Working As A Nanny

Working As A Nanny Episode 8-9

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?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter eight ?️?️

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere. You need to give me your phone number.” Jayden says just as I pick up another mismatched pair of socks in Leo’s room.

“Just state what you want.” I say curtly and he raises an eyebrow but I pay no mind and continue with what I’m doing.

“Okay.” He says dragging the ‘a’ but I offer no reaction.

“I just got a letter. No return address. It only has my name on it.

But it’s printed.” This makes me move towards him and he hands me the small opened envelope.

My eyes drift to his face which is now shows anger and frustration.

I see a folded note inside and I take it out.
48 hours.

The boy or the micro-chip.
We’re watching your every step.

The note says. My eyes drift to Jayden once again trying to look for any emotion but I find that he’s already looking at me.

“What?” I ask when his gaze doesn’t move.
“You could be one of them.

Playing a good game of someone who actually cares about Leonardo but at the same time looking for the same fucking micro-chip.

Look at you. I’ve seen too many sides of Jada. The one with this blonde hair and brown eyes and the one with black hair and these beautiful cyan eyes.

A Jada who has an FBI badge that may be stolen or actually hers and the one who seems to be so familiar with kids in the orphanage.

A Jada who is so cold and emotionless and one who seems to be so emotional when it comes to that Ryan kid and Leo.” He moves closer to me.

“Which one is you? Who is the real Jada?” He asks as his blue eyes look deep into my fake brown eyes but I feel like he’s looking at the real me. The real me that I don’t know which one is.

“All the Jadas you’ve mentioned are the same. Me.” I say trying not to break the eye contact.

“Then don’t blame me for not trusting you.” He says and takes the forgotten envelope and threat that I’m holding then leaves leaving me stunned.

And angry. I don’t know what I’m angry at or who but that’s the first emotion that I recognize.

Oh, and fear. Fear of someone figuring me out. Of Jayden figuring me out.

But what scares me the most is how Jayden figured me out in less than a week! Should I be worried?

My initial plan was to break into that forbidden drawer that has been calling my name since I discovered it and knew it had the key to my mission but Jayden words shook me.

I have to prove to him that I’m the good guy.

I mean, what are the chances of obtaining a fake badge or stealing one? That’s a crime. A very serious one.

I get out of Leo’s bedroom and go after Jayden but I don’t see him.

‘He could be in his room, right?’ With that thought, I start heading towards his room that’s a floor above mine and Leo’s.

I knock on the door twice but I’m only met with silence. Just as I raise for the second time, Alexis’ voice behind stops me.

“What do you want with Jayden?” She asks and I turn towards her. Kayden followed through my plan and now they are together. He decided to date her and not ask for her hand.

“I just had something to discuss with him about Leonardo. Do you know where he is?”

I ask and she shakes her head negatively.
“I don’t but I just saw him leave towards the garage.”

She says and I start walking without saying anything in return. I walk as fast as I can but when I arrive at the garage, I see no sign of him.

I check to find only six cars. His gone. I turn and get into the house. I need him to be able to do this.

I’ll convince him when he comes back from wherever he went. The problem is I don’t know how. And this makes me frustrated.

I’ve never had to prove myself to anyone. Well, apart from years ago but that was long ago. I can’t believe Jayden just doubted me and my personality.

Just because he’s seen how I really look like and reacted towards Ryan. I wasn’t even that obvious.

“You look like you want to hit something.” Shawn, Leonardo’s teacher, comments with a smile when he passes next to me.

I know he wants to seem friendly but I don’t care. I don’t react as I continue walking to the kitchen.

I have to make Leo some snacks. I see a glass of apple juice and some ginger biscuits that Leo loves and I take them.

“How Leonardo manages to put a smile on your pretty face is beyond my imagination.” Rita says as I pick up the tray but say nothing.

This is me, a side of Jada that Jayden should accept. That everybody should accept. An emotionless, stone-face killer.

I try placing a smile before getting into Leonardo’s room and I find him sitting on the fluffy brown carpet trying to work on the same thing he has been for the last days.

The thing lights up and a machined voice says “I am Mr. Teddy. Do you want a hug?” A real smile forms on my face as Leo smiles and jumps. I take the tray and place it next to him.

“I see your plan worked. You’re going to be great one day.” I say my smile still on my face and he grins as he sits once again on the carpet.

“Here is your drink for the work well done.” I hand him the glass of juice and take the plate of ginger biscuits.

“And here is for being the smartest eleven year old scientist.” His grin widens.

“And where are yours?” He asks when he notices I’m not drinking or eating anything.
“I don’t have any sweet tooth in me kiddo.”

I say for the third time and he only looks at me as If I’ve lost my mind.

“You’re so weird.” Leo says and slurps his juice.
“I’m not.” I defend myself as I get up but sticks his tongue out. I roll my eyes as I leave his room and head towards mine.

Time to work. I call Mike, my boss, as soon as I take my forgotten phone.

“Costa. Is there any problem?” Mike’s voice comes through. Mike has taken me under his wing when he bumped into me four years ago.

He’s been the closest person to me since then even though we hardly talk and mostly argue. That’s just us.

“I told Jayden my plan and he accepted to help me. That was until thirty minutes ago. He found a letter and all of a sudden, he thinks I might be after the kid.”

Mike doesn’t say anything for almost thirty seconds. “Is there something you did to make him doubt you?” He asks.

“No. Nothing.” He doesn’t know about my hair and eyes change at all and I can’t risk anyone knowing. Yeah I know I might be an FBI agent and all but the tech guy that helped me was a hundred percent legit.

“Then I don’t see what’s the problem. Just make sure he doesn’t tell anyone else.” He says and judging from the tone, I know he wants to hang up.

“And how do I prove to him I’m not? What would you do?” I ask but he doesn’t answer. He only asks;

“Why do you want to prove so much to him that you came to me?” I shut up and disconnect the call. I run a hand through my hair and huff in frustration.

“Why do I want to prove so much that I’m the good person?” I ask myself.


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A ?

?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter Nine ?️?️

“Hey Abby, how are the kids doing?” I say as I hug her.

It’s finally Friday night and I had planned to surprise Ryan since he’s expecting me tomorrow.

“They’re doing great. Well apart from Ryan. You know how he is when you leave.” Abby says with a chuckle and I slightly smile.

“Yeah. That’s why I came here sooner. Where are they?” I ask

“Homework. You know nothing has changed here Jada.”

She chuckles a bit but I only nod then excuse myself.

I greet the other two women that stay here. Kaely Potts and Skylar Saturday. I didn’t see Conner. He’s probably out with his friends.

These people are my family. When I came here I was cold and emotionless at first when I escaped from the Italians but they took me in.

My walls were so high and unbreakable but they still nursed me.

They tolerated me and helped me get on my feet once again.

I would always protect each one of them. I would give my life for theirs.

I walk towards the last room on the second floor that housed the youngest kid here with hair as black as mine.

I see him writing my phone number that only he and a few other people have on the computer screen making me curious.

I walk silently to see what he’s doing and I notice he’s looking for my location.

I laugh out loud when I see the confused look when it shows I’m in the facility. He turns around so fast and runs to me. I hug him and he tries squeezing me for the about two minutes not believing that I’m here.

“I thought you we’re supposed to be doing your homework.” I say when he releases me from his hold and grins.

“I already did it. It was so easy.” Ryan says proudly and I try to give a stern look as always.
“What did I say about that attitude?

You’ll feel that you’re better than other students and no one will start talking to you b’cause you are a snob.”

Ryan says the words with me and starts laughing by the time we finish. I laugh with him and look at the computer screen.

“So. Who taught you how to find me? Is this what you do everyday?” I ask.

“No. Everytime I miss you. You should quit and come work for me.” He whines and I laugh. This is the happiest I’ve been since I last saw him.

Go brush your teeth. Then we’ll sleep in my room.” I say and he lights up immediately then runs to his small bathroom.

The orphanage was sponsored by some rich people that all kids had their rooms and bathrooms.

The house belonged to a very rich old business man who died years back and had no one. The founder was his family friend who had a dream to cater for lost and orphan children and so was handed the house to start.

“Can we watch avengers before we sleep. I promise to make the bed tomorrow.” Ryan comes out of the bathroom in his pajamas.
I smile. “But you never make the bed. You only say you’ll do it but don’t do it.” I say and he looks at me wide eyed.

I love his green eyes. We walk to my room on the first floor that I rarely sleep in.

Everything is as I left them. Ryan runs to the bed and jumps as he takes the tv remote and switches it on as I take some clothes and head to the bathroom to clean up and change.

“Ryan, Leo told me about you.” I say while watching his movie.

“Yeah. He’s the boy I was telling you about. He’s cool.” He says in excitement.

“He even gave me his helicopter. Ms Potts doesn’t want me to play with it. She says it’ll destroy the house and other things.” His excitement decreases until he pouts.

“We’ll find a way to talk to her. As long as you do as she says.” He nods to this. “Leo told me you miss your mummy. Did you mean me?” I ask and he looks at me surprised and then in fear.

“You’re my mummy. I’ve always wanted you to be and when you leave I miss you so much. Can you please take me with you?” Ryan asks and my heartbeat accelerates.

There was this time I wanted to adopt him but I decided against it. Here he has friends throughout the day and outside I’m always busy with cases to solve.

I’m an assassin for heaven’s sake. Won’t that be bringing trouble to Ryan?

I only kiss his forehead and bring him closer to me. “I was supposed to have a baby your age right now. My baby left and I found you.” I open up for the first time one of the things that has brought me pain.

“Is your baby a boy or a girl?” I look at his face and see sadness.

“I didn’t know. They took the baby and some hours later I was told the baby died.” I say tears forming in my eyes. Ryan detached himself from me and hugs me.

“I don’t have a mummy. She left me and now I have you. I can be your baby.” With that I cry.

I take him and hold him how he was and continue watching the movie. Ryan sleeps twenty minutes later but I continue holding him as tears start falling afresh.

Isabella Kings gave me the gun. I shot Marko Russo between his eyes but I never got my child back.

I never got my family back. I never got the answers. Why would they kill my family? Why would they torture me and kill my baby?

I place Ryan carefully on his side of the bed and kiss his temple. “I love you so much Ryan.” Ryan doesn’t move and I tuck him in and get out of my room and head to the kitchen.

I always found Jayden in the kitchen at night deep in his thoughts. I would see him through the cameras but I would still choose to go there For what? An awkward talk? I sigh and take a glass of water.

I’ve been with the Williams for only a week but I’m already used to them. Used to Leo. And I miss him. He’s a lot like Ryan.

A hand caresses the length of my arm making me to jump slightly making me aware of how I’m I not alert these days.

Maybe because this is the only place I let my guards down? But also happened in the Williams’ mansion. TWICE.

“Hey, it’s me.” The familiar voice says next to my ear before I feel kisses from my cheek down to my neck and I let out an involuntary moan.

“I missed you.” I say before my hand is tugged to the room opposite mine.



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