Working As A Nanny

Working As A Nanny Episode 3

A ?

?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter Three ?️?️

Jada’s pov ?

“I’m nine, not four Jada. I don’t understand why everyone keeps forcing me to eat these…

” He makes a disgusting face. “… things.” He lifts up a broccoli on his fork.

I give out a short laugh. “Hey, I made you laugh.” Leo says in disbelief then turns to look at the chef.

“Rita, I made Jada laugh. Isn’t that just mind-blowing!” Rita and I laugh once again at his expression.

“I know what you’re doing. Eat your vegetables. You need them to fight all diseases.

” I say and he frowns a little bit but starts eating but stops after two bites then looks at me with a look saying ‘see I ate’.

“Let’s make a bet then. You eat then I’ll sing a song before you sleep.” Just as I finish talking, the fourth bite takes place and I snicker.

Just then Sarah Williams comes into the dinning room.

Leo’s eyes light up when he looks at her and I raise my eyes to where she stands. I know my body has suddenly gone rigid and my face impasive. It’s a body instinct. That’s how I react to anyone I don’t trust.

I find Sarah looking between me and Leonardo with a blank look for almost a minute. I see a questioning look pass for a second before she moves to her chair.

“And where is Jayden?” Sarah asks no one in particular but Leah moves towards where she is and starts serving her.

“He just got in with his… friend. He should be here any minute now.” Leah answers and Sarah doesn’t say anything.

I look at Leo to see his happy expression changed and his eyes watery. He looks at his plate and nibbles at his broccoli.

“The doctor said that I’m improving nana.” Leo starts again but Sarah gives him a small smile for a second and her face turns emotionless. Poor Leo.

Laughter then is heard outside the dining room doors. I look towards it and a laughing woman gets in.

She has beautiful curly brown hair and eyes the same color as mine. Odd.

That’s Alexis.” Leo whispers looking at her. I only nod and a man I saw half naked today comes in.

I take my eyes away just in time as Alexis sports me and the laugh stops.

They move towards the table and Jayden Williams holds her chair for her. Hmm.
He then moves to Sarah and kisses her forehead but she doesn’t move.

Jayden acts as he’s not bothered by the indifference but I notice his jaw clench a bit and his left hand fist for a second.

“Jayden. Meet Jada. He’s Leo’s new nanny.”

His eyes roam around and finally lands on mine. His face shows confusion for two seconds until he only nods.

I see Alexis turn her head towards me and I look away. I’m not ready for any type of dramas.

I know he saw the real me in the bathroom but now sees a different Jada.

“I feel sleepy. Leonardo mutters beside me and I look at him. I see only a small portion of the vegetables on his plate and so I excuse him and I.

“Why did uncle look so shocked when he saw you? Do you know each other?”

I look at him speechless. “How did you come to that conclusion?” I ask instead.

“He just looked surprised when he saw you.” I nod at that but say nothing until we arrive at his room.

“Let’s just say we had an eventful meeting earlier today.” Leo just laughs at that. He goes to his bathroom and cleans up as I wait for him.

He comes out already in his pajamas and holds something like a box with attached to some wires.

“What’s that?” I ask eyeing the things in his hands.
“I don’t know. It’s something I’m making.” He replies and suddenly a I see a light. I look up at him surprised.

“Who taught you how to do that?” I ask in awe.
“I dunno. I used to see mum and dad trying things out.” He says and a sad expression appears. “I’m tired.

I think I’ll sleep now.” I nod in understanding. Maybe too much understanding. I tuck him into bed and get up. “You didn’t sing that song you promised.” He reminds me and so I do until I notice he’s asleep.

I silently get out of his room and go to mine. I set up my laptop as I free myself off the wig and lenses. I see my phone next to the laptop and pick it up then call Cole.

“Send me details about Alexis.” I say when he immediately picks up the call.

“Hello to you too. What’s her second name?” I realize I don’t know it.

“I’ll send it to you tomorrow morning.” I suddenly feel stupid. He only laughs and I cut the call when he starts saying something.

I change into an oversized shirt and set an alarm for two a.m.



I take my phone and notice it’s the two a.m alarm.

I switch it off and go to the laptop on the desk. I take out the small cameras from my suitcase then test to see if they work.

I wear a pair of yoga pants then take the cameras with me. I start with Leo’s room. He’s sound asleep.

I move closer to him and see he’s holding something.

The closer I move the more I realize it’s something like a necklace. I stand next to him and kneel.

It’s a locket. I can’t see the photos but something with the same color as is hair is seen. I sigh and get up.

I go to the strategic points and place two cameras in his room.

I get out and move around the house placing the cameras in hidden corners as silently as possible until I’m left with the kitchen.

I start walking towards it until I enter. I see a man’s figure leaning against the fridge with clear liquid in his glass.

He moves a little bit to my direction and stops in his direction as he notices me. With my black hair and blue green eyes. Again.

He doesn’t say anything and I move towards the cabinets and pretend to search for a glass.

“If its the glasses you need, then they on the left lower cabinet. I nod and move to the said cabinet then take out a glass. I fill it with water then start heading towards the door with two of the cameras in my palm.

“Who really are you Jada Costa?” I turn to look at him and find he’s already doing the same.
Jayden Ken Williams

Ash blonde hair and pale blue eyes
Twenty seven years old.

That’s what the file said. I let my eyes roam his body. His file said he’s 6’2. He has a perfect height for his sport. I also remember reading that he’s seen with different women all the time.

The moon light make his eyes seem a bit darker.

I remember getting into the bathroom and finding him brushing his teeth in only a towel covering his lower body parts.

We stared at each other with wide eyes. I was naked because I never thought anyone would be in there until he told me that his bathroom’s shower head had a problem and so he came to this since the bathroom was shared with the next room.

I didn’t know that. I just turned and left him without a word.

“What do you mean Mr Williams? I’m a nanny for Leo.” I reply innocently.

He studies me. “Then why do you look different every time I see you then. I know that it’s only me who sees you this way. Why the secrecy?”

I don’t know what to answer him and so I lie with what comes to my mind first.

“I used to get bullied because of my looks and so I’m uncomfortable with showing it.” I place a sympathetic look and it seems Jayden falls for it because he cringes a bit.

“You mean this look?” He asks after a while and staring at me dumbfounded. “Im sure they would kill to look just like you.

You should show it to people.” With that he leaves the kitchen leaving me now the speechless one.

Did Jayden Williams unintentionally compliment me?


Hmmm really ???

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