Devil Incarnate

Devil Incarnate Episode 2


(His Wildcat…. 🔥)

By, Mha Rhy


Screams of pains and agony could be heard from a dark room as devil’s men were busy whipping one of them mercilessly

Devil seated majestically as he watch his men whipping the man with interest.

“Stop! He ordered codly and his men stopped at once

His lips curves into a smile as the man was beaten unrecognized

He stands up from his seat and walked to where his weapons are laying

He picked the dagger and smirked

“Am asking you for the last time, who sent you to steal my goods? He said waving the dagger at the man’s front

” Even if you kill me,I won’t say a word” the man snapped and Devil chuckled

“Oh really???

“Bring them in”! He ordered and the door opened revealing one of his men pointing a gun at a woman and two young girls

The man eyes grew wide in shock as he saw his family

“Honey! The woman cried
“Dad! The girls cried seeing their dad

” Gemma, May” honey” he called in suprise

” What did you want? You can’t involve my family in this,am the one who stole your goods” the man shouted in tears

” Who sent you?? Devil asked emotionless

“No one” he answered with his mouth quivering

“Then you give me no choice” he smirked and in a blink he shot The man’s wife

“Mom!!! The girls cried hugging themselves

” Carolyn! He cried

” Tell me now or else you lose your two daughters” devil said coldly and the two girls shivered in fear,

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you” the man shouted

“Good boy,so who sent you? He asked seriously

“Vince,it was Vince” he said hurriedly

“That bastard!!; Devil cursed throwing the dagger aside

” Since I have told you the truth, please let me and my family go” the man begged

” Too late darling,I gave you the chance but you misused it” he smiled evilly and the man widened in realization


The man’s word was cut short as Devil face his daughters

” Sorry cuties” he giggled and shot the two girls on head

” No!!!! The man cried

” You are a Devil!! He screamed loudly crying in pains

“I know, it’s my name” he chuckled before shooting the man twice on head and chest

“Dispose their bodies” he ordered sternly before walking out of the torture house.

“Vince, your days are numbered” he thought angrily.



“Are you sure no one will find out avout this? Hannah asked as Vince as he drops Hina’s body inside his car booth

” Trust me babe,no one will,afterall she is dead,all we have to do is to spread a false rumor about her eloping with her secret lover, Vince said and Hannah nodded in understanding

“Ok, just be safe” she said with concern

“I will” he said pecking her lips before boarding the car.

“Bye,he waved at her as he drives out of the compound.

“Goodbye Hina,I can finally be the only heir to Dad’s properties” she smirked evilly.

Vince drives the car slowly on the silent road

Just as he was about to make a turn, his car stop

“What the f**k is wrong with this car?; He cursed

He banged his fist on the steering,he decided to try his luck this time so he restart the car and fortunately it works

“Thank goodness” he smiled and drive away

Unknown to him,a shadow walked pass his car slowly.

Devil drives fastly on the silent road smoking along,

“How dare him!!! He cursed tightening his hold on the steering

Out of nowhere, someone jumped in front of his car thankfully he was able to step on the brake before he could hit the person

“Someone needs to pay a visit to hell tonight” he said angrily and came out of the car

He walked to his car front and was suprise to see an unconscious body on the ground with blood dripping from the stomach.

Vince’s car came to halt in a bridge,he came out of the car and looked around to see if there’s a soul walking but there was none

Seeing that there was no one,he walked to the booth

Opening the Booth, his eyes grew wide in shock as he saw the emptiness inside, Hina’s body was no more inside

“TF!! He cursed loudly in shock.

T. B. C


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