Devil Incarnate

Devil Incarnate Episode 10


(His Wildcat…. ๐Ÿ”ฅ)

By, Mha Rhy

Devil tore Hina’s nighties and tossed it aside

His hand explore her naked chest, he flicker her n**ples and she moaned which turns him on the more

He remove his lips from her lips and attached it to her breast

He caressed her naked body and she bemoaned as she felt his hand on her s*x

“Dev” she moaned

Devil rubbed her s*x And She gasped as he dipped his two fingers into her

“Dev” she moaned in pleasure as he fingered her

She felt pleasure building in her

“Am about to c*m! She screamed out as he increase his pace

“Ahhh!! She scream as she orgasmed

Devil remove his lips from her b**bs and bent over to her s*x

“What are you doing? She stuttered as he blew air on her s*x

” Watch me wildcat” he replied and kissed her s*x making her shivered

“Gawdddd!! She moaned as he licked her

He licked her roughly triggering another orgasm

He remove her tongue and she sighed in relief thinking all is over

He shocked her when he undressed and was now standing nakedly in glory

He climbed back on the bed and parted her legs

He placed the tip of his d**k at her entrance

“Wildcat should I stop? I can still control myself” He asked

” Did she wants him to stop?? She thought

Even if She wants him to stop ,her body won’t allow that

” Continue” she replied with a smile and in a blink he plunge into her

She winced in pain cos of how large he was

He stared f**kin in a slow pace so she could adjust to his size, but after few minutes his pace became fast and rough

She was moaning while he was groaning in pleasure

“I don’t think this will be our last f**k! Your body feels right with mine” he groaned as he f**ked her deeply while she moaned in reply

They kept f**kin till he released into her falling on her body tiredly as he dozed off Immediately, Hina also close her eyes as nature took over.



People gathered around Vince unconscious naked body at the front of bridge

๐Ÿ‘คThe womanizer

๐Ÿ‘คAm sure,he tried to f**k another man woman’s which is why is d**k was burn

๐Ÿ‘คI can’t believe he left his wife alone on their wedding night to be with another woman

๐Ÿ‘คServe him right

Hannah ran to the scene,she had just received a call from a stranger about Vince

” Vince” Hannah shouted in shock crouching down to the ground

“What the f**k! She cursed loudly as her eyes landed on his burnt d**k

She checked his pulse thankfully he is still alive

“Dean help me with him to the car” she said to her driver

๐Ÿ‘คI really can’t believe she still cares for him ”



Hannah pace around the ward waiting for the doctor

Her mind was on the burnt d**k

Few minutes later the doctor came out looking tired

She rushed to him

“Doctor how is my husband??

” Thankfully you brought him earlier so we were able to save him” he replied and she sighed in relief

“But his d**k was burnt beyond recognition and unfortunately it won’t be functioning again


” How will I be f**k then?? She shouted before she could stop herself drawing people’s attention


Devil chuckled evilly as he watched the video of how Lia drugged his alcohol

He knew something was wrong Last Night,he doesn’t get horny except if he feels like having s*x which confuse him and thankfully he planted camera in his room

“Great,I got another soul to waste” he smirked

“Call me Lia” he ordered his right hand man

Few minutes Lia walked in looking nervous

” Devil you called for me” she said trying hard not to stutter

” Yeah,I just need you to explain this” he said showing the video to her

Lia gasp in shock and fell on her knees immediately

” Devil please spare me,I was sent to drug you” she cried

” Who sent you? He asked

“It was Jenna,…it was Jenna who asked me to drugged your drink, please don’t kill me” she begged in tears

“Do hundred laps” he ordered and her eyes widened but she knew best not to argue with him

“Ok Devil” she said and walked out

” Get me Jenna” he ordered

“De…De…Devil, you call me” she stuttered nervously

She already knew that Devil has found out cause she saw Lia outside

” Yeah I did” he replied

” How have you been Jenna?? He asked with a Sly smile

“Am good” she replied immediately

“I see,

” Jenna? He called


” Why did you ask Lia to drug me? He asked calmly and Jenna heart skipped

“What are you saying? I don’t understand” she replied nervously

” Oh really??

“Should I make you understand?? He said and brought out his gun

” Devil what are you doing?? She asked in fear

“Will you tell me or should I shoot you?? He asked cocking his gun

Jenna knew there was no point in lying,so it’s best to tell him the truth

” It’s true,I sent Lia to drugged you and it’s because you have been neglecting me ever since that girl came to the clan,am addicted to your d**k and I don’t think I can get enough of it” she replied shamelessly

“You dare Drugged me because of your bรฎtchy addiction?? He asked angrily

” Am sorry” she muttered

” Felix Take her to the torture room and have your men pleasure her till she passed out!! He ordered shocking Jenna

” What!!! She shouted in shock

“Devil you can’t do this to me!! She screamed as she was being dragged away

” Bรฎtch!! He cursed

“So you were drugged?? Hina asked coming into view

” You are awake?? He asked and she nodded limping to where he was

“Why are you walking like that?? He asked and her face turns crimson red

“She can’t possibly tell him that it because of how hard he was on her last night

” Nothing” she replied

“Are you sure?? Or_ ” he stopped as realization dawned on him

“It’s my d**k work right?? He laughed

” Whatever!! She rolled her eyes

“My d**k is such a monster”,he said with a proud smile

” it’s also an Energizer,it can return your energy back if you don’t mind” he winked

“Never!!! She snapped and he laugh

“I can’t believe i was f**ked because of someone’s handiwork” she shake her head

“Double blessings” Devil replied and she stared at him in confusion

“You reap another man’s work and you get to know how my d**k felt” he winked

” Gross! She said eyeing him

” Are you sure it is Gross? He smirked

“Of course it is, she replied

” How about I change your mind about it by f**king you one more time”

“Noooooooo!!! She shouted running to the bathroom

Devil laugh out loudly as he stared at her

But his smile turns to a serious Expression

” I just hope it’ll end well” he muttered

T. B. C

Jenna ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

“Hannah is devastated ๐Ÿ˜‚

Wildcat and Dev ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


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