Working As A Nanny

Working As A Nanny Episode 2

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?(The Ice Queen )?

BY: Worthy stories

Chapter two?️?️

Jada’s pov ?

“Hi. I’m Jada Costa. The new nanny.” I inform the security guard through a screen. I look around as I wait and I love their security.

To have such security requires a small fortune. The footpath gate opens and I enter to find a 6’3 man with a buzz cut standing behind it.

He tells me to follow him and I do just that. A beautiful dark skinned middle age woman stands infront of a large door that is closed.

Her hair is in a tight bun and she’s in a tailored skirt with a coat. I could assume that she’s the lady of the house but she seems too professional.

And based on the files I have, Sarah Williams doesn’t look like her.

So she must be Leah Saint. Sarah’s best friend and house manager.

“Welcome to the Williams’ mansion. I hope you are Jada Costa, Leonardo Williams’ new nanny.”
“Pleased to meet you Mrs.

” I try placing a smile on my face but it seems hard and so I go with a straight face. I raise my hand for a greeting and she takes it into her warm ones.

“I’m Leah Saint. I manage the Williams household.” With that she turns and I follow her.

She opens the large door and we get in.
I look around impressed. I place an astonished face as I look around but in real sense I’m scanning the house.

Leah guides me to a room and tells me to wait for Mrs Williams. She asks me if I need any drink but I decline.

I sit and continue looking around.
Five minutes later, I hear footsteps and I instinctively turn towards the sound.

Another middle aged woman with brown hair and honey brown eyes dresses in an elegant yellow dress comes towards me and I immediately recognize her from the files.

Sarah Williams. She’s Leonardo’s paternal grandmother. She owns her own clothing line called ‘Pretty Ladies’ and has had it for twenty five years.

Her husband death was caused by a cardiac arrest ten years ago and since then she’s only been seen with one man for almost a year but broke up a few months ago.

“Mrs Williams. I am Jada Costa. Leonardo’s new nanny.” I introduce myself and raise my hand for a greeting but she only looks at it and moves to a seat studying me.

I know my eyes and face seem cold and even emotionless because she looks at me unsure.

“Leonardo’s wake up time is at eight a.m. His breakfast is at nine a.m, he’s homeschooled and so his teacher Mr Bullock, should be here as from ten a.m.

Lunch is at noon, he resumes his classes at one p.m to three…” She raises an eyebrow and looks me.

“You ought to be writing dear. I don’t repeat myself twice and I don’t tolerate tardiness or stupid mistakes.”

“I have a good memory ma’am. Don’t expect otherwise from the best.” I say and she looks at me for a minute.

She so damn hard to read. Finally, she nods her head with a small smile which vanishes in two seconds. Wow!

“Where was I again?” She asks and I know she’s testing me.

He resumes his classes from one p.m to three.” I say and she nods again.

“He has an evening snack for thirty minutes then you will take him out for a walk for an hour.

You shouldn’t go further than ten miles from the house. He has his weekly visits to the doctor every Fridays from nine a.m and so he should be ready by eight sharp.

His meals are made by the cook and so it’s your duty to make sure he takes them in time.

His medicine are on the top left cupboard, Leah will show you where and tell you their prescription. I believe you’re aware of Leonardo’s condition?” She asks and I reply positively.

“Okay. Now that that is settled, Leah will show you to your room.” She says then stands and leaves. Leah gets in a minute later and asks me to follow her through the gorgeous house.

Everyone seems so professional in this house. I never imagined Sarah Williams would sound that way. She seems so cold.

“This is Leonardo’s room.” Leah’s voice interrupts my thoughts. She then moves two doors after Leonardo’s and stops again. “And this is yours.

Your bag and suitcase is already placed inside. Hope you find it to your liking.” She gives me a small smile and leaves.

I open the white door to find large room with cream walls. The queen sized bed is on one side of the wall. I see two doors on either sides of the bed.

I assume one leads to the closet and another to the bathroom. I turn and look at the gigantic room.

I’ve always been in small bedrooms and to be honest, I feel uncomfortable in this. I don’t need this much space.

I go to my suitcase and get out my laptop and set it up on a reading desk. I take out the tiny cameras and place them next to the laptop.

I hear a knock. I quickly place the cameras in the suitcase as quietly as I can.

“Mrs Saint. How can I help you?” I ask.
“Call me Leah. We’re going on a house tour. I don’t think I’ll find any other time to do this.” Perfect. I step out shutting the door behind me.

I follow her for about half an hour. The house is magnificent and large. The Williams are known around the state because of Jayden and Jacob’s father, Raul.

He was a renown automobile engineer. His first son, Jacob followed in his footsteps but became an aerobic engineer just like his wife.

His second son Jayden, became one of the best basketball players in the country.

There are talks of the youngest child, a daughter but no one seems to know the truth about it.

I make sure I’ve mastered the perfect corners around the mansion to place my cameras.

Just as we reach at the foot of the stairs, the front door opens revealing a cute nine year old. His hair is ash white just like in the photos.

He got it from his dad and grandfather. He has his late mother’s green eyes.

“Leah! I’m back and look what uncle got me.” He runs excitedly to Leah holding a basketball but suddenly stops when he sees me.

“Leo. Say hi to your new nanny, Jada.” I’m really not used to being called a nanny and I slightly cringe. Leonardo studies me with a scrutinizing stare.

“Hmm. She’ll do.” He says and I look at the spot he was just in blankly. She’ll do? Leah’s laugh brings me back from my slight state of shock.
“He likes you. Just go to his room. You’ll meet his uncle later.”

I give her a curt nod and go towards Leonardo’s room.
I knock once and get into his room and find him trying to dribble the ball.

“Uncle Jay said he’ll teach me how to. But I’m getting better.” He says looking embarrassed but I only smile.

“I can also teach you some other day.” I say and he grins. He places the ball on top of his shelve.

“You’re prettier than Alexis.” I let out a laugh.
“Who’s Alexis?”

“A model who works for grandma. She’s obsessed with uncle Jay and grandma. Uncle says that she’s just his friend but I think she loves him.” I listen to what he says registering his words.

“What made you come to that conclusion?” I ask and he answers. That’s how the rest of our time together went on until it was his resting time. I go to my room.

I remove my blonde wig and brown contact lenses leaving behind my natural look.

I then undress leaving myself naked and open my bathroom door and get in but what I see shocks me.


Guess what shock her???

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