Billionaire's Baby Nanny

Billionaire’s Baby Nanny Episode 3


( His surrogate…..)♥️

By, Mha Rhy ♥️





Bianca caressed her mother’s face with sad smile,

“Mom when are you going to wake up? It’s been two weeks already”

Mom am pregnant and that for a stranger She said with a sad smile

Yeah it’s been two weeks after her mom’s surgery which was successful but unfortunately she slipped into coma, and about Bianca she had been confirmed pregnant Two days ago.

“I know it’s wrong of me but I was helpless,I can’t watch you die so I had no choice than to be a surrogate” ,am really sorry Mom,am sorry

If you are hearing me, just know that I love you” she said with a smile

Pecking her forehead, she left the ward..


Bianca walked into her mom’s ward holding her protruding stomach

It’s nine months already and her mom is showing no signs of waking up soon,

She walked to the chair beside her mom’s bed and sat down

“Mom am here again”, please wake up soon,

” It’s nine months already and you are still laying unconscious?”

” Wake up,so you can see how your grandchild look ”

Please” She cried burying her face on her mom’s bed,

She felt a finger move and she raised her head quickly

“Mom? She called in shock seeing her mother’s finger moved

“Bi… Bianca…. Her mother muttered trying to open her eyes

” Mom”? Bianca called standing up

“Bi… An.. Ca” she called with her voice breaking as she finally opened her eyes

Doctor! Doctor! Bianca screamed loudly running outside bumping into James who was just coming out of a ward with nurses behind him

Watch it Miss Bianca” James caution

” Doctor,my mom… My mom…

” Breathe out Miss Bianca and tell me what happened

Bianca breathe out

“my mother is awake” she shouted

“Really?? James asked and she nodded

Let’s go” he said and begin

Just as they got to the ward, Bianca water broke and a scream left her mouth

“Ahhhhhh! She screamed out

” Miss Bianca are you okay?? James asked in concern

His eyes landed on the water and he gasped

“Get the stretcher” “!!!


Bianca was wheeled into the labour room as James went to change

“Ahhhhhh!! Bianca screamed in pain and agony as hot tears fell from her face

James ran into his office to put a call across Aiden

📞 Am busy right now James_

📞 Not now Aiden, Bianca is in labor

📞 Bianca? Who is Bianca’? Aiden asked

📞 Your surrogate, the lady carrying your sperm” he replied and the line went silent

📞 Aiden are you there???

📞 She must deliver safely or else your hospital will be shut down” Aiden said coldly and James eyes almost bulged out of its socket

📞 What? How_

Before James could complete his words, Aiden had hang up..

“Is this really Aiden?? He thought with shock written on his face before running out of his office…


“Am dying” Bianca cried as she felt more pains

“Sorry ma’am, the nurse pacify her

” Where is doctor James’? One of the nurse asked

” Am here” James replied walking in

He sanitize his hand before his gloves were wore for him

“Let’s start” he ordered

“Miss Bianca” he called and Bianca look at him weakly

” All you have to do is to push with the strength in you” can you do it? James asked and Bianca nodded

” Good” James smile

So push !!

Hmm…. Hmmm…. Bianca pushed

“A little bit more,I could see the head” James said and Bianca did as told

A little more_ James ordered

” Doctor,I can’t do this anymore,” Bianca cried with bead of sweat rolling out of her forehead

“You can, just try harder

Bianca gave the last push and the baby came out wailing

Bianca smile hearing the wailing of her baby

“Congratulations Miss Bianca, it’s a girl” James said with a smile carrying the baby filled with blood

” Can I please see my daughter? Just this once? Bianca begged weakly and James nodded giving the daughter to her

Like a magic, the baby stopped crying as she was given to Bianca

Bianca smile weakly at her daughter, this was the last time she is going to see her,

“Quinn,my Quinn” she muttered starring at her cute blue eyes baby”

“I love you daughter” she muttered in tears and kiss Quinn’s forehead

James watch them with pity,he could understand her pains,

“You can have her” Bianca said handing over the baby to him and Quinn started wailing as James carried her

James turned to leave but something stopped him

He was suprise to see the little baby’s fingers wrapped around her mom’s middle finger not ready to let go

Bianca saw this and cried more loudly

James tried to remove Quinn fingers and she cried more

He was able to remove it successfully and he left with the wailing Quinn

“My Quinn” she cried while the nurse watch her in pity

They all knew about her being a surrogate.

“So sad” a nurse muttered

Bianca felt uneasy

Hahhhhhhhhh!!!! She screamed loudly as she felt striking pains in her middle

“Ma’am are you okay? The nurse asked rushing to her

” My middle!!!

The nurse eyes grew wide in shock as she saw another head outside her middle

“It’s another baby!! The nurse shouted


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