Working As A Nanny

Working As A Nanny Episode 7

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?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter seven ?️?️

“Do you think this is the right thing to do? Jayden proposing to Alexis?

Alexis doesn’t even seem to love his genuinely.

She only seems to be interested in the cash.” I hear Leah’s voice through my laptop. ‘So that’s what this party is about.’ I realize.

Sarah seems to be deep in thought. “I know. But he has to show me that he’s serious about his life.

And besides Alexis is so good at this business, Jayden wouldn’t want to inherit a clothing line. It’s a win-win.”

She seeps from her cup and Leah shakes her head.
“I have a bad feeling about this. About her.” Leah says lowly.

“Leave it.” Sarah says and they both stay in silent. I must say they have a good relationship.

My phone vibrates next to my laptop and I see Cole’s name.

“Costa.” I respond.
“Hey, Jada. I’ve just seen a photo of Armstrong with Leonardo’s teacher, that Shawn guy.

They were in the same club Ivy works at but they weren’t together.

I’ll just send it to you.” He says and a ping follows immediately making me take the phone away from my ear and study the photo.

It was a man looking behind and so only his dark brown hair is seen and Shawn is talking to a girl who places her hand on his bicep.

On the corner is a lady with a neon pink wig and devil’s attire looking over at Shawn.
“Which one is Ivy?” I ask.

“The hot one. I mean the pink hair… You know what I mean.” I only hum.

“Anything else you found interesting?”
“No. Your cook Rita is clean. No criminal records.

Studied in Paris for about eleven years. Works at the Hampton’s then was hired by Jacob Williams.” I take in all the information.

“Mike said he would want a meeting on Monday.

Be there. At nine sharp.” I hum again and know him being Cole will arrive twenty minutes later.

I cut the call and throw the phone on the bed. I have to think fast. Alexa could be the person we’re looking for or maybe an accomplice.

Maybe it’s time to let someone in on my undercover plan.

With that I take out a black dress that reaches an inch above my knees.

I start getting ready before going to Leo’s room and find Jayden sitting idly with a fashion magazine.

“Where’s Leo?” I ask and his eyes snap to my feet claded in black sandals. His eyes raise slowly taking in every inch of me as I stand unaffected.

“He’s preparing for the night. I’m waiting for him actually.” He says and I nod.

“Can we talk about something? Somewhere private like in my room?

It’s confidential.” I add the last part when his eyebrows raise.

He gets up without any answer and gets out of Leo’s room.

I take it that he wants me to follow him. He stops in front of mine and I open the door for him then follow him inside.

He stands and looks around. “Nothing has changed. It’s like no one stays here.” He says and I look around too but I don’t say anything.

“You can sit wherever. I just have to show you something.” I say and he moves to my big bed and sits on it. I go to my suitcase and take out whatever I need for proof.

“Here.” I hand him my badge. He looks at it frozen for about thirty seconds. Possibly trying to let it sink.

“I’m not a nanny. I’m here undercover since you placed a notice showing us that Leonardo Williams’ life is threatened.

I’ve really been trying do this but everything seems to be moving at a slow pace.

I need to get the micro chip before the bad guys do and at the same time protect your nephew.” I look at him trying to decipher his emotions.

“I need you to help me. I need to find that thing at the same time find Jacob and Lilian’s killers.”

His eyes snap to mine immediately and I see slight traces of anger. Not towards me, but towards the killers.

“Can I trust you to help me Jayden Ken Williams?”

He nods at this. “I will. We have to find them.” He says looking into my eyes anger, hurt and remorse clearly showing in his.

I move closer to him and place my right hand on his left shoulder then lean lower.

“I’ll find them. I promise.” I say without breaking our eye contact for almost a minute. “I don’t break my promises.” I say my voice low.

Looking into his pale blue eyes. Hypnotized.
I break the contact and raise up then move further away trying not to think about what just happened.

I’ve lost my loved ones too and I understand his pain. Better than he knows.

“Do you have any leading suspects?” I ask and he shakes his head not. He stands and starts pacing around running his hand through his hair.

“I’m not sure. Alexis gets these calls every nights and walks away before she can answer.

I found her getting out of Leo’s room one night but she played it off. Mum wants us to get together but I don’t trust her. And I don’t know what to do…”

He stops talking realizing that he’s saying too much.

“Sorry for that. I just have too much on my plate. I let out on basketball and I haven’t gone for practice with all the Leonardo’s death threats.”

He says and I nod in understanding.
“You have to propose to her.” I say after a short spell of silence. “She has to think everything is normal.”

A scowl forms on Jayden’s but he nods nonetheless.

“I really hope you’ll find something. If not, I don’t know how to get rid of her.” He says and I snicker.

“Says the same man who lets her into his room at night.” He glares at me as he extends his hand and hands over my badge.

“You’ll find a way to get of her. Maybe even an actress to act as your pretend whatever.”

I say the idea that I’ve seen on too many occasions. He starts walking towards the door muttering how he hate cliché moments and I smile even as he slips out of my roo I’m in DCm.

“Oh, and Jada, never call my full names again.” He says before shutting the door.

He seem a little pleasant to talk to. And telling him about my plan also went pleasantly well.

Now I just have to find the micro chip, protect Leonardo and somehow find his parents’ killers.

Easy. Or Not.

What I truly hope, is that Jayden doesn’t fuck me over with this knowledge.

TBC ???

I just hope Jada’s did the right thing ????

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