Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 20-21

(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter twenty and twenty one

Alisa entered the bar and went straight to the restroom to change her Cloth, she came out and went straight to her Boss office.

“Good morning boss”She greeted bowing.

“What the f**k is good about your money!”He yell in an angry tone.

“Am sorry sir”Alisa said bowing,

“Save your silly apology and get out right now!”He shouted.

“But sir…..”She tried saying”

“If you dare say those words you are trying to say I would get you arrested right now, listen and listen carefully I want you to stay away from this surroundings, don’t you dare try to show your silly face anywhere near me if not you are doom! now madam preggie I would want you to get out right now!”Alisa boss said staring at her with pure Hatred.

“Sir please forgive me this is the work that brings food to my table”Alisa said kneeling down in tears.

“Get out before I call the Cops you this badstard!”He shouted more and Alisa ran out of the bar in tears.

Did this have to happen to her now? Why have her life always been in hell! She cried walking slowly.

How would she cope without this job?.

Where would she another job from?

Gosh why is she going through nothing but pain?.

Is she meant to be bitter all her life?

Why can’t she just live happily like others?.

She just lost her only source of income!.

Her house rent is there she only paid a little when she rent her little house and her landlord is demanding for more!.

The pain she is going through is too much, Is this what her kids would also go through, No! Those innocent soul are too pure to come to this world and start going through pain.

She walk tiredly into her house with tears flowing freely from her face,

“Hey Alisa wait up”She heard Kaleb voice but she decided to walk faster because she hate sharing her problem.

“Alisa”Kaleb call holding her hands and staring at her swollen face.

“Hi how you”Alisa ask cleaning her tears and pretending to be fine.

“You are crying why?”Kaleb ask staring at her swollen face.

“Nothing just tired”Alisa said blinking her eyes to stop the tears.

“But this is past nine you are meant to be at work what happened?.

“I was sack”Alisa said in tears.

“What let enter your apartment discussing outside is really risky”Kaleb said following Alisa.

“So what happened”Kaleb said sitting down on the only chair inside Alisa little apartment.

“Well I went to work today and my boss ask me not to come to his Bar again if not he would call the Cops to deal with me”Alisa said crying,

“I am So sorry dear”Kaleb said consoling her.

“Thanks you so much I would try to get a job by tomorrow”Alisa said smiling but even a blind could see it a Sad smile,

“You are welcome dear hope you won’t mind if I take you to Hospital for check up, your work is so stressful and you need to try to do check up always”Kaleb said smiling.

“No I won’t mind but I don’t have money and also…”Alisa tried saying but Kaleb cut her off.

“It okay you don’t have to worry”Kaleb said smiling.

“Wow congratulations so you are expecting a twin?”kaleb ask happily.

“Yes and thanks”Alisa said smiling,

Kaleb smile more he can’t wait to tell his Master about his unborn twins, he knows his master would be so happy and proud of himself.

He wish miss Alisa and his Master Can be together forever, but then his master has alot of enemies out there.

He just pray no matter what happens Everyone should be fine.

Immediately he reach home he would have to search for the three fool that dare touch miss Alisa and make everyone of them pay bitterly,

He would surely do everything to make them confess who sent them he is damn sure it’s one of his Master enemies.

“How about I take you to shopping to celebrate the good news”Kaleb said in a pleading tone.

“No you don’t have to ….”Alisa tried saying but Kaleb cut her off.

“Please don’t say no please I just want the babies to have a little exercise”Kaleb pleaded.

“Fine I agree” Alisa said smiling.

“Yaaaay Thanks so much”Kaleb shouted happily.

“Am meant to be the one to be thanking you,thank you so much for everything I really appreciate”Alisa said sincerely

” Wow this place is really beautiful”Alisa muttered entering the Shopping mall

“Please I want all set of babies set, everything a twin need both male twin and female twin”Kaleb said.

“Ok sir”

“I want the best for my kids I don’t care how much it cost”Kaleb said proudly.

“Take anything you love bill on me”Kaleb said to Alisa.

“No thanks I don’t need anything and thanks for carrying an heavy load away from my shoulder”Alisa said in tears.

“Hey you should stop crying it make you look more ugly and old! what are friends for?”Kaleb tease.

“Take anything you want please or I should help you choose?”Kaleb ask .

“Thank you so much”Alisa said walking towards a beautiful gown.


What the f**k is wrong with you mia!”Jason yell angrily.

“Nothing is wrong with me I have just been busy”Mia yell,

Jason stormed into his room and grab his shirt.

He walk out of the room and made his way to the Sitting room, he has a straight face

“I think we should stop deceiving each other at this point I know you are obsess with money and painting the club blue or red all night so for we not to continue having silly discussion I am signing the divorce paper by Tomorrow” Jason said calmly.

“Are you kidding me or what? I know you must surely be joking right?”Mia Shouted staring at Jason in shock.

“Well it might sound like a joke to you but by tomorrow you would how serious I am! You are so selfish, Heartless, and Cruel.

“What the f**k are you trying to say?”

“What am trying to say is that I regretted losing rare gem for a fool like you! Your daughter is at the hospital but you don’t care about that little girl health!”Jason yell in rage.

“Hey calm down Jason we can settle this”Mia said feeling scared.

“I am off”Jason said and walk out on mia.

Mia stared at Jason fearfully unable to understand what just happened.


Don watch the way Naomi was maltreated and he smile in satisfaction.

That girl needs to be teach bitter lesson and he his Glad his maids are really teaching her.

How would a grown up lady be bad at cooking.

“Call me headmaid”He said going through some documents.

” My Lord am here”The head maid said bowing.

“I would want Naomi to prepare and serve my dinner by 7pm”Don said coldly.

“Ok My Lord”The headmaid said bowing.

“You can leave”He said.

“Ok my Lord”The head maid bow and left.

Don smirk knowing she would surely make a mistake,He can’t wait for tonight drama.

He came across Alisa picture and he just chuckle

“You are just so lucky I don’t have your time if not I would have make your life miserable!”Don said,

His phone vibrated and he checked to see a message pop in,

“Boss the goods are already delivered, Ronald boys try to outsmart us but we are quick to notice their moves”He read out and chuckle.

His phone rang and he checked to see Ronald.

“How may I help you?”Don ask angrily.

“I never knew your boys are smart”Ronald said angrily.

“And now you know get the f**k out and stop disturbing me, I might look gentle to you but trust me I am dangerous more than you think!”Don said and he hang up,

★★ ★
At a dark alley a dark shadow could be seen Smoking.

“Why the f**k are you coming here without her!”A voice yell angrily,

“Boss I could not capture her Ace sent Someone to save her.”Another voice said bowing.

“I did my job as expected”A man said bowing.

“I also did mine perfectly I am here for my payment” A young girl said smiling.

“Wtf you are too useless I told you how important that girl is but you Fail to Capture her, death is your reward, This girl and also this man did their job as expected but you are the only one that fuck up”The first voice said and he aim his gun at him.

Bang! The guy died immediately.

“Clear this mess”He instructed his boys.

“Sir you don’t have to kill him atleast you should have given him a second chance” The young girl said feeling scared.

“Well I don’t give second chance So you two are also going with him!” He said and he aim his gun at the young girl and the man.

“Wh at ar e yo u t r y i n g to do”The man and the girl sluter at once.

“Trying to end your life because you two would later betray me for money later in the future,I know Ace he can do anything to get what he wants including bribing you two and I know you are greedy!”He smirk aiming his gun.

Bang! Bang!The two fall flat on the floor,

“Clean this mess”He said standing up.

“Ace you might think you are smart but I promise you your end is near”He shouted angrily.

“I would surely make you regret ever coming to this world”He said as he sip his champagne.

“What are you serious right now?”Ace ask shock.

“Yes sir am serious and it sounds really suspicious, the three of them were found at an open place”Kaleb said on the other line.

“Wow Kaleb you need to be extra careful I won’t want anything to happen to my family and you, you guys need to be careful and always at alert”Ace said worriedly.

“Yes master and miss Alisa was sack this morning at work”Kaleb said.

“Wow seriously that means she would be sad”Ace said sadly,

” I took her to hospital for check up and the doctor said she is carrying twins”Kaleb broke the news.

“Are you f**king serious I would be a father of two some month from now”Ace ask shock.

“Yes master and we also went for shopping today I would sent you some of the pictures I took secretly when she wear some new dress.kaleb said.

“She would want to start looking for another job right?”

“Yes master”

“Don’t worry i would discuss with you tomorrow goodnight”Ace said and hang up.

Ace felt really happy knowing he would be a father of f**king two soon!

even if he does not have an experience of a father,he promised to be the best dad ever, he can wait to see that little thing he created some month ago

Who could be the one after his family life? He knows he has got alot of enemies but he is ready to protect his family with everything it takes!

He just have to make sure no one dare try to give her any silly work, if not He or she business is ruin for life!

Jessica felt really scared, She has been checking her phone to see if Xavier would call .

She could not sleep last night, she regretted every words she said to him she miss him badly and want to hear his voice

She badly miss every single thing about him! She would have call him but she felt scared, Scared he might yell at her or do any silly thing.

All because of Stupid Jessy she spoil her friendship with Xavier.

She wish she could change the hands of time but it f**king too late!

She feels frustrated about everything to the extent she was just yelling and ranting!

She wish she had ignore Jessy words but right now she can’t think straight even her grandparents notice her mood and question her but she just walk out on them without saying any word.

“Gosh I can’t even sleep without his face appearing!”Jessica yell angrily.

She stand up immediately still on her night gown, she walk out of her room to the parking lot,

She entered her motorcycle and zoom off .

Jessica horn waiting for xavier security, immediately the security sighted Her he opened the door knowing he is their master family.

Jessica entered xavier mansion to see xavier sitting room design with her pictures.

She smiles staring at it and she feel more guilty.

She walk up to Xavier but could not find him only the sounds of shower

She sit down on his bed waiting patiently for his arrival but her heart was beating so fast.

Even his room was decorated with Jessica picture and she smiles staring.

Xavier step out of the bathroom feeling better, he felt shock to see Jessica

Her eyes widened and she moved uncomfortably on her spot as he stared.

She can’t take her eyes off him, how will she be able to do that when he’s like this.

His wet hair, his abs

he’s f*cking hot.

SHe got turned on crazily by seeing xavier half naked body
He started walking to her, still not looking at her and she wondered why.

He took the last two steps to her and pulled her right hand.

Her legs moved her to him and her chest slammed on his own.

“Am sorry”She apologize sadly,

“For what?”He whispered staring at her small red lips.

“For everything I did”She said feeling shy.

“Look at me “he whispered and she felt scared to look up.

His hands grabbed her ass as his lips found it’s way to hers.

Her lips got stuck inside his mouth and her eyes continued widening in their sockets.

He opened her mouth with his tongue and when she did, he bit her lip lightly, causing a light gasp escape from her mouth.

He hardened the kiss and she shivered.

The way her lips fitted Into his own made him conclude it was made for him, she’s just as sweet as he has Imagined.

Her soft lips drove him into another realm of craziness entirely.

Jessica still couldn’t process what’s happening, it’s like a dream to her.

She f**king lost her first kiss to her long time crush.

He lifted her gown up by her b*tt and wrapped her legs around his torso, their lips still on each other.

Her gown suddenly fall flat on the floor and she felt really shy.

She was only on bra and pant and she tried to cover her body with her hands.

“Don’t! It beautiful”Xavier said removing her hands from her body,

He unhook her black bra showing her small but round breast he slammed his lips on hers again in another rough kiss.

His hand cupped her bre*st and her eyes went shut.

He caressed her nipples with his finger tips.

It didn’t take long before her soft moans filled up the room and that turn him on more.
That only did more insane things to him, her moans were melodious to his ears and his d*ck stood more erect as they reached his ears…….

His dick was ready to bury himself inside her.

His tongue swiped her mouth as if searching for an hidden treasure, his second hand squeezed her b*tt softly and she released more moan

Her moan are doing something to him making him feel more horny.

He leaned in and kissed her lips lightly.

She held him tighter and he did it again

He broke it and she kept staring at his wet lips, wanting him to do it again.

He looks so s*xy and freaking hot right now,

She was still staring at his lips when he took her right hand.

He kiss her softly and broke the kiss.

“Let stop here if not I won’t be able to control myself, Dress up I would be at the restroom ” xavier whispered and she shivered.

“Ok”She said shyly

“we need to talk”Xavier said staring at her before walking out of his room
“Gosh I finally lost my first kiss to him”Jessica shouted crazily feeling happy.
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