come back home soon” she muttered and kiss his forehead

She gave him the last glance before walking out

Just as she left Gray eyes snapped open

“My daughter” he cried slowly


Hina walked out of the hospital using the back exit, she met Devil waiting for her in his car.

Entering the car, she smiled

“Are you done? He asked and she nodded

” Thank you for letting me see him” she muttered

” Not accepted, Thank me with something else” he smirked

“What is that!? She raised her brow

” Let me f**k you, then I will accept your gratitude” he winked

” Gross! She scrunch her nose in disgust which made him laugh while she joined in

” Are you ready for tommorow? He asked with a serious tone

“More than ready” she smiled


The hall was filled with conglomerates, dignitaries people, of course it’s the wedding day of one of the reputable families in the society

Skip! Skip!!

“Do you Hannah Gregory accept Vince Rodrigo as your lawful husband and promise to stand by him through the hard times

“Yes I do” Hannah replied with a smile on her beautiful face and the ovation clapped

“Do you Vince Rodrigo accept Hannah Gregory as your lawful wife and promise to stand by her during the hard times

Before Vince could replied, the hall door open loudly as Hina catwalk in attracting everyone’s attention

The men’s eyes were glued on her curvy shapes, while the woman gaped at her stunning look and beautiful face

Vince couldn’t take his eyes off her body while Hannah wished she had her face instead

Gerald licked his lower lips as he stared at her

“My next meal” he thought with an evil smile as he glance at his throbbing c**k.

👤 Wow her smile is beautiful”

Hina eyes met with that of Vince’s and she winked at him shocking him to the core

“She just winked at me” Vince thought dancing happily in his head

Let’s continue” the priest said drawing everyone’s attention back

Skip! Skip!! Skip

Finally the wedding came to an end as Hannah


“Congratulations daughter” Jessica hugged Hannah

” Thanks Mom” Hannah giggled as they disengage from the hug

“Congratulations Vince” Jessica hugged him and he smiled a little

His mind is occupied with Hina’s face and curvy body

Then he saw her walking the restroom

“Excuse me” he said and left following the path she took

Hina smile mischievously as she saw him following her

“Dev was right,he is truly a big time womanizer”

She turns back facing Vince who halt in his movement

” To the restroom” she mouthed to him and giggled



Vince follow Hina to the restroom with a smile on his voice

“Hi, Hina said cheekily

” Hi. ” Vince stuttered staring at her face to her exposed cleavages

” Am Winter, and congratulations on your wedding, she hugged him pressing her b**bs on his chest turning him on the more

“Thanks,he replied huskily

” I can’t believe my crush finally got married when I thought I could still have a chance with him” she said faking a sad tone

“Your crush?? He repeated in shock and Hina nodded

” Yeah, I loved you since the first time I saw you on TV and I wish to get married to you but when I heard that you are getting married to Hina,I decided to back out, maybe I wasn’t destined to be with you”

“Maybe there could be a chance” he replied slowly trying to hide his happiness

“There’s no chance, you are already married” Hina replied sniffing suprising Vince the more

” I can still date you, it’s not like am in love with the foolish lady I got married to, it’s just that I don’t have a choice, if you had show up earlier, I would have married you instead

Unknown to him, Hina has turn on the small camera on her body showcasing Vince conversation on all the TV in the hall so Everyone could see and hear his voice loud and clear

Hannah couldn’t believe her ears

“He doesn’t love me, he said am foolish” she muttered as tears welled up in her eyes

“I can divorce her just to be with you” Vince said shocking everyone

“No don’t divorce her, she will be heartbroken” Hina replied which made everyone Wonder who she was since her face wasn’t show on the TV

What Hannah heard next took her soul away

“Then I’ll find some men to gang Raped her and video everything for the public” Vince said and everyone gasped except for Hannah who passed out immediately he said that

*Hannah!! Jessica shouted

T. B. C

E don happen 😌😂

Someone should tell Hannah to wake up 😂🔥

Vince is a b**tard!!

What did you think Gerald meant by “next meal”


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