Devil Incarnate

Devil Incarnate Episode 1


(His Wildcat….. 🔥)

By, Mha Rhy

“Congratulations Miss Gregory, you are two months gone, the doctor announced to Hina

She had been feeling tired and dizzy to coupled with the fact that she had been vomiting, after a lot of pleading, she decided to go for a test and here is the result

“Am pregnant?? Hina mouth quivered as her Expression

” Yes you are,you are two months pregnant, the doctor replied

“Wow!! ” Am gonna be a mother” She screamed happily

” Congratulations once again” the doctor said with a smile

“Thank you, Thank you, she bowed walking out of the doctor’s office with her result

” I should tell Vince about this” she thought bringing out her phone and the second hand she decided against it

“I should tell him now,it should be a suprise

” Yeah that would be better,”she smiled

“Baby let’s Papa a suprise visit” she said rubbing her flat tummy

” Gosh! I can’t wait to become a mother and get married to Vince” she jumped happily

Hina car came to halt at the front of Vince’s big Mansion though not as big as her’s.

She came out of the car happily closing the car door with a bang.

She tried to enter his house but it was locked, thankfully she had the spare key with her which made it easier for her to enter

Her eyes grew wide open as she saw different female clothes and undies on the ground,

She would have said those belongs to her, but heaven knows she doesn’t use Gucci product

Her heart tightened as she heard a female giggles from upstairs

She diverted her eyes to the stairs and gulped down nothing

“It can’t be what am thinking right? She thought as her lips was shaking

She finally forced herself to climb the stairs to Vince’s room

Getting to Vince’s door,she begins to hear a farmiliar voice

“Vince when did you plan on getting rid of Hina,am tired of sharing you with her” a voice which she could recognize as Hannah’s said

” Just a little more baby, after am able to get all her properties,I promise to get rid of her and get married to you”

Hina staggered back in shock,her palm

” No it can’t be them”

“No it Can’t be”she concluded wiping the tears that was already streaming down her face

Her hands found the door knob and in a blink she opened the door

A gasp escape her mouth as she saw Hannah riding Vince with their eyes closed, moaning in pleasure

“Hannah!! She shouted bringing them out of their Dreamland

” Hina it’s not what you think” Hannah stuttered staring at Hina who was in tears already

” How could you Vince??? Hina asked in tears as Vince rolled his eyes

“And you Hannah??? She said with disappointed voice

” You know what? Am reporting you to dad” she said leaving the room

” Vince do something, if she tells dad, our plans will be ruined, Hannah said hurriedly

“Calm down darling, she won’t if only she leaves here alive” he smirked bringing out a gun under his pillow

“What the hell??? She cursed loudly in shock seeing the gun in Vince’s hand

” What the hell are you doing? She holds his hand as he tries to leave

“Watch me sweetie” he smirked and kissed her lips lightly

Hina was about to climb the stairs when Vince caught her hand from behind

“Let go of my_

Her words were cut short when Vince pointed a gun at her

” Vince…. what are you doing? She asked in fear and in shock

“You know have been waiting patiently to get rid of you for a long time and seems now it’s the time” he smirked

” Don’t do this Vince,am pre_

Her words became a scream of agony as Vince shot her twice on stomach

Vin…ce” she stuttered as her eyes became red in pains and blood was dripping from her stomach

“Goodbye Hina” he smiled mischievously and release her arm as she fell on the stairs landing on the hard tiled floor with a long thud.

Hannah ran out of the room hearing the sound

A gasp escape her mouth as she saw Hina in her pool of blood

“God! She muttered staring at Vince who had no remorseful expression.

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